Once Ours* (Inspired Story)

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my story, the story line is inspired by the love story of Din and Paeng Kwan in Crowns of Grass (and my personal life, lol).
I have about half the story already written and will try to upload them all soon. =)

*WARNING: It's cheesy and cringeeeeee lol
Chapter 1:
Volume, 75% high, bodies, streched, music, on. Paeng stepped up front and started dance once the music started, it was her solo part, that meant her energy must fill up the field as the other 10 girl’s stayed still, as if they’re not breathing. Paeng twisted her wrist, flexed her fingers, and moved sharply to every beat, lightly. The danced continued on, all the girls moving in sync, all smiling, with their eyes, till the last beat. The girls let out a big breath, “How was it Ms. Thoj? Did we improve?” Kwan asked breathing heavily. Ms. Thoj smiled brightly, “Yes, it is a lot sharper than yesterday and you guys had more energy than earlier. I’m proud, like this when we compete, you’ll capture the crowd’s attention. Anyhow, I’ll end practice right her today, you girls did a good job today.” The girls smiled, “Thank you Ms. Thoj.” they said in excitment, “Oh”, Paeng said turing Ms. Thoj around, “The girls and I are going to go the cafe in a couple of minuets, can you come?” The other 10 girls looked at her with big eyes, “Please? It’ll be fun.” Ms. Thoj smiled, “Okay, I’ll go, but you girls go first, I have to go to the bank. I’ll meet you all there in a bit.” The girls went inside the house happilly to get ready, Ryn followed behind. That’s her name, Ms. Thoj’s first name, Ryn. “Hom, baby come here. Thank you Mrs. Dawn for watching her.” Mrs. Dawn was an older woman who is a house maid that works for Ryn. “No problem, it’s my job.” Hom lets go put on our shoes.” “Mommy!” Hom ran to Ryn and hugged her legs. “Mrs. Dawn, the girls and I are going to out, we’ll be back before dinner.” Mrs. Dawn smiled, “Ja, have fun and be safe.”

The girls were almost done ordering their drinks, a few sat already at their usual booth by the wall, the only one that can fit them all. “Hey guys, I have a quick question,” Dao said, making the girls all scooted in, “I’ve seen for the pass few…...years, but I think Mr. Tum has a crush on P’ Ryn.” “It’s not just you, I think so too.” Sirin said giggling. “I think it’s cute,...but do you guys think P’Ryn not know? I feel that she’d know by now.” Paeng joined them after ordering her drink, “What are you girls talking about?” Dao turned to Paeng, locking eyes, “We’re talking about Mr. Tum liking P’Ryn. Paeng,” Dao grabbed Paeng’s hands, “can you tell us if P’ Ryn has told you anything about him that may give us a clue?” Paeng giggled, “That’s it? I thought it was something serious. And no, from what I know P’Ryn is not intrested in any guy. Especially from Thailand.” Dao’s hopes were let down but asked, “Oww, how come? She doesn’t find them attractive? Mr. Tum is not bad, even a little cute.” Paeng sighed, “Remeber, P’Ryn said that after this year she might move back home. Maybe she doesn’t want to tie herslef down if she has plans to go back to America.” “Oh true…..” the girls replied. They started to get their drinks one by one when Dao asked, “Paeng I don’t feel comfortable asking P’Ryn, because she only talks about it when she brings it up and I don’t want to ask her out of the blue, but why doesn’t she talk about Hom’s dad?” “Dao, she already told us before didn’t she?” “I know but tell us from the beginning, from when she first stayed with you. Paeng turned to everyone, “Well six years ago P’Ryn came and stayed in Bangkok but she vistied my parents because her dad is my dad’s cousin. But she liked it so much in the mountains she decided to stay longer than her planned visit, it was fine since she was living in the city. P’Ryn’s mom had told my mom that P’Ryn moved to Thailand to pursue her teaching dream. But also that P’Ryn was once married. And I think their separation is what brought P’Ryn truthfully to Thailand. Anyhow, one day my mom was making sum tum with pickled fish and when P’Ryn smelled it, she ened up throwing up. That’s when my mom knew P’Ryn was pregnant, then she gave birth in Thailand, and started her teaching career and started teaching us dance.” Paeng ended with a plain smile. “But,” Takkaten wondered, “how come P’Ryn never went back home, in the pass five years that she’s had Hom, she hasn’t visit her parents at all either.” “Oh right” the girls agreed, Paeng wondered too, “Well truthfully, I don’t think P’Ryn