sarNie Egg
here's my list:
1. James Ji & Punch: after watch RSR like a dozen times, I became a big fan of Punch and her music. They got great chemistry on & off-screen. I was totally crazy 'bout them and I love watching them 2gether again <3
2. Ken & Ann: miss them so much!
3. Nadech & Kim: love them in RP.


Did I mention Rome P. and Susie S.?? Well I just did. Haha. I think they're a hot couple. Susie could use some improving in her acting though. And Rome could use some resting.


sarNie Egg
Guy & Vill: I'm not satisfied w/ kohn teun. They had less screen time than the 2nd couple, even their ending was shorter.
Kan & Mai: I enjoyed their chemistry in KRKNT and I know they have a lakorn coming up but I'm not a big fan of horror lakorn. I want to them together again in a rom-com or slap/kiss or action film. I'm fine w/ everything except for horror


Anne and Chakrit. They had so much chemistry in Sapai Glai Peung Tieng, I'm surprised they never reunited after that.

jun ji

sarNie Egg
Andrew Gregson and Janie Tien - its been forever but I loved them both in Tang Parn Kamathep.
James Ma and Mint Chalida - loved them in Khun Chai Ronnapee.
Tik and Aff - Loved them in Wanida.  Though both are married and Aff is expecting a baby (pregnant), I hope she'll return to the lakorn world soon.
Mario Maurer and Taew Nattaporn - More please! Yes, I know they have a new lakorn coming but they're so good together!


sarNie OldFart
1.) Ken and Anne
2.) Weir and Kwan
3.) Anne and Willy! <3
4.) Aom and Tik
5.) Angie Hastings and Chakrit
6.) Toomtam and Mo
7.) Smart and Susie
8.) Nadech and Kim
9.) Joy Rinlanee and Alek 
10.) Joy Siriluk and Pol
11.) Pat and Por
12.) James Ma and Mint C.
13.)  Jakjaan and Cee Siwat


sarNie Adult
1) Nadech and Kim - I love their chemistry together in RP. I was not happy with the fact that I didn't get to see a kiss from them. Those fake/nose touches cheek kiss is not working for me.
2) Ken and Janie - Currently watching their drama Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong and I adore them. Now I want to see them together again.


sarNie Egg
-Kwan and Weir 
-Anne and Chakrit
-Aum and Aff
-Tik and Cherry
-Great and Matt (although I believe they have one new lakorn coming up)
-Ken and Janie 
-Om and Sammie (Sammie needs more n'ek roles!)
-Rome and Rita 
-Por and Pat (My first favorite couple)
-Num and Anne (Love Tae Bang Korn)
-Willy and Anne
-Num and Donut
-Tle and Donut
-Tui and Yardthip 


sarNie Adult
Krissie & Phet; one year after and I still adore them just as much. They were seriously the cutest ♥ SOMEONE REUNITE THOSE TWO!!

Panpan & Kangsom; c'mon after the disappointing ending of buang rak they deserve a happy one! ....or at least a duet?  :teary:


sarNie Tombstone

popeploy PP so cute they look like real husband/wife

romechompoo RC melt my heart 

Kichy or KN  :kiss2:


sarNie Egg
My list
1) ken phupoom & Namtarn
2) Mark & yaya
3) Nadech & Taew
4) Nadech & Patricia
5) ken theeradeth and janie


sarNie Adult
I'm gonna pretend like it hasn't been only a month or so since Yai Kanlaya finished airing : I want to see Bow+Michael AGAIN! 


sarNie Tombstone
ToeyWawwa - onscreen perfect match and there maybe a few possibility they could become real off screen 
Rome&Chompoo - my missing them is very extreme, perfect match for both onscreen/offscreen