Sakul Ka (Exact)


sarNie Hatchling
i don't really follow this lakorn besides reading all the screencaps, but i was watching today's episode live and they almost KISSEDD :DD

tomorrow, they might kiss for real though ;) :)

and can someone tell me about the girl in america? is pook and that girl together now?
There proably not much to tell, She's just going to school there, on her way to the airport her mom drop a wallet in the taxi,
Dao's mom and aunt returned and her mom thought they were honest and offer them a job at their house.


sarNie Egg
pook just met the girl. she seems to like him, and pook is still into view.
are you sure! i mean he calls the thai girl darling and gives her a light kiss on the cheek. i guess they are trying to portray the americanized pook but it looks as though pook and that girl has a thing ;)

thanks ceryna for the infooo. i've been skipping alot of episodes and when i saw the lady, i was confused.


sarNie Hatchling
Is Pook and the Thai lady moving in together? Because in today episode she put his clothes in the closet and he kissed her on the cheek.
They must have something going or why would she be in his room.


sarNie Granny
they did already...i love how wiew made the crane into a jar...n the necklace part was so cute...they almost had a kissing scene but r interrupted them...can't wait for the next ep...


sarNie Juvenile
No, the drama moves very fast. If you really do watch it, you'll know.

Saved from various news sources.



I think yes ^-^

And I feel it will end soon.... @ the episode of wednesday the girl friend from Puh come back to thailand and tell A-nong that she is pregnant but he want not tell Daw the true and Dao and Puh merriage


sarNie Hatchling
in EP18 what's r-nong talking to his nephew???

and why did his nephew want to suicide??? Dao doesn't want to marry him????

Actually I felt so sick to his nephew, he just came back and want to control everything

what's wrong with him??? he has no position and ask Dao marry with him orz

so stupid I can't stand his behaviour

and about r-nong, did he know Dao like him????


sarNie Adult
Is Mos's nephew a real jerk right now... Why didn't Mos just tell his nephew the truth?

mainhiathao: I think ann is slapping view because she things that view was the reason why mos won't marry her... (from the preview of episode 20) I don't know.


sarNie Hatchling
I agree his nephew is acting like a total jerk. Come on, he have the nervous to say that there's something going on between his uncle and his fiance and have the nerves to try to commit suicide when his ass was the one who cheated on Dao from the start once he moved to study abroad. What a d***. He have serious issue... and hello.. he cheated on her... you stupid jerk!!!