separated from her husband because they didn’t get along. When P’Ryn was pregnant, she was always sad and cried a lot, but whenever I asked her she said it was nothing. I’m sure it was because they couldn’t be together. When you look at it closer, P’Ryn has never said that a man betrayed her or broken her heart, like they cheated on her. But I guess it has to be their parents that didn’t allow them to be together. And that’s why I think a reason P’Ryn hasn’t taken Hom to visit her parents because her parents may not care for Hom, since it is her ex-husband’s child.” All the girls sighed a little, Paeng took a sip of her drink then looked at it confused, “Ow, I ordered green tea, not taro tea, maybe they pressed it wrong. I’ll be back, I’m going to change my drink.” She stood up from her chair and turned around only to bump into a tall man, spilling the taro milk tea on the man. “Oh I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t look before turning.” She got some napkin from the table and tried to wipe it off the man’s coat, “It’s okay” he said giggling a little, “I like taro milk tea, so it’s fine” The girls giggled a little too, from what the man had said, but also the fact that he was a little handsome. Paeng looked up and froze, “It’s okay really, thanks I got it.” He took the napkin out of her hand and went to the washroom. Dao grabbed on to Paeng’s arm, “Awww, did he bump into your heart?” Paeng turned to them with her frozen face, “No, that’s Hom’s dad.”
Chapter 2:
Danel took his coat off and tried drying it so lessen the liquid on it. “Thank goodness I brought that extra coat….” Looking into the mirror for a moment then walked out, passing the table of girls, he heard them chatting a secretly looking at him but didn’t care any further.
“Are you sure Paeng, don’t be messing with us.” Paeng kept looking at Danel, “I’m serous, I’ve seen pictures of when P’Ryn was still with him. But what is he doing here?...Or maybe he’s looking for P’Ryn. “ Sirin agreed along with the other girls, then tapped on Dao’s arm, “P’Ryn is coming, look.” Ryn walked into the cafe holding Hom’s hand. “Did you all order your drinks already?” setting Hom on the seat next to Paeng’s, her smile drifted when looking at their faces, “Is there something wrong?” The girls looked at each other quickly, then Sirin cleared her throat, “Ummm P’Ryn do you want to order anything? Tell me and I’ll get it for you.” “Oh no, it’s fine, I’m not thirsty. Where are you girls planning to go after this?” They looked at each other again, Paeng answered quickly, “To the market.” catching everyone’s attention, she giggled looking at the others, “Umm, I realized that we’re running low on veggies at home. Anad since we’re out, we should buy them before we go home.” “That’s good, are you girls ready?” Ryn asked looking at their frozen faces, “...Oh yeah, yes we are, lets go” the girls said unsurly giggling. They all got into the cars and Paeng shouted to Sirin from Ryn’s car, “Ummm, Sirin, I’m going to ride with P’Ryn.” Sirin nodded and they all drove off from the cafe. Paeng kept looking at Hom from the mirror, Ryn smiled, “Is there something wrong?” Paeng looked at Run, “Huh? Oh no, I just wanted to see how simiar Hom looks to you, it seems, you two are identicel. She’s like tiny version of you. Haha.” Ryn looked at Paeng giving her that smile...Paeng knew, that Ryn knew someting was up, “You know I meant at the cafe. Why were you all acting as if you saw something wrong. Like you guys couldnn’t even speak.” Paeng thought for a second, “Well okay….you see. When we were waiting for you at the cafe, I accidently spilled my drink on this guy, but when I looked at him, he looked like...Hom’s dad…” Ryn laughed, “Are you serious? Paeng I think we both know there’s no way, maybe it was just someone who looked like him.” Paeng turned to Ryn, “But it wasn’t P’Ryn, it was him I know it. He was tall, had the same eyebrows, smile, and eyes like the pictures you showed me a long time ago. I’m speaking the truth…” Ryn was quiet for a few seconds, “Well if it is, I hope he’s gone his own way…..and the other girls knew?” Paeng giggled, “Well umm, I told them. But we didn’t say anything to him.” Ryn’s smiled died, “Well I hope he’s gone his own way….” Ryn’s heart beated a little louder, but she put it aside. Danel, here? Impossible, sure he was here...6 years ago with a big a resort in Thailand and all, but here, in this exact town, in her cafe? Impossible. Tourist don’t even come here-it didn’t matter. Danel isn’t here and if he was, he’s gone.

