[ONE31] Poot Pissawat (Montara Entertainment Co., Ltd.) : Film Thanapat/Bifern Anchasa/ Pinky Savika

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  1. DaoRisa

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  2. lakornwatcher

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    Ning was so pretty in her prime time!
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  3. spanky

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    What the heck...they are vampires now? Lol I vaguely rem. Touch & ning version but don't rem. It being like that
  4. KitKat516

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    At the exact celebration event, they said Pink's story or couple were added to the story.

    The original story did have a vampire (check out opening credit in the original part i postes on pg 3). The head ghost or boss was a pee dip aka vampire. The nangek's job as a ghost was to get blood from guys for him.
  5. little22

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    This is the 3rd remake. I watch the original but not with kade and noon. But this I watch to see the difference. Of course already this is a vampire. A lot of romance than the first. Interesting. Im scared to watch ghost movie alone. It has to be daytime and peep around
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