Sakul Ka (Exact)


sarNie Juvenile
Sakul Ka

A new lakorn by Exact will be started filming very soon.

Casts :

Patiparn Pataweekarn
Wannarot Sonthichai
Ratchaneekorn Panmanee
Arnattapol Sirichumsang
Alicia Laisattruklai
Chaiyapol Pupart
Anuwat Niwaatwong
Sirinya Bichof
Nahathai Pijittra
Chomchai Chatwilai
Pattra Atiratkul

Sakul = family, Kaa = crow (as opposite to swan in Thai) meaning a low family/a low background.


Filmed at Together 2009 by


sarNie Juvenile
Well, let's see. The confirmed casts haven't been announced except the filming schedule info I got from R Fanclub.

Rumors say they've changed nang-ek over and over (as first rumor says Mos & Peung but the latest one says Mos & View).

Whatever it is. This gets my interest because of Mos. If not, then I'll pass it too. :)


Expired Sarnie
Please! Please! Anyone other than Mos and Pong. As much as I like Mos, no. Ch5 doesn't have a lot of variety pra nangs to chose from =( I feel that they are so limited with people.


sarNie Adult
I hope that ...

P'ek : Pong Nawat, Tik Jedsadaporn, Captain, Chakrit Yamnam, Pepper or Oh Anuchit
N'ek : Bee Namthip, Jakjaan, Pim Pimmada, Peung Kanya, Aom Piyada, Pang Onjira, Ann Alicia or Fang Pitchaya

it is true that the exact couples nearly all its past.


whoever will be pra´ek
i am so happy, finally pi R has a new drama, not only Sitcome nat gub nat


thx EXACT^^


sarNie Adult
Hottest exact couple is AOM and tik of course IMO! LOL
anywho.. I'm looking forward to seeing who
will be cast in here. =]


sarNie Oldmaid
exact is limited on actors. dats y they always pullin in grammy artists to fill in lol whoever it is i'll probably end up watching :D


sarNie Juvenile
Oh, please please please let it be Mos. Although, I wish they'd stop pairing him up with these new N'aeks.
The casts should be announced at Together 2009 (Exact's annual press conference to announce 2009's works) which will take place next Tuesday.


sarNie Adult
Can't wait to see kwo will be p'ek !
I hope for Pepper because I miss him a lot
but if It's really Mos...It is ok because I like him a lot too :lol: