Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)


sarNie Adult
Wonder who are the main actor/actress? Hope Benz and Paul (even though I'm not really like Paul...but it's OK since he will pair up w/Benz......)


sarNie Coma
funny costum lol. i notice benz lost weight compare to her lakorn w/janie. but she has gotten prettier!..i like the fact that shes not trying to be so thin like most actresses nowadayz. she got curves!

credit to eayjang


sarNie Juvenile
she look so cool! really pretty I can't wait to see this lakorn now. Yeah even though I don't really like paul with Benz. But I'll watch it becaue i like benz and noi


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I knew this would be like an action lakorn...very catwomanish costumes....LOL....


sarNie Adult
I'm SOOO happy to see paul again!!! :clap: I was sad taht he might not hav any more coming out cause he had like three almost back to back last year...this the second one I heard he's gonna have?
kinda blank on paula nd benz though cause they made such a weird couple in jom jai...but from the caps, they look pretty good...maybe they looked weird cause of benz's looks meaning hair and outfits...but she looks so hot in those caps...and I'm already starting to like this lakorn just from the caps... :clap:


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Actually, wasn't his back to back lakorns this year? lol ... Yeah, the other one is with Pancake, I think.


sarNie Coma
more pix from daradaily

i like Noi's shades. Go n' Teyas wardrobe is kinda punk-rockish lol. but yeh, all 3 ladies look gorgeous



sarNie Juvenile
Everyone looks so fit and all the ladies are so pretty. I can't wait till this airs, I just love Go.