After shopping for a while Hom was getting tired walking around the market. It was nothing for the girls and Ryn but for a little girl, this trip to the market seemed endless. Until she spotted something with her little eyes, “Mommy, can we get some ice cream?” she said with a big smile, “Please, just from Aunty Na, please?” Aunty Na’s coconut ice cream was the best and they got it almost every time they went to the market, if Aunt Na was selling that day. Ryn smiled, “Okay, ummm Sirin, here’s some money, can you take Hom with you to buy some ice cream for everyone?” “Oh yeah, sure” Hom grabbed Sirin’s hand, “Let’s go Hom.” Sirin said with a smile, “Sirin, come meet us at the car, we’re going to load the cars up first.” Sirin nodded, “Okay.” Hom skipped holding Sirin’s hand. “Swadie Aunt Na.” Sirin said and Hom repeated after her. “Oww, Hello Sirin, hello N’Hom. How are you two today?” We’re doing good today. Can I get 14 cups of coconut ice cream to go please?” “Of course” Aunt Na said putting the ice creams into a bag for Sirin. “Thank you so much, here you go.” Sirin gave the bills to Aunt Na but the wind blew one of them to the ground and started flying away. Hom saw and went after the bill, “Ow, Hom come back! I’ll get it!” Sirin said running after Hom. Hom spotted the bill and ran to pick it up but tripped falling to the ground. An elder lady picked up the bill and walked to Hom, “Oh, little girl are you okay?” she said picking up Hom. Hom nodded, “Is this your’s?” the lady said holding out the bill to Hom, “Yes, I need it for my ice cream.” The lady smiled, “Okay then here you go.” Hom took the bill from the lady’s hand. “Mom, what are you doing? Danel asked his mom nealing next to Hom, “I was helping this little girl, she tripped running for her money that the wind blew.” Danel smiled, “Oh”, he kneeled down next to Hom. Danel’s mom looked around, “Little girl where’s your mommy?” Danel noticed right away that Hom looked like Ryn, just a glace, and you see Ryn’s smile, cheeks, and eyes. He could never forget that smile and her eyes when her cheeks pushed them up from smiling. “What’s your name?” Danel asked grabbing Hom’s hand. Sirin spotted Hom and ran to her, “Ow, Hom are you okay?” Hom turned around to Sirin, “Yes and I got the money back.” she said with a smile. Sirin thanked Danel’s mom and Danel then looked at Danel, realizing he wa the man from the cafe. Danel looked at Sirin, “Are you her mother?” Sirin stuttered, “Uh, um.” Hom grabbed Sirin’s hand, “Can we go get the ice cream now?” Sirin looked at Hom, “Oh yeah. Thank you, you two again.” Sirin thanked and left quickly. “Such a cute kid. Don’t you think she looks a little familiar?” Danel’s mom said as Hom walked away with Sirin, “Yes….” Danel answered.

After paying Aunt Na Sirin walked Hom back to the car. “Hom, you can’t run away like that okay? It’s dangerous if a little cute kid like you get lost in a big crowd.” Hom stopped and huged Sirin, “Yes Auntie Si. I’m sorry, am I in trouble?” Sirin sighed, “No you are not in trouble, I’m just worried. But now we know to not run away with out Auntie Si right? And from any of the other Aunties at home, okay?” Hom smiled, “Okay”. They walked to the car where the girls had already finished loading. “Mommy! We got the ice cream!” Hom said runnig to Ryn. “Good girl.” Ryn picked Hom up and realized her pants on her knee were dirty. “What happened here Hom?” Ryn looked at Sirin but she was talking among the mother girls. “Is there an issue Si?” All the girls turned and looked at Ryn, “Well, ummm Paeng said she already told you what happened at the cafe so, I’ll just tell you now…...THE BILL FEW OUT OF MY HAND WHEN I WAS GIVING IT TO AUNT NA AND HOM RAN AFTER THE BILL AND SHE TRIPPED AND WHEN I FOUND HER SHE HAD THE BILL BUT SHE WAS STANDING WITH THE MAN FROM THE CAFE AND I THINK HIS MOM AND I THANKED THEM BUT THE MAN ASKED ME IF I WAS HOM’S MOM BUT HOM WANTED THE ICE CREAM SO WE JUST LEFT.” Sirin said quickly. Ryn’s face froze as she held Hom tighter, then gave a light smile, “It’s okay, Hom is safe and you’re safe. Let’s go home.” Ryn turned around and put Hom in her carseat and closed the door. “But P’Ryn,....” Ryn turned around to face the girls, “I feel like he only asked me that because Hom looked like you. When he saw me his eyes were curious in hope that you’d pop up behind me.” Ryn giggled, trying to push the thought away, “Let’s hope he goes his own way. Even if it’s him,.....it doesn’t matter.Things ended many years ago. We have nothing left to contact about. Let’s go home….okay?” The girls looked at each other and smiled, “Okay” they replied and went home.
