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    Drama: RONDO 輪舞曲Station: TBS (Japan)
    Date: Starts on January 15, 2006 (Sundays at 9pm timeslot)
    Official Website:
    Cast: Takenouchi Yutaka, Choi Ji Woo, Hayami Mokomichi, Ichikawa Yui, Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Jung Hyun
    Theme Song:Ayaka's "I Believe"



    - Rondo Preview -

    source: soompi and starjiwoo

    This drama looks interesting because it stars a Japanese actor and a Korean actress. I'm looking for to watching it. Hopefully, there will be eng subtitles.
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    Raw Ep.1 torrent file is out at D-addicts, if anyone is interested. There is also a cb link available at

    The first episode got a 20% viewer rating. That's considered very good in Japan.
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    TELEVIEWS / Detectives dominate lineup
    Wm. Penn / Special to The Daily Yomiuri

    Detectives lurk everywhere this new season, and they're all out for justice. An undercover agent, a tough lady cop or a gourmet private eye, take your pick.

    Rondo (Sundays, 9 p.m., TBS network), the much-hyped Japanese-Korean series that began with a two-hour special episode Jan. 15, was something of a disappointment. The mood is gloomy and the opening gunfight and subway escape scenes were confusing, but it does star Yutaka Takenouchi and Choi Ji Woo, and the chemistry between them works.

    Takenouchi plays Nishijima, an undercover detective whose father was killed by an Asian crime gang back in 1982. He vows to grow up and avenge his death and goes undercover straight out of the police academy. Even his poor, widowed mother does not know what has happened to him. His only "family" is a dog called Justice. After three years, he has finally gotten close to the crime boss.

    Choi's character has come to Japan with her sickly sister in search of their father who disappeared here. The pair meet when Nishijima saves her life. Then, she saves his dog but demands joint every-other-day custody of the lovable mutt.

    The script is not that bad, but those tuning in for the love story may be disappointed by the violent backdrop and the communication gap.

    The scriptwriter had better turn one of these characters into a linguist soon. They speak through interpreters or they speak past each other in their own languages. It's irritating. Their only direct communication in the first two hours came in the final scene, when Choi utters a faint "arigato." Two stars for the two stars, but it won't go above two stars unless they start talking to each other fast.

    (Jan. 19, 2006)

    source: The Daily Yomiuri
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    I like this dorama but im only on ep 7 because i waiting for the subs
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    I haven't watched it yet, since I'm piling up with other dramas right now. I'm waiting for it to finish first.
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    can anyone upload this dorama/drama?
    thanks in advance!
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    have anyone saw this drama yet? i just saw it last night and finished it this afternoon it was a great one! Takenouchi was really good looking in here! hehe...i recommend this drama to drama lovers!! hehe...

    a picture credit to d-addict
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    Well i like it even though the first episode is a little bit annoying to see the two stars speaking to each other with the different language.....Takenouchi is as handsome as always and his acting is still good. The storylike is good too.. Kinding exicting u want to know what happening next but the love connection scences are a little too confused sometimes cause lacking of the good communication lines. I think that it was the fault of the screenwriter. But really Takenouchi and Cho Ji Woo has a good chemistry toward each other.... NOt the best one i have seen but it is good enough to convince you sticking with the drama until it very end.... To spoil everyone the storyline is kind of like The Departed or Internal affaire though except the last four episode.....If u like suspended serie with a little bit taste of romance u will love it if not u would not enjoy this serie as much as i did.....

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