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ดาราภาพยนตร์ vol.1600, ปก วิว - สน; Darapapaya vol.1600, credit to V-Villclub;

Translation credit to my thai sis;

What did you do before?

View : I entered to entertainment industry since I was young. Started from a fashion model. I used to model with Siriam too. After that the agency contacted me to shoot MV, but my mom wanted me to focus on study, so I only do a modeling. After high school I shoot Kame the star’s MV the song “Khuam Phoog Phan Sue Khum rag mai dai” and that MV hit the eyes of Excat. So they called me for an audition.

Sone : I started from fashion model and played Fore-Mod’s MV as well. I entered the entertainment industry when I was in high school. My life has been so much changed, must be disciplined.

View : Sone has a big book of schedule hahaha

How is a difference between your imagination and the real entertainment industry?

View : Very much differences. Before now I watched Lakorn I criticized why not this, why not that. But when I did it myself, it was not easy though. The first day on the set was very exciting. Never knew that on the set must be so many people and must be co-operated. I was not exciting about the director because I learned acting with him before. So not much pressured. But what overwhelmed me was the people who watch me.

Especially, the first shoot scene with P’Kwang. It was a scene that I pushed a cart. It took many takes. I felt really considered to P’Kwang. In the scene I must thought P’Kwang is my mom, but I can’t help to think she is P’Kwang, so it took me many takes. I have to apologized to P’Kwang directly. She was very kind and told me the more I afraid the more takes I have to do. She taught me that in order to make others believed, I must make believe to myself first, so I must believed that she is my mom.

Sone : I couldn’t do it at the first scene because I couldn’t reach to the real emotional. I couldn’t make myself to believe that who I am in lakorn. For instance the scene with Areen. She played my sister and she quarreled with Chidchanok, my girlfriend. I had to talked compromise way with both of them but I couldn’t do it, that scene took me 20 takes. It caused me a lot of pressured. I couldn’t do it and wasting other people’s time.

What adaption you have to make?

Sone : I had no problem with throngs, because I did a lot of cat walks, no problem with people stare at me. But I had a problem with acting, too much pressured. Luckily on the set have many friends at the same age, which help me a lot. If I played with the older and caused them times, it would brought me very much pressured. With the same age I can get along better. Anyway, with the older they taught me a lot about technic, esp P’Kwang taught me about speaking.

View : First I didn’t use to with crews, I felt there were people staring at me, I must tried to pay no mind on them. About speaking, teenager speaks quite fast nowadays, so am I. When I don’t speak fast, it would be like over slow. If we worked with the same age it would be a good thing, cuz we can started and learned together at the same level, but when we have the older it would be good as well, they will teach us, no pressured.

First I was panic, think too much so have to talked with more people, get to know them more, when too much panic I would reached them and introduced myself to them asked them for advises, that would help released the panic.

You have been through the point, is there anything to worry?

Sone : I worried about my study, stressed out about my grade. I wanted to do it better, study engineer is very difficult. I was scheduled wrongly. I was scheduled too much on relax hahaha. Now I know that I must do both good. Must revised my schedule.

View : I’m worrying about Lakorn, cuz this is my debut and all of us are newbie, I afraid that we didn’t do the best and another thing is my study. Sometime during my exam and I have to shoot lakorn. So it worried me and I couldn’t pay enough attention on my role. But now I’m a senior so I can do better about time management. Cuz I scored quite good enough.

Quite good feedback form lakorn, have you signed an autograph yet?

Sone : about autograph, I’ve been practice. I didn’t consult a fortuneteller, just design it to look good. Once, there was a fan asked for my autograph at Siam paragon, I’m kinda awkward cuz I thought I’m not a celebrity, So I asked what is his name and what should I write? That was the first autograph of mine. I thought I’m not a celeb yet.

View : I have once as well, I went to see a doctor at the hospital that I used to shoot a scene. That day when I picked up my medicines and they handed me a testimonial to sign. Then they handed me another paper so I signed and walked away, my mom said they asked for your autograph, didn’t they? Then I realized so I walked back and asked what is her name and sign for her again, I was very excited cuz I have never been asked for autograph before hahaha.

They pair you guys up in real life. And I see you guys are very close, Is it worry you?