Chapter 3:
After dinner that night the girls were all in the living room watching tv. Hom had already feel asleep. Ryn came out of the room and sat on the sofa. “I feel that it’s unfair to you all, if you don’t know me as a whole, my life experiences and past…” Ryn said, catching all the girls off guard, Takkaten answered, “P’Ryn, you don’t have to, we understand it maybe an uncomfortable topic for you.” “It’s okay, if I don’t tell you’ll just keep on wondering and asking little by little. I’ll just say it now. And who knows, maybe you can use my story to make decisions for your future.” she giggled a little. All the girls faced Ryn and listen carefully, “Hom’s dad and I...were a couple, for...it didn’t seem long enough, but for 2 years. He was an international student at my college, only because he graduated from Thailand but his dad lived in America but his mom owns a resort in Thailand. Half Hmong, half Thai, when we decided to get married we got married the Hmong way. But the weekend before our wedding, his mom came home, in America, and when Hom’s dad told her we were getting married she refused. She said if he’s just going to marry an average girl like me than rather not and she has someone better for him, waiting for him. I visited but she didn’t even look at me. She came to my house and told me not to marry her son, whatever the price is, she’ll pay for me to leave Hom’s dad. She told me a regular girl from a poor family is not fitted for her son. She’ll take her son back to Thailand once he graduates to help her run her resort. I asked why she was so against me, she said she worked hard to be wealthy, and she doesn’t want her hard work to go to waste, for her son to just raise a poor girl like me. She left and I called Hom’s dad, to tell him I can’t marry him anymore. But the next day he came to my house explaining to me to not listen to what his mom had told me. I’d figure his mom was upfront with him on what she had told me. His dad supported our relationship and his dad will lead the wedding. I ended up marrying him that weekend as we planned. I thought things would have finally settled down, that now I was his wife, but his mom came back even stronger. She constantly made him go back to Thailand with her but I couldn’t go because I was about to finish studying for my teaching credential, so every time he went I stayed back. Until one time he left and didn’t come back with his mom. She told me, he didn’t come back this time because he got a wife in Thailand, her friend’s daughter. The reason he kept on agreeing to go with his mom was to visit his wife. I didn’t want to believe her, but she threw the photos of their wedding at me. And it was, him and a girl….getting married. His mom told me, “Don’t be shameless waiting for a guy who’s not coming back.” That he only married me to have a body to sleep with in America. I called and called him that night. He picked up and I asked and asked him and he denied all that he didn’t have a new wife those pictures was his mom forcing him to be a model for their magazine, advertising their wedding halls. I believed him, but he refused to tell me the reason he won’t come home. But I didn’t mind,.... I trusted him. The next day his mom told me, his dad could only afford their big life in America because of her, without her work, they would be as poor as me. If I agree to leave, she’ll help keep Hom’s dad’s company up in America and help support Hom’s dad’s life. If not she’ll take everything and leave them….. So the next day, she sent me back home. What do you call it, a woman who only lasted being a wife for three months.”

