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    [ONE31] Chun Cheu Bussaba: Bee Namthip / Film Thanapat

    Feel free to move this thread if this isn't suited in this forum yet, but I saw these IG posts with the hashtag #ชั้นชื่อบุษบา (translates to something like Name is Busaba). In Pantip, there's a speculation that this is an adaptation of the old Korean drama "My Lovely Sam Soon". Except that...
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    Magazine: Film Thanapat Kawila

    The September issue of 2018. Film Thanapat.
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    ❤ [CH.One31] Nakark Kaew (?) : Captain Phutanate/ Pok Piyatida/ Film Thanapat/ Ani Anipornr

    Title: หน้ากากแก้ว (Sorry don't know the title in English name. If anyone know please tell me so I can edit it) A new lakorn. They just have the opening today. Cast: Captain Phutanate Pok Piyatida Film Thanapat Ani Aniporn (Potter Natt) Bright Norraphat Aℓrisa Maprang Tou Sedthawut Lin...
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    ❤️[ONE31] Poot Pissawat (Montara Entertainment Co., Ltd.) : Film Thanapat/Bifern Anchasa/ Pinky Savika

    Remake! The last version was done by Noon Worranuch and Kade Tarntup, Before that, Touch and Ning

    [OneHD] Rak Fun Thalob (Exact)

        I created this thread for aiyaja so here, her thought and translated   "This most likely is going to be a new thing or pilot project like Songkram Nang Ngam. Because from the storyline, it sounds so unlike a lakorn. This is one of Khun Boy's projects, which means, there may be voting and...