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^Can't rate that one because I haven't seen it. I haven't seen a CH7 lakorn since Ching Nang. Lol. And I didn't even finish Ching Nang. Shame on me...so much of being a Om and Rodmay fan.


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I would give Maya Pissaward a 7, great cast and pairings were good, but the head with the snakes scared the crap out of me.
Sixth Sense Season 1?


sarNie Oldmaid
I'd give it an 8. I loved sixth sense but i felt like it was a little bit too long but the suspense was great! All the couples were great especially Dr.Voradah? and Netr. Loved them <3 The friendship between the girls were amazing. Such nice people. I kind of just didnt like how we were left hanging a little bit but Sixth Sense 2 is here! so yay. :)
Forgot but my Lakorn is Rahut Rissaya


I give it a 7. First Noon lakorn i saw and liked her in therw, but not a big fan of Paul. Storyline was okay, ending could've been better.

Sai Soke?


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7, I will never be able to get over Chai's acting. He was just so incredible with his tears, his character, and wow, was he amazing or what? I didn't care much for Rome and Ja's pairing though. The OST was beautiful as well~
Autumn Destiny? (<don't know if anyone said this lakorn before but oh well, repeats are always nice XD )


7, chat and mario were cute, but i couldn't really feel chat's acting. She still needs work. Mario was okay.

Plerng Payu.


I give it a 9. I loved it, the only yadech lakorn that i enjoyed and loved. It goes by perfect pace, perfect cast and yadech's best chemistry by far.

Fai Shone Saeng?


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Wasn't too fond of the twins plot, but after a few episodes there's definitely a reason why it's a twins lakorn. I give it a 7.7!
Qi Pao? (LOL. I know.... it has two same characters too?! But hey, it wasn't! So this case is different :D)


I give it a 7. Mart's acting was blah. Ann did great, but the lakorn dragged.

Klin Kaew Klang Jai?