sarNie Adult
Mark Prin & Mint Chalida - Nuer Mek 2 was banned, Pathapee Leh Ruk the script sucked, and Tawan Deard they were siblings.
Num & Kob - I'm still a shipper after all these years. I want to see them once again. I LOVED them in Khun Por Rub Jang and Duang Jai Pathiharn
Chompoo Araya & Poh Nattawut - They were so cute in Morlum Summer
Tik J. & Aom Phiyada - Loved them in Luerd Kattiya. Cried my heart out when Tik died.
Om & Jui - They were hilarious and cute in Sao Chai Hi-Tech
And.. finally
Anne Thongprasom & Ken Theeradeth - I miss them soooo much!! I love their chemistry together in every lakorn they played!
Anne Thongprasom & Chakrit Yarmnam - Cute and funny in that one lakorn they played together where she was a cop.
Chakrit & Namcha - There has GOT to be a sequel to Rong Raem Pee. I felt so sorry that Sarapee and her daughter who looks exactly like Sarapee, didn't love him back. If she stayed with him, I bet she could've changed his heart. But noooo she had to run away with that slave who looks wayyy too old for her.
Mint Chalida & First Eakkapong - I wouldn't mind seeing them in another lakorn together since they were cute in Whan Jai Gub Nai Jomying.
Mark Prin & Ja Jittapa - I don't think they have much chemistry but I don't mind seeing them in a lakorn together.
Eye Kamolned & Great Warintorn - They were the cutest couple to me in The Sixth Sense with the best storyline and better chemistry in my eyes.
Eye Kamolned & Top Jaron - Nuer Mek 2 was banned so we didn't get to see them act all sweet to each other yet.
Aum A. & Kim - They were so cute in Thara Himalaya.
Cee Siwat & Min P. - They were good in Sawan Sang.
Tle & Min P. - Pang Sanaeha was okay. I would like to see them reunite.
Cheer & Kan - They should have a better storyline.
I almost forgot.
Win & Kwan - I miss them!!! I loved Theppabut Maya Thepthida Jum Laeng that I even bought the DVD when I was offered to!


Updated List:
Ken T. and Anne T.
Tik J. and Aom P.
Rome P. and Noon S. - This time as the pra'nang.
Weir S. and Min P. - They look cute together.
Barry N. and Kim K. - They're the only newbie pra'nang I ship. 


sarNie Juvenile
Mint C. & Pope <ChaNawat in Rom-Com pLease>
Kim & Aum <Love them soo much in TH>
Bargie <roy Marn was sooo 2011, they should be paired again. 555555555>
Mark & Mint C. <a lakorn w/ an awesome plot, NOT ACTION, & cannot be banned.! LOL >
Nadech & Kim <\m/YEAH\m/>
Mark & Yaya <i want them in prissana . :D )


sarNie Juvenile
I actually want Mark&Yaya to reunite! I dont want her in a feisty or annoying role, but a cute/prim proper for once. Tawan Duerd was such a flaw! Poor/Low chemistry between Mark&Yaya because there was ZERO romance. lol


sarNie Hatchling
mike and charebelle to reunited in their own lakorn and as a leading couple


♥Korean Obsessed♥
Mteam -Rom Com/Drama please!!!!!
Rteam -Same as for Mteam but NO SCI-FI/MYSTERY
Sammie and Om -Loved them in Bundai Dok Ruk, but want them to pair up as pranang.
Benz and Tle -Saw bits of Plerng Prom and really liked them together.
Ann Alicha and Pepper -I loved Leh Ratree. It's been a long time since they have been pranang. CH.5 PLEASE BRING THEM BACK
Amy K and Cee -Though they are a real-life couple, I would love for them to reunite onscreen. It has been a long time.
Tik and Cherry -I loved Kaew Tah Pee, want them to reunite.
Charebelle and Mike -Loved them in Likit Fah Chata Din, they had great chemistry.
Best and Guy -though they were second pranang in Sao Noi, I really liked them in there and I really just watched the lakorn because of them.
Kimberly and Aum A -They were amazing in TH, love them as a couple.
Aum A and Taew -PJTPP is one of my favorites.
Ning K and Patson -Amazing chemistry in Ka Nueng Ha, I miss Yai Mangaew and Poom.