Part-time Lover :: Ken/Vicky


I myself have not seen the latest harry potter nor any of them cept the first one.
Not really a fan of it.
But my bff went to see it and she said it was quite dragging.

Love the update.
Ken is so funny.
Hahaha he "proposed" to Vicky already.
He's so falling head over heals for her!
Update soon An!!


maplestory addict xD
[ Chapter 4 ]

"Sounds so...cheesy." She snorted.

"Hey! It came straight from my heart you know!"

"Yea...whatever, your heart must been made from cheese then."

"AHAHAHA...nah, I'm 100% made from Thailand!"

"Right..." She rolled her eyes as they walked out of the cinema. "You know what..."


"I think you're actually made from China. You can't last long and most importantly...CHEAP."

"Hey...that's not nice. But it's good that I'm cheap...if not, how would you be able to afford me then? AHAHAHAHA!"

"Haha...someone enjoys being called cheap for some reason."

"Only when it comes from you."

"Right. If you don't want a fat ME in the future, it's best if you stop feeding me cheese."

"I adore fat people."

"You'll want to re-think that again...haha."


"Lets say you succeeded in making me fat."


"Lets say you managed to win our lil 'game' as well.."


"Well, by then...the process of un-virgining me would be a lil difficult, don't you think?"

"AHAHAHAHAHA! If that really do happen, please let me stay UP!"

"What if I insist in being up? Come on...experimenting would be fun~"

"Look who's talking! Trust me, fat you being down. That's called MURDER!"

"I'll be glad to kill you then, less one playboy in the world..ahaha."

The night seem to past really fast that day. They laughed at lame jokes that only kids would find them funny. It was an easy walk to the Coffee Beans which was now closed. They parted they own ways as they bid farewell. Ken wanted to send her back home but she declined. Being the independent girl that she is, she would rather drive back home herself. Heck, what would she do with her car then...leave it there? Hell no. It so ironic to see how similar their habits are.

1. Once they reached home, each of them threw their keys on the couch.

2. Shoes? They're already taken off in the cars. Yes, they walk barefooted into the house. Weird...

3. Crash on the couch and turn on the tv. Flip until the last channel, nothing interesting. OFF.

4. Wash their face at least 3 times, brush their teeth, floss some big/small 'business'.

5. Change to their cartoonish pajamas and ready...1,2,3 JUMP! and yes! They landed on their bed.

These are the usual 5-step routine which is a MUST before sleeping. Though, it seems that something is a lil different this time. They can't sleep. Ken was already rolling on the bed from left to right since 10 minutes ago. Vicky had made the 12'o clock turn on her bed for a few times now. Finally, it was 3am...and they were just too tired to sleep.

Ken took out his laptop. He right-click > New > Microsoft Word Document. He renamed it, My Part-Time Lover.


Day 1

WOOOHOOO!!! I finally managed to meet that one HOTTTTT sexy momma. Urghhh, I'm sounding so-not-asian at the moment. Right, well...I met Vicky XD Could you believe yourself Ken?? You were nervous for the first time! Freaking hell, I don't blame you though...she's hooootttttt with the capital H, ok...that's lame. One thing is not lame for sure...the kiss! She is so vicious =.= I could hardly breathe!!! How would making love feel then? AHAHHAHAHAHA...yum.

Still, stop lying to yourself Ken. You know, you're falling for her charm. She's different. There's this weird shield, a wall...that is so strong...isn't it? I was just joking with the proposal, I wonder why she was so afraid. Ermm....this sounds so fun already xD Kenny Potter LOL

That's all for today...29 days left, I wonder...what's next?


He saved it and went to bed. Vicky on the other hand prefer old school style. She went and took out a blue diary from one of the drawers. It was nicely decorated with a sapphire stone in the middle, glittering brightly. It looks like those do-it-yourself-diary which is so soothing for the eyes. It looked old but it was well taken care off. She flipped through the pages till she reached a new blank sheet named it, My Part-Time Lover.


Dear Sapphire, I met a guy today. He seemed really decent and funny at times (yes, I can see how hard he struggled to humor me). We decided to play a game, it was his idea...but I agreed since it does sound interesting. 30 days to prove to me that not every man, is evil. Wow, would he even be able to do that? Haha...I doubt it.

Today was day 1. Ken looks like you...very similar. I was truly shocked but I'm sure he was not you. How could he?

Anyway, it's getting too late now...or should I say early? Good night Sapphire.


She closed the book and placed it back into the drawer and went to...sleep.


finally catched up lol

i haven't seen the harry potter film either nor plan to unless i get dragged there lol


start of chapter 4 cracked me up


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i liked how they ended up doing the same thing he with the computer and her with the diary...the first part is hilarious keep them coming An and thanks for updating


Can't believe I didn't see this new update for the pass month. LOL.
Neways, I like ch.4 a lot. It was cute and funny. Love their jokes towards each other. Hahahaha.
The diary/computer writing was sweet :wub: