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Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
It's one of my favorites, it's a definite 9, it would have been a 10 if the ending wasn't so choppy.
Koo Gum 2013?
Koo Gam 2013 is definitely a 10 for me! And pardon me, I have many reasons so be prepared to read. Lol.
1. I'm a Noona and Bie fan.
2. The cast was beyond perfect! Everyone (except Frame the Star 8) portrayed their characters beautifully and perfectly.
3. I had doubts about both Noona and Bie but they both proved me wrong. I loved the more soft Angsumalin and the silly Kobori.
4. It exceeded my expectations. Thumbs up to Koo Gam crew!
5. Most importantly, I loved how the new OSTs were written specially for the main leads. It just shows how much EXACT puts into this remake.
3 Num Neua Tong 2010?


sarNie Oldmaid
I give it a 9! I really like Ken and Toey and Boy and Marie had great chemistry. I wasnt that fond of Kim and Mark's story line.. Everyone in here is very cute though. Except for Kim's crazy boyfriend. I like Ken and Toey's story the most because they were really funny. Marie and Boy bickered but it was something I enjoyed watching!
- Wanida 2010


♥Korean Obsessed♥
Wanida was good. I'd give it a 9, Tik and Aff look good together. Boy and Jaja were really cute and funny as well. I love their bickering. I just didn't like Joy's character and Tik's mom. They pissed me off. Oh I really liked the servants story too, they were awesome.
Bundai Dok Ruk?


♥Korean Obsessed♥
Bundai Dok Ruk was pretty good, I thought overall chemistry Min and Om had the best chemistry, but that was due to the lack of sweet scenes w/ Om and Sammie. I really liked Sammie too and her character was just so wonderful to watch.
I thought Pang Sanaeha was decent, I'd give it a 7. Min and Tle had pretty good chemistry. Tle's background story was sad, but it made me so mad because he was so cold about his wife and child dying but he moved on quite fast to Min. Cheer and Kan's pairing was amazing. Such great chemistry, I love their bickering and it made me fall in love with Kan. Despite him being pretty, I found him manly in here. I also loved Benz Punyaporn's character in here, her character is the one that I felt sad for the most.
Ploy Lom Phet (Bee Swiss and Namfon Kullanat)?
8- one of the best action dramas and by far, my favorite of Bee and Namfon. The only thing I didn't like was that sometimes, it was repetitive and dragged a bit.

Raeng Ngao 2012 (Janie and Ken P.)?


sarNie Adult
8. I like the moral/theme of the story, but it was kinda a drag. And Ken(Veekit), just feel bad for him.
Roy Marn?


sarNie Immature
Roy Marn w/ Boy and Margie deserved an 8.5  from me.
It is one of my favorite lakorn, love it so much, their bickering was cute. I just hoped they married earlier lol.
Khun Samee (Kammalor) Teerak?


sarNie Oldmaid
9 - I didn't watch the whole thing, but I love how Rome agreed to marry her because he liked her. Wished she saw his love for her sooner. Then I hated how she got mad at him towards the end all because she thinks he used her. Urgh, that's why I took off one point.
Ngao Asoke


sarNie Adult
6? I love the ost, but I wasn't feeling the chemistry between the two main characters. I thought Pong was a bit old and I just don't like how the nang ek is weak or emotional...... Anyways, some people may like it, like my sister. 
Pan Ruk Pan Rai with Toomtam and Charebelle?


sarNie Oldmaid
I'd give it an 8. Toomtam and Charabelle had Great chemistry! But I stopped watching it half way b/ c it was almost like Ngao Ruk Luang Jai so i kind of got bored. I know its different but ehh i didnt feel the story line as much.

- Kularb Rai Glai Ruk


sarNie Adult
8. The beginning was good, and love the OSt. But I got annoyed with Matt disliking Gale. She was so nice to her, but she was just evil. And I do get Matt's point of view, but just annoyed by it.
Ton Ruk Rim Rua?


sarNie Adult
9.5, even though I didn't finish it but a 9.5. It would've been a 10, but Kim is so cold hearted to my Mark. :( But I love their chemistry and the comedy! 
Hua Jai Ruang Pua <3 


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I'd give Hua Jai Rua Puang an 8. Overall the lakorn was pretty decent. The couples really matched and you pretty much understand where each of them came from. It's just Gypsy's character that pissed me off for not telling the truth, which dragged on soooooo long and her mom. But overall it was good. I really liked Pang's character.
Ton Ruk (Noon Woranuch and Kade)?
10- One of the best Kade/Noon lakorns EVER! The lakorn was pretty much packed with everything you could ask for and expect: loads of drama, suspense, sweet/cute scenes, action...you name it. I loved it and as long as I can remember, I think I watched it twice or thrice many, many years ago.
Hua Jai Sila with Fang and Bie?


♥Korean Obsessed♥
Ton Rak was definitely a good one. Though I only saw it Hmong dubbed.
Hua Jai Sila in my opinion, was really good. But I'd give it an 8 because Bie was womanizer and he slept with both sisters. Ughh. Though Fang's character was annoying at times, I really felt for her. No matter what she did, her stepmom always yelled at her. I loved how her dad loved her and how she never gave up/forgot about Tor. I really liked Fang and Bie together, I really want to see them reunite :)
Talad Arom (Chakrit and Vill)?


- Marina ♥
Talad Arom -- I'd give it a 7. I didn't enjoy it much but I really liked the storyline. Not a big fan of Chakrit and Vill as a pairing. The highlight of the lakorn for me was probably Vill's mom in the lakorn. She had an interesting character. I also liked Pepper & Aerin's pairing.
Yok Lai Mek (Rome & Janie)?


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I agree with what you said huajaikaungtur. You're nice. I would give Talad Arom a 6.5. To be honest, though Vill was n'ek, I felt that her character did not shine at all and she was more of a minor character, whereas Joy, Pok and Chakrit were the main characters. I loved P'Pok's character as Vill's mom. She was never really bad, she did the things that she did because she did it for her sister. Pepper and Aerin were a good pair. They looked more compatible than Vill and Chakrit.
I would give Yok Lai Mek an 8. Overall it was good, I liked Janie's strong character and Rome was adorable. But I didn't like Nampueng's character, she made me mad and scared lol.....What I really loved was the Sara/Andrew pairing, they were really cute and had amazing chemistry. I also liked Janie and Sara's parents. They were such great parents, and it's not often that you see the guy that played her adopted dad as the good guy.
Leh Ratree?


I love pepper and anne pairing. The lakorn as good. I give it a 8.

Seua sung fah 2, payak payong.