[PPTV] Glarb Bpai Soo Whan Fun: Pok Piyada / Oil Thana / Smart Krisada / Beam Kawee


sarNie OldFart
Time travel....mmm

This ch coming out blazing lol

Let see If they can do it....but a nice challenge to the other ch


sarNie Juvenile
Wow, I was just saying in another thread about how I’m bored of the same old lakorn storylines and wished Thai lakorns would do something new and random along the Korean drama side. PPTV looks like they’re gonna deliver my wishes haha.


sarNie Adult
Storyline : Pimchut spend her youth for taking care of her sister and family. She need to leave her lover and raise her niece.
She is bored that she can't do what her need

Punthin is her first love but he still look great and charming for his age and she is older, to be aunt to everyone including Punthin

Then, Pimchut work as maiden of Doctor Kanchut, who is gentle and kind. She fall in love for him and know its impossible
One day, Pimchut is framed and need to quit this job

She know half old lady Malinda and her son Dawin who is same age of Pimchut that give her a lot such as her new life and the ring
which she can make a wish for everything Pimchut wish her is back to be young in one year and can make her dram come true
and do what she never done


sarNie Oldmaid
Looks like this is a Change2561 co-production. Wow, they're everywhere - GMM25 (most of their works so far + Club Friday), One31 (with the currently-airing Baifern drama), Amarin34 (upcoming drama Samee See Thong), and PPTV!



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This is airing on October 30th.

Man, PPTV is slow in airing their dramas. They've announced a bunch of titles early this year, but so far only 2 have actually aired. Pock's will just be the 3rd one. I'm actually curious about Noon S' drama and "Don't Touch My Dad".


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Dang. This looks so good! I'm excited to try it. Such a different storyline. I didn't know it would have to do with a ring taking her back as a younger version of herself.


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We always wonder what’ll happen when if we take a different direction in life. Oh life, so many possibilities.


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Pok looks so good in this drama. I wish they could have used her as the younger self rather than get another actress to play.


sarNie Adult
The first episode was gooood! Thank god PPTV is partnering up with good studios. This is a CHANGE lakorn, so the acting, cinemtography, etc. looks modern and not low budget. The quality is good!

So Pok isn't going to be her younger self! Makes sense!! She actually is going to become her niece. Her niece gets hit by a truck episode 2, but I haven't seen it yet. Her niece is like a hoe lol and she's going to pretend to be her with the ring!

Oil is good at playing an ass! I hate him. I already hate Beam too. And I like Smart's character but his earring makes him look gay lol


sarNie OldFart
I think it is good to not have that actor as their younger self. In this case we need a different actor.

For pok to change but look exactly the same....pok looks good but not like someone in her 20s