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man did u stay up late i've done that too lol two dates in one night how will he do it hehehehe short but keep it coming


Oh shoot! The movie night should be interesting! Two dates!



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girls, i'm going to delete chapter 3 .. i dont like how it's going. So i'll change the plot a little k


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[ Chapter 3 ]

All eyes were on them now, especially Vicky. Such a daring woman, they thought to themselves. Mothers could be seen covering their children’s eyes while wives were giving the usual ‘glare’ towards their spouses. That was certainly an interesting incident, but it gave Ken a rather shocking experience. Never in his life, has he seen a woman did that to him in their first date. Heck, it wasn’t even a date! It was mind-blogging indeed but he can’t deny the fact that, he really did enjoy it.

“You’re vicious...” Ken said as he gasped for air.

“Why, thank you.” She answered as she finished giving out her ‘gift’.

“W-Welcome...” Ken fought with his words as he wished for more oxygen.

“I must say, you were not bad yourself.” She winked.

“Haha, well...I get that a lot.” He blushed.

Their conversation suddenly got interrupted by an unknown stranger.

“Excuse me...but wouldn’t it be better if you take your PDA outside the cafe.”


“Stop acting dumb.”

“Oh please Mister. I don’t see any ‘NO PDA’ sign outside your cafe. It’s a free country!” Vicky answered sarcastically.


“Whatever...GET OUT NOW!

“Yeah, we’re leaving. Sorry for the disturbance.”

Ken apologized as he pulled Vicky out the cafe.

“What was that for?!” Vicky asked as she pulled her hand away from the man.


“Ken! You freaking coward!” She shouted. Vicky was very pissed.

“, let’s not ruin our day due to some petty matters.”

“Easy for you to say...I was the one who got embarrassed back there!” She pouted.

“True...true.” Ken answered blankly.


Ken smiled. He likes a woman...who’s dominant. He likes those difficult one. The angrier she gets, the cuter she is in his eyes. He’s starting to fall for her. Not for the prize but just plain Vicky. He went down on one knee and held Vicky’s right hand. Not taking his gaze away from was so mesmerizing.

“W-What are you doing Ken??”


“You’re not going to...p-propose...are you?!”


“Be serious!”

“Hahaha...gosh, that was fun! You’re really afraid of this aren’t you? Hahaha.”

“T-This...what.” Vicky tried looking away.


“Erm...well, maybe. But, anyway...get up you MORON!

“Hahahaha, okok.”

Ken stood up and released her hand. Vicky, she looked different now. A woman who was once known as an arrogant and even ignorant woman seemed fragile now. What happened to the iron maiden? So lost in her own world, reminiscing the if it’s the end of life.

“Anything wrong?”



“Don’t you ever do that again!”

“You mean...the proposa—”

“...seriously, don’t.”

“Yes, got my word, ma’am.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment. Vicky staring at the space aimlessly while Ken looking at her, regretting his action – though he was dumb-founded. What have he done wrong? The atmosphere was getting more and more intense, making it difficult to breathe. Ken couldn’t bear it any longer.



“Let’s do something fun!”

She sighed, “Define ‘fun’...”

“Oh, you’ll see!”

They walked around the city till they reached a building. Fully lit with lightings and billboards – the area was bustling with life.

“Here we are!” He grinned.

“Eh?” Vicky looked up. “...the cinema?”


She sighed again, “How typical...boring.”

“Awww ... come on! I’ve wanted to watch this movie for like...forever!” He started whining.

“Huh...which one?”

Ken smiled widely as he pointed his finger to a large poster. It had several characters in it but one stood out the most. A boy; with such outdated-pineapple-like hairstyle and a pair of huge eyeballs accompanied with his nerdy glasses.


“HAR?! You’re planning to watch that gay movie?!”

“OI! Harry Potter movie RAWKS!!! Stop calling it gay. Hmph!”

“Kk...whatever pleases you.”

“Yay! Does that mean you’re watching it with me?”


“Awww ...come on...please, please, pleaseeeeee??”

“Gosh, you’re embarrassing me. Fine, fine. Urgh.”


Ken bought the tickets and she unwillingly accompanied him. She’d never liked going for dates...especially when it’s a movie date. It’s too cheesy, she thought to herself. The movie took about 2 hours and 30mins of her life. When it was finally done, they went out of the theatre to find Ken with a long, disappointed frown.

“What’s wrong with you...I thought you’d wanted to watch this movie for like...FOREVER.” She laughed.

“Not funny...”


“Seriously, this is the worse Harry Potter movie...EVER!

“Yeah, he’s gay too...ahahaha.”

“So not!”

“Gosh Ken, you sound like a baby...defending you’re idol. Hahaha.”

“Well, I’m a fan of this wizard boy. Hehe.”

“Right. That’s downright weird.”

“Whatever...still, I’m very disappointed with this movie...”


“Didn’t you see how bad the plot was?? Ron and his stupid WON WON...Hermione was being super dumb too!”

“Nope, I was sleeping the wholeeeee wayyyyyy!” Vicky replied proudly, as if it was a great accomplishment.

“Geesh...but anyway...such a waste of money!”

“Hahaha, why?”

“Well, if I had wanted to watch a love story...”

Ken held both of her hands together,

“...I would’ve just watch, you.


p/s no offence to all harry potter fans yeah. LMAO. i'm a fan too...but kinda disappointed with the latest movie. ahahaha


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cute. something fun he said :lol: watch a movie that turn out disappointed . i like the part she said movie are cheesy -- which are so true , date to a movie are so over use !


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cute. something fun he said :lol: watch a movie that turn out disappointed . i like the part she said movie are cheesy -- which are so true , date to a movie are so over use !
yeah, VERY. date to a movie is greatly exploited even in movies n tv shows lol

why is vicky so scared of marriage...and ken looks like he' falling hard for her what about his other date
ahaha, more stuff to happen ;)
n yeh, thought of adding a lil mystery in this comedy fic lol


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*clap clap* love this one -- so funny AHAHA :D
update2 anie .. or imma go harrass you this arvo lmao.
got biology class atm but bored >.<


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lol...i need to update the others too ><
im considering capture or essence lol
but anyway, imma stop studying eating atm :D


maplestory addict xD
shocking revelation...bau reads my fanfic (well, just this one) lol
but anyway, this is the two poster she did for this fic (she said its just 'OK' but i think its pretty =] )


p/s to anyone who's interested to make more posters for this fic...feel free to do it =D


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I haven’t seen the lastest Harry Potter one but my brother and sister saw it and they didn’t like it as much as the other ones. But Ken is hilarious ahahah.

awww i love those is bau...i haven't talked to her for the longest time :(


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^ on her doing posters...shes very lazy lol it's up to her mood actually lmao


other than that, i got all the plot in my head alrdy but cant update due to exams but anyhow...the ending might not please everyone lol