Without a sound the girls got up and hugged Ryn. She just sat there, no tears, no emotion. “We’re so sorry P’Ryn…” Ryn smiled, “There’s nothing to be sad about. The past is the past. I’ve always wanted to teach in Thaialnd, so I came. If Hom’s dad looked for me, being in the country where is mom is, is probaly the last place he’ll look. But everything is fine now, I got to teach at a school and I get to teach Hmong dance to you all. And I have Hom, I couldn’t be happier.” The girls smiled, wanting to believe the Ryn was at her happiest. “P’Ryn,.......” Sirin hesitated to ask, “Do you still miss him?....” Ryn’s smile died down, but she instantly picked it back up, “When you love someone with all your heart, you never stop loving them, you just accept it…”
Chapter 4:
It was Monday again, going back to school and going back to work as usual. The girls went to the university and after taking Hom to school, she took the high schoolers to school since she worked there too. She started off as an English teacher but moved up to be one of the heads of the English teaching department, giving her a good pay.

“Good morning Mrs. Ta” Ryn said walking in as she does every morning. Mrs. Ta was head for the foreign languages department, in her early 30’s and loved by many students. “Good morning Ms. Thoj, how was your weekend?” After placing her things down and taking her seat at her desk Ryn replied, “It was good, how about you?” “Amazing as always. Oh, I should tell you before I forget, we have sponsors coming to our school later on.” Ryn smiled, “That’s amazing to hear, what time?” “The last hour of school.” Mrs. Ta said before walking out of the room. Sponsors were amazing for their school since it was quite a poor school, it wasn’t always up to date, but with loves of their teachers the students are able to get good grades and accepted into good universities. So sponsors meant up to date resources. Later on the day the students gathered in the school gym, for the sponsor's motivating speeches they always give to the students. Ryn wanted to get her things ready to leave after school after the assembly, every Monday Ryn collects the money from the bank and takes it to the bank. So she took her folders of work she need to do at home to her office so she doesn’t need to go back and fourth later. As she turned the corner she bumped into some one dropping the folders and papers. “I’m so sorry.” Ryn said trying to collect the folders before the wind blew them away. “Oh, it’s my fault, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Let me help you.” Ryn and the person that bumped into her picked up all the folders with one remaining but before Ryn could grab it, their hand had already grabbed it first, leading Ryn to accidentally grabbed their hand. Ryn looked up at the person as they did, coming to Ryn’s realization, it was Danel. Danel froze, he couldn’t believe it. Ryn snatched the folder from under his hand and walked away. After a second of realization he turned around and ran after her. “Ryn wait,” Ryn stopped for a second, then continued to walk away quickly, “Ryn wait!” Danel ran catching up to Ryn. Ryn smiled, “I’m sorry sir, is there something I can help you with?” Danel stepped forward and hugged Ryn tightly. Ryn pushed Danel away forcefully, “I’m sorry mister, please don’t touch me. If you need help the office is that way.” Ryn quickly walked into the department room and Danel followed, “Ryn-” “Ow, Mr. Dan, what are you doing in here?” Mrs. Ta popped up from her desk, “Oh, I umm” “Oh, this is the language department room, the gym is this way. I’ll take you.” Mrs. Ta led Danel out, “Ms. Thoj are you coming? Let’s go together, the assembly is about to start.” Ryn blinked quickly trying to think, “Oh, umm, I still need to do something really quick. You go ahead, I’ll follow-” “Actually we can wait then. It’ll only take a quick moment right? I can wait.” Danel said smiling to Mrs. Ta. “Yes we can wait.” Ryn quickly put the folders into her box and rearrange her desk quickly. “I’m ready”, she said with a light smile to Mrs. Ta. Mrs. Ta nodded and began walking with Danel following, and behind, Ryn walking slower than usual. Danel turned around making Ryn pause for a moment, but continued walking, trying to catch up to Mrs. Ta. Once they entered the gym all the students had already been seated. Mrs. Ta took Danel to the stage. Once he got on stage he looked at Ryn, standing in the back of the room, and began talking….
