Sood Dan Huajai


sarNie Adult
i watching tooooo haha but yeah no comments yet. but yard & num gets along, sweet talking all the time! lmao! i feel sorry for kroo ming kwan aka fang ;( and shes stupid at the same time too.

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
I haven't seen this lakorn yet but just the idea of Num with Yard is weird because Yard was in his lakorn back then when she was a little girl and he would use to carry her around. But oh well, this is just a lakorn.


sarNie Hatchling
erm, this lakorn is so short why didn't they extend it abit more..... i wanna se a wedding scene but no its not there..... i wanna have more r/l scene but there just wasn't any..... i feel like its been rushed so much....errrr.....!!!!

and erm... people, does anyone knows what's their upcoming project gonna be......??????


this lakorn is not that bad. soo fan fang died. she cried the sadest cry in here. :lmao:


sarNie Egg

I just got finished watching the lakorn. I am a little late watching it because I am so busy. I don't understand the storyline. I mean I am not Thai but I watch the lakorns anyways. I was hoping that someone can summerize the storyline for me. It was so sad and cute at the same time. I should take up Thai classes but where I live, there aren't any available. Please just summerize it for me so that I understand it better.