Singing covers HELP!(:


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Anybody advanced with technology on here?

I just recently bought the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack:

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I wanna do live covers of songs . Like this chick Samantha Harvey:

Looking at the video, do you see how the camera picks up both her music and voice (and the images of course) so.....
Does anyone know what products I need in order to get the camera to capture/record BOTH the music and the vocals too? I’m thinking about just starting off filming with my iPhone and will get a DSLR camera in the future.. any help on how to record BOTH music and voice onto the camera would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!:love: I hope someone understands what I am trying to ask for lol:p please ask for more clarification if needed, I will try my best to explain what I am needing help with.
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keep going, you’re doing great. ;)
Someone on a YT forum helped me! Just wanted to share with anyone interested.

That person wrote:

Easy way to to do that is to play the music in your headsets (like she's doing) when she sings. The mic pics that up and records in audacity. You can film with your phone on a tripod.

Then in post, you add in the music track and sync up the audio to visuals. This is how most people do it.
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man this person’s smart! :cheer:
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