Sood Dan Huajai

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
Fang is so cute and pretty. I wished she was the nang'ek in this lakorn. I agree that Yard doesn't have the nang'ek look. I never got how she became nang'ek. She's pretty but just not nang'ek material.


sarNie Coma
omg, this aired already?..ive been away for like 2 weeks. did i miss anything? watching this for yard and num


sarNie Coma
yard is so pretty in here. her and num is cute togethet. fang is cute and all but she suits the supporting role


sarNie Adult
could it be that fang is working for the bad guy...could it be that she is the spy for them because when she took p'ek and the guys to the mountain she is the only one know the way to there and how could it be that the bad guy know that they're coming and got away. i dont know, but something just make me suspicious about her. i could be wrong. dont really like yard's character in this lakorn.


sarNie Egg
Hmmm... i can't say i like it nor i hate it! Num and Fang character i like ,but... Yard voice is like finger nails running down a black board when she's screaming! Don't get me wrong i like her in other lakorn! Just not this one!


i like the part where yard went to the field w/ the kids, and they ordered her around to do stuff. it's funny how she eats with her hands. but after that she gets kinda kookoo when she was yelling at num. man is it just me of, does it look like num lost some weight doing this lakorn, cuz he looked a lil thinner to me.


sarNie Coma
not alot of people is watching this huh. i need to catch on it. eversince my job trainning i havent been tuning in to any lakorn.

yards very beautiful in here. i like some of her outfits. her and num is cute together like i mention before


sarNie OldFart
I know I was surprised this lakorn is airing already, I had no cluee !
The songg is so good ;) I lovee it !
I think Num looks really cute with Fang already.
Yard looks to fierce and evil ><


sarNie Adult
i love fang in this lakorn....she is so pretty...i love her...but why do she have to take that role...mannnnnn....i cried everytime she cried...and she is also good at that....she could have been nang'ek....her and num could have made a cute couple....but any she is sooooooo beautiful in this lakorn....


sarNie Juvenile
don't like yard's makeup. and the teaser made me so confused. who would like to tell me the storyline?