<span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>


sarNie Adult
I just tried and it works fine for me, but I will try to upload through other uploader see you can open it.


sarNie Egg
hey can you upload the other song in kula ???

fark lom :: aom&jame
and the other one at the pink girl house singing at night :: aom&jame ???
and kula :: noy ???


sarNie Hatchling
Some of favorite instrumental pieces and songs come from Prasuton Manorah.
For anyone who has the songs to Prasuton Manorah, Nam jai mae, and Plas Bu Tong, could you guys please upload them for me? I'd really appreciate it. ^^


sarNie Adult
yes! someone should definately upload the pratinawong song.. the male version.. i'm so inlove wit it =D

oh & can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload the theme song for manee nopagow.. the female/male duet.. pretty please :)


sarNie Elites
Can anyone just upload random Boran songs. That would be great because Boran songs are so good =)