View : hahaha (turn to Sone)

Sone : View go ahead you talk. This question I’m not gonna answer.

View : No I’m not worry. The love for promote lakorn is normal. Now we are quite close and we have fun on the set. Sone is hilarious, lovely, good figure, handsome like Korean, likes mix Asian and Caucasian and hmm.. he plays music instrument, he plays piano and good singing. (I remember View’s type is a musician, isn’t it?) hahaha I won’t tell you.

Sone : If on the set I will be playful, but I’m the most well-behave (look at View) but View is naughty like a monkey. She looks like interracial a bit naughty but good talking, I first thought she is a neat kid, but no she is not. If you ask me, Is she my type? I would say she is lovely her thought is neat but her action is naughty. (do you want to flirt with her?) I’m not gonna tell you.

View : (if he flirts you?) I pass…..(shy and blush then look at Sone) Not that I don’t’ like him, but I’m not gonna answer now.


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2nd part[PIC]HOT PRESENT...THE 1st WONDER CONCERT IN KOREA; credit to SonYuk fanclub website



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he's in korea?! for hotwave? and jong bae from k-otic went with him....correct me if i am wrong...son looks hot!! he has a good fashion sense....well duh, he's a model.


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I didn't realize this thread was this LONG, lol! :p I never check anyway. But OMG! Those pictures of SON, PUENG, BEST & TON are just toooo darn adorableee! :wub:


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all the pictures are so cute.
he looked like he had a lot of fun. but yea. didnt know he was a fan of Wonder Girls. thats wonderful. haha.

Random thought: for some reason if they ever thought of making a Thai version of Twilight, Son would match the Edward character.
i dont know why but yea. i guess i've been reading too much of the series that everything nowadays reminds me of it. haha.


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SON เดินแบบแฟชั่นโชว์ งาน Amway@Central World, 09/05/2009



방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew


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Son's lakorn interview; credit to Tinah blogs

By Tina | June 12, 2009

So, it’s been awhile since we heard the news that “Bugha Na Fon” was canceled and replaced with the project, “Yark Gheb Tawan Wai Tee Plai Fa” a remake of Tang Saksit’s and Mam Kataleeya’s lakorn. For awhile it was speculated that either Vill or Pueng would be the nang’ek but now Son confirms that the nang’ek will be a new nang ek. Who? Maybe one of the The Star season 5 contestants. We’ll see. We’ll know for sure by next month because as Son stated the lakorn is opening filming next month.

Even if his first lakorn Son Yuk Songpaisarn was very stiff as a tree trunk, but his calm and collective personality in addition with his lovely face has caused many girls to go crazy over him, but rather then have continous work he allowed his sweetheart nang’ek Vill Wannaros to shine in a new lakorn herself because Son had to pause his lakorn work temporarily to give his all to his studies which are pretty heavy.

“I was studying really heavy so I asked to stop working for awhile and read to prepare for my test. I’m done with testing now so I’m able to accept work and I’m having a lakorn.”

Are you remorseful that you’re doing good and then suddenly you have to pause working?

“I don’t want to leave my studies. Even if I’m remorseful at the same time I’m not because I just want to do my best in both things like my work in the entertainment business and my studies. If I can’t leave it I just need to turn away for a bit. I have a new lakorn with a new nang ek which is opening next month.”

What type of role is it?

“I have to play a bodyguard I have to learn action roles it’s very tiring. Right now I am trying to go to the gym and take acting classes in addition, but in my new lakorn I am going to try and do my best; I won’t allow anyone to criticize me again.”

Are you worried that in your 2nd lakorn will be with a new nang’ek again?

“Not at all. I will lead her into doing good (smiles) I am really confident because I’ve prepared well. We will help each other to the fullest”

In your heart is there any senior that you want to be in a lakorn with?

“With me it I can do anything if I get to act with a senior then they are able to teach us. If I am able to choose I want to be in a lakorn with P’ Bee Namthip. She is the leading actress that I am very fond of for the longest. P’ Bee use to advise me in many ways and for me to pay attention to others more.”

Are you stressed that they are trying to build you up to par with P’ Pong and P’ Captain?

“They don’t want me to replace anyone they just want me as another actor to help exact. It’s not stressful at all. They are probably hopeful in me and I won’t dissapoint them either.”

Source: Innnews