“Good after noon students, what a wonderful day it is today. I wanted to remind you all today the importance of education. I’m sure each and everyone of you know how important knowledge is, how power it is when you have education.” Ma, Fah, and Pim all noticed it was the guy from the cafe, Hom’s dad, they immediately turned to look at Ryn then to each other. Then back to Danel, “....and thats one of the main reasons it’s important to me, to help give back to my community, to you guys,the country’s future. Also, another example, when you have an education, you hired quicker for better jobs, so you can start your own family. You can marry the girl you want….” Danel locking his eyes to Ryn, “...you can start a life with the one you love. You can help take care of her, and you don’t have to depend so much on your parents. Let me tell you a story, when I was younger, I couldn’t get to be with the girl I loved so much, only because I told my parents I wanted to take a break from school after I graduated high school. After that break my parents forced me to go to school, there I meet the love of my life. But when we decided to get married, I couldn’t yet afford to carry a life of our own. Because I relied on my parent’s help, I was constantly working away from my wife. One day I came home, she was gone. Not because she fell out of love or she found someone better, but because I couldn’t be there to protect her, she felt so hurt she left.” Ryn broke eye contact bringing Danel back to himself, giggling “That’s why you need a good job, so you can protect the one you love. If I had gone straight to college, by the time I wanted to marry my girlfriend, I would’ve been able to support our own lives. Right?” Danel let out a light giggle again to lighten the mood, “But it’s okay. Since then I’ve worked hard, I got my own place, I’m my own boss, and most importantly I get to give back to you all. I got my life settled, with my motivation, that when I find my love again, I have a steady life for us to live.” Danel continued talking, but Ryn left 15 minutes early. After the assembly Danel went back to the room to try to find Ryn but she had left when the bell rung. As he was walking out Mrs. Ta came in, “Oh, Mr. Dan you’re still here is there anything I can help you with?” Danel smiled, “Yes, I just wanted to know if you had any volunteering hours.”
Ryn got to the cafe and parked the car. Surly he wasn’t talking about her, BUT that’s impossible, it was her. But why? After all these years, he surly couldn’t still be looking for her. She was sure he’d marry his mom’s niece by now. “Why did he have to be the sponsor?” She put her hands to her face, “Will he be back? Is he going to ask me questions?” Ryn was to shocked that everything happened so quickly, her heart didn’t even start to ache until she thought about how much she misses him. She began to break down, not having this feeling in so long. Two years ago she’d promise she wouldn’t cry for his matter anymore, she has to move on in life. But why, right now, is she crying. This feeling of hurt and guilt rushing back into her chest. Six years ago, she knew when Danel was coming back home, home to find her after hearing she left him, going back to her family. She booked her flight that morning of his arrival, not giving them a chance to cross each other, than in the sky if their planes passed each other. She new it’d be too painful, weather he really left her for another woman or not, she can’t stay. She doesn’t want to know the truth, better yet leave the option open. How much it would kill her to know he’s loyal and she has to leave. Or how much it would hurt knowing he really married someone else, she made her mind it’s best for her not to know, for it to hurt less.

When she arrived home Fah walked up to Ryn, “Ms. Thoj...are you okay? I mean of course you’re not okay, but do you want to talk about it?” Ryn picked up Hom, “No, it’s okay. Hom is tired so I’ll go get her ready for bed.” Ryn walked up the stairs. The girls gathered up together, “Poor her, we can’t do anything. Do you think Hom’s dad talked to P’Ryn today?” Sirin said. “I’m not sure. Whether he did or not, Ms. Thoj for sure is not okay.” The girls sighed and went to their rooms. After putting Hom to sleep Ryn, looked at Hom, thinking about how Danel had popped out of the blue today. She brushed Hom’s hair behind her ear and went to sleep.
