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  1. coralista

    coralista sarNie Hatchling

    Captain and Aom
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  2. lover123

    lover123 sarNie Hatchling

    only one that i want to pair up again is Nadech#&kim. just cant get over how awesome these two are.
  3. narkrakdin24^^

    narkrakdin24^^ sarNie Adult

    Mark Prin & Mint Chalida - Nuer Mek 2 was banned, Pathapee Leh Ruk the script sucked, and Tawan Deard they were siblings.
    Num & Kob - I'm still a shipper after all these years. I want to see them once again. I LOVED them in Khun Por Rub Jang and Duang Jai Pathiharn
    Chompoo Araya & Poh Nattawut - They were so cute in Morlum Summer
    Tik J. & Aom Phiyada - Loved them in Luerd Kattiya. Cried my heart out when Tik died.
    Om & Jui - They were hilarious and cute in Sao Chai Hi-Tech
    And.. finally
    Anne Thongprasom & Ken Theeradeth - I miss them soooo much!! I love their chemistry together in every lakorn they played!
    Anne Thongprasom & Chakrit Yarmnam - Cute and funny in that one lakorn they played together where she was a cop.
    Chakrit & Namcha - There has GOT to be a sequel to Rong Raem Pee. I felt so sorry that Sarapee and her daughter who looks exactly like Sarapee, didn't love him back. If she stayed with him, I bet she could've changed his heart. But noooo she had to run away with that slave who looks wayyy too old for her.
    Mint Chalida & First Eakkapong - I wouldn't mind seeing them in another lakorn together since they were cute in Whan Jai Gub Nai Jomying.
    Mark Prin & Ja Jittapa - I don't think they have much chemistry but I don't mind seeing them in a lakorn together.
    Eye Kamolned & Great Warintorn - They were the cutest couple to me in The Sixth Sense with the best storyline and better chemistry in my eyes.
    Eye Kamolned & Top Jaron - Nuer Mek 2 was banned so we didn't get to see them act all sweet to each other yet.
    Aum A. & Kim - They were so cute in Thara Himalaya.
    Cee Siwat & Min P. - They were good in Sawan Sang.
    Tle & Min P. - Pang Sanaeha was okay. I would like to see them reunite.
    Cheer & Kan - They should have a better storyline.
    I almost forgot.
    Win & Kwan - I miss them!!! I loved Theppabut Maya Thepthida Jum Laeng that I even bought the DVD when I was offered to!
  4. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    can't think of others now....
  5. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I want to see Chompoo Araya and Mos pair again, loved them in Sang Dao Hang Hua Jai.
  6. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    if they pair again it will be Ch3 
  7. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Updated List:
    Ken T. and Anne T.
    Tik J. and Aom P.
    Rome P. and Noon S. - This time as the pra'nang.
    Weir S. and Min P. - They look cute together.
    Barry N. and Kim K. - They're the only newbie pra'nang I ship. 
  8. tatayounger

    tatayounger sarNie Egg

    ROME and CHOMPOO!!!!!
  9. kimsaj

    kimsaj sarNie Juvenile

    Mint C. & Pope <ChaNawat in Rom-Com pLease>
    Kim & Aum <Love them soo much in TH>
    Bargie <roy Marn was sooo 2011, they should be paired again. 555555555>
    Mark & Mint C. <a lakorn w/ an awesome plot, NOT ACTION, & cannot be banned.! LOL >
    Nadech & Kim <\m/YEAH\m/>
    Mark & Yaya <i want them in prissana . :D )
  10. aimeelove

    aimeelove sarNie Juvenile

    I actually want Mark&Yaya to reunite! I dont want her in a feisty or annoying role, but a cute/prim proper for once. Tawan Duerd was such a flaw! Poor/Low chemistry between Mark&Yaya because there was ZERO romance. lol
  11. Penelope

    Penelope sarNie Adult

    Ken and Anne
    Nadech and Kim
    Tik and Cherry
    Janie and Ken P.
    Chakrit and Aum
  12. Dreamlove

    Dreamlove sarNie Juvenile

    BIE and FANG
  13. Yaki

    Yaki sarNie Egg

    Om and Min
    Mark and Yaya
    Aum and Margie
    Nadech and Kimmy
  14. markimbarry

    markimbarry sarNie Hatchling

    mike and charebelle to reunited in their own lakorn and as a leading couple
  15. markimbarry

    markimbarry sarNie Hatchling

    nadech and kim
    mike and charebelle
  16. Dreamlove

    Dreamlove sarNie Juvenile

    Bie and Noona
  17. treeyalee

    treeyalee sarNie Egg

    num and kob
    Captain and pim
  18. gloria83

    gloria83 sarNie Adult

    def Bie and Noona
    Nadech and Kim
  19. Blossomgirl93

    Blossomgirl93 sarNie Egg

    KK just ended but I want Bie and Noona please. This time give them a happy ending
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  20. Heidi

    Heidi ♥Korean Obsessed♥

    Mteam -Rom Com/Drama please!!!!!
    Rteam -Same as for Mteam but NO SCI-FI/MYSTERY
    Sammie and Om -Loved them in Bundai Dok Ruk, but want them to pair up as pranang.
    Benz and Tle -Saw bits of Plerng Prom and really liked them together.
    Ann Alicha and Pepper -I loved Leh Ratree. It's been a long time since they have been pranang. CH.5 PLEASE BRING THEM BACK
    Amy K and Cee -Though they are a real-life couple, I would love for them to reunite onscreen. It has been a long time.
    Tik and Cherry -I loved Kaew Tah Pee, want them to reunite.
    Charebelle and Mike -Loved them in Likit Fah Chata Din, they had great chemistry.
    Best and Guy -though they were second pranang in Sao Noi, I really liked them in there and I really just watched the lakorn because of them.
    Kimberly and Aum A -They were amazing in TH, love them as a couple.
    Aum A and Taew -PJTPP is one of my favorites.
    Ning K and Patson -Amazing chemistry in Ka Nueng Ha, I miss Yai Mangaew and Poom.

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