pinky as third hand?


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thanks tinah for the picture and clearify it for me. wow so it's Tanya's husband. I always think she had a happy life, didn't know her husband is a player. What can I say, hopefully the situation will be sloved soon.


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correct me if I am wrong but isn't this old news and then Tanya came out to say they have nothing going on and so forth....I asked my cousin about it and she say this is like old news....
so i was not "open minded" just cuz i didn't believe her crap. stop criticizing me for having a different opinion than you..weeewee.. i'm surprised she hasn't told other people here yet who believes pinky is in the wrong, that they'e not open minded. maybe because more "evidences" that are leaking slowly one by one are leaning towards pinky being 99% guilty than innocent haha... and i don't give a damn if she supports pinky to death, just don't attack me because i don't believe that tanya is at fault like her. oh another thing is, she thinks tanya should keep her mouth shut cuz her family issue is embarrassing. haha if this happened to you would you keep your mouth shut??? geez i understand girlfriend wants to protect her star but at least be reasonable.

this all comes down to hardcore fans can't take it when they're favorite stars are criticized whether right or wrong. it always has been and always will be for some fans. that's why they say love is blind.
I agree with you...I think that pinky is completely in the wrong...I'm so supporting Tanya in this matter. I don't see how Tanya should be embarrassed; her husband and pinky are the ones who should be hiding their faces!


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^^same here..shes already have 2 lakorn lined up with ch3 and its with num/aum. ughh!! they already have many actresses as it is..why bring in more.


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I don't know but Dr.Hed-Sod write this news in
He tell about story of love Peck&Pinky, Topic on Facebook Pinky "P Love P", Pinky send her photo(sexy act)to Peck, etc.
And Pinky don't clear about news but she said she and Peck are over.