Chapter 5:

The next day Ryn walked into her office and saw a note on her computer. “I’m looking forward to teaching with you today.=)” Looking next to her computer was a cup of ice coffee. Sometimes when Mrs. Ta went for a coffee run she got Ryn a drink too, so she smiled. When the bell rung Ryn walked towards her class, seeing Mrs. Ta. “Thank you so much for the coffee this morning.” Mrs. Ta looked confused, “What coffee?” “Ow, you didn’t buy me a coffee this morning?” Mrs. Ta shook her head, “No, I didn’t….maybe you have a secret admirer.” Mrs. Ta smiled, then continued, “Oh Ms. Thoj by the way, Mr. Dan, the sponsor from yesterday wanted to help volunteer, and since he felt most comfortable with teaching English, I decided he maybe more comfortable helping your class teach today.” Ryn wasn’t expecting to hear that, making her reply with a slow, “Ka……” Mrs. Ta smiled and went her way. Ryn continued slowly walking to her class, feeling her heart beat faster, ‘Wait! The note and coffee was from him?!’ Ahg, what does he want.’ When she entered her room most of the students had already been in the room, but gathered by the other end of the room. “Good morning class” Ryn said walking to her desk, “Good morning Mrs. Thoj.” When Ryn turned to look at the class disperse, Danel was at the other end of the room, looking straight at her. Ryn smiled and continued on, “Today we will be having a volunteer with our class today. Mr. Dan, the sponsor from yesterday.” Everyone turned to Danel and said hello once again. “Ms. Thoj,” one of the students said, “Did you know Mr. Dan is such a cool person.” The class spent about five minutes trying to explain to Ms. Thoj about all the amazing facts they just learned about Mr. Dan from the pass twenty minutes of asking him questions. “Okay class, I think those are all amazing facts, but we do have to get on with our day. Today we’ll start off with a journal prompt. Read the question and write a response, you have five minutes. And Mr. Dan you can participate if you’d like to when we share as a class.” Ryn started back to her desk to put up a question, when Danel asked “Ms. Thoj,” making Ryn turn around, “What are usually the types of questions you put up?” Ryn let out a light breath, “They are questions to get the student’s mind thinking of life from a different perspective or look at deeper meanings of life.” Danel nodded, “In that case, may I propose a question for the class?” Danel turned to the students, “Can I?” The students excited, “Yes” they all answered, Ryn looked at the students back to Danel. “Of course you can.” Ryn turned to get a white board marker then walked handing it out to Danel. “Here’s a marker, you can write the question on the board.” Danel grabbed the marker, brushing his hands over her fingers holding it. Danel started to write: How do you win back the person who loved you most? When Danel finished writing he looked at Ryn, Ryn looked back, but not with nervousness but sadness, “okay class your five minuets start now.” Ryn said taking a seat at her computer about to take attendance. Danel walked back to her, but Ryn acted as if there was nothing there. Danel placed down the marker on her desk, but continued standing next to her. After taking attendance Ryn turned her seat, “Excuse me.” she said with a smile. Danel moved over quickly, Ryn got up and walked to the front of the class, “Alright class, who would like to share?” The class was quiet, Danel walked up next to Ryn, “Please give me your opinions, maybe it can help me get back the woman I love.” Danel said smiling, making some of the girls giggle. One of the girl raised her hand, “I think getting back a person you love is to show that you have always love them, that your heart has never changed.” Danel smiled, “Thank you so much.” Another girl raised her hand, “ If it was me, I would want the guy to show my loyalty, no matter how long it’s been. Also, it’s important to respect her decision. For example, what if you love her, but she doesn’t love you anymore.” Ryn, stepped forward, “I agree May, you must respect other people’s decision.” A boy raised his hand, “I think from my perspective, you must chase her, explain to her, and keep trying to show how much she means to you.” Danel smiled, “Thank you, maybe I can use that.” Danel giggled and looked at Ryn. Ryn looked at Danel, then quickly looked away, “Okay class today we’ll practice writing paragraphs for our final project this semester.” For the rest of the school day Ryn taught as usual, just with Danel looking at her the whole time. During the breaks Ryn left the class and asked Danel to look after the class incase students came in, failing his plan to talk to her alone. Once the bell rung for school to be over Ryn quickly walked out with the students leaving Danel at the back of the room. Once Danel noticed Ryn had already left the class he quickly followed the other students out, spotting Ryn down the hall he ran after her. Danel gently grabbed Ryn’s arm to stop her from walking any faster then got in front of her, blocking Ryn. Ryn quickly moved her arm away from Danel and took a step back. “Please don’t touch me like that. Is there something you need Mr. Dan?” Danel grabbed Ryn’s hand, “Ryn, we need to talk. Stop avoiding me.” Ryn took her hands back, “I’m not avoiding you and if someone was avoiding you, it probably means they don’t want to talk to you or have nothing to say to you. Excuse me, school is out.” Ryn stepped to the side and walked towards the department room. “Ryn, wait.” Danel said following Ryn. “Can you not act as is we don’t know each other?” Ryn stopped and turned around, “It’s better if we didn’t know each other.” She went to her desk and packed her things, then walked out with Danel following her. Before walking out the gate Ryn turned around, “Can you please stop following me?” Danel stepped closer, “No, not until I get to talk to you.” Ryn thought for a moment then sighed, “Fine”
