Son Songpaisan


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Mam and Tang’s princess-bodyguard lakorn will be remade; credit to Lyn's blog

Gasp and covers mouth with hand! One of my all time favorite lakorns is being remade!

“Mam” Katreeya McIntosh and Tang Saksit’s 1995 princess bodyguard love story ” Yak Yoot Tawan Wai Tee Plai Fah (Yearning to stop the sunset at the horizon or Yearning to stop time, อยากหยุดตะวันไว้ที่ปลายฟ้า)” is being remade and filming starts next week. “Yuk” Son Songpaisan (Gaew Lom Phet) and singer “Grand” Phanwarot Duaysianklao (Grand: The Star) are the pra’nangs.

Lets join hands everyone, lets pray and hope these newbie actors can pull it off. It’s been a few months since the conclusion of “Gaew Lom Phet”, lets hope stiff boy Son has improve. He has the look to be a leading man, just not the acting chops. I heard he has been taking acting lessons, oh please, let it be true. Don’t ruin this for me.

In the original, I vaguely remember the thunderstorm scene, their last night together. It was raining heavily and it was dark out. I remember he was walking out of her house, walking towards the gate. She chased after him and shouted out something I don’t remember. “Can you stay (meaning can you stay the night?)”, could have been the question. At this point, it starts to really pour, you can hear thunder roaring and they are both standing outside soaking wet. They look at each other yearningly and started running towards each other for an embrace. That night, they made love. The next morning, they parted ways. She was a princess and he was a commoner, their love couldn’t work. He could only love her from the sidelines. I wish I can find that scene, I would totally translate it word for word. It was such a classic moment.


sarNie Adult
i have to comment on how much son has matured! i am actually very excited about this lakorn....the nang'ek is very cute!!! her eyes are cute!!! whoa..very glad that he is doing another lakorn...i hope he has improved!