Chapter 6:

Ryn sat on one side of the table by the side of the cafe. “Go a head”, gestring her hand for him to take the seat across from her. Danel walked up to her and grabbed her hands bending on one knee, “Ryn please come back to me. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you? I’ve been looking for six years straight I-” Ryn took her hands a way and stood up, with Danel standing after her, “ I thought I left a note making it clear that I’m leaving.” Ryn said not making eye contact, “If this is all you wanted to say, I’m leaving.” Ryn stepped beside Danel walking pass him. Danel turned around and wrapped his arms around Ryn, “No Ryn please, I know you didn’t leave because you didn’t love me. You left because my mom forced you to. She made it seem that I had another wife, it was all her plan. Ryn please believe me.” Ryn’s tears dropping down her face quietly. She removed Danel’s arms wrapping hers, “It doesn’t matter what was the reason I left, I left. I’ve moved on you should too.” Ryn took a step forward but Danel turned her around holding her arms. “Impossible, if you’ve moved on you wouldn’t be avoiding me, you wouldn’t have let me in your class today, you wouldn’t have agreed to come talk with me. If you hated me, if you got over me,” Danel slowly wiped Ryn’s falling tear, “you wouldn’t be crying.” Ryn broke eye contact and tried to push Danel away but he hugged her tightly. Ryn stopped resisting for a moment, making Danel loosen the hug. Ryn roughly pushed Danel away, “I’m crying because I hate you. And you should hate me too for leaving you.” “Ryn you can hate me, but I can make you love me again. I’ve never hated you nor will I ever hate you. You are my world, I can’t live without you anymore.” Ryn backed up, “You’ve been living for six years without me and you’re perfectly fine. Better than if we were still together, you wouldn’t be as successful as you are today. Just go back home, and and continue your life.” Danel grabbed Ryn’s hands, “Ryn you are my life, I became successful so when I find you, I can take care of you. Please.” “I don’t need you to take care of me. Excuse me I really need to be going.” Ryn turned away, “But I need you to take care of me,...I need you Ryn. And no matter how long it takes,...I’m going to do everything to get you back to me. Even if I take my entire life time.” Ryn walked away with eyes full of tears.

As Ryn was grading the papers she noticed she was missing a folder with the test. She picked up her phone and called Paeng, “Hello? Paeng did you pick up the girls yet? Oh okay, when you go to pick them up can you go into my class and get the pink folder. It should have tests in them. Thank you.”

Paeng parked in the parking lot and walked to the building. Paeng picked up the girls from high school during the week day since it’s on her way home from the University. The high school girls usually stayed to study with other friends, so it was a time that worked for Paeng to pick them up. Paeng walked into the classroom and to the desk. “Where is it? The pink folder?...” Paeng looked through the stacks as Mr. Tum walked by, he notice Ms. Thoj’s room was open. “I thought she already left…” Mr. Tum walked into the room and saw Paeng looking through the stacks, “ Oh Paeng….what are you doing here?” Paeng looked up startled, “Oh, Hello Mr. Tum. Ms. Thoj forgot a folder so she asked me to get it on the way home.” “Oh, I see.” Mr. Tum smiled. “Uhmm, but I’m having a hard time finding it.” Paeng said giggling. “Let me help you.” Mr. Tum said walking over to the desk, What does it look like?” Paeng scooted over to allow Mr. Tum to help look, “She said it was pink.” Mr. Tum lifted a black folder on the top right, “Is it this one?” Mr. Tum handed to Paeng and she opened it, “Yes it is, thank you so much.” Paeng closed the door as Mr. Tum and she walked out of the room. “Thank you for helping me Mr. Tum.” Mr. Tum replied,”You’re welcome, I was walking by and realized Ms. Thoj’s door was open so I was just worried.” Paeng gave a light smile. “And also Paeng you don’t have to called me Mr. Tum.” Mr. Tum giggled, “You can just call me Tin like how you use to.” Mr. Tum giggled. Paeng looked down, “Oh, okay. Well I have to get going….um, Thank you again for helping me.” Paeng wai and left.
Paeng opened her car door and placed the folder down,...”Tin…” she said quietly. The last time Paeng called Mr. Tum Tin was during her first year of college, when he was her senior lab partner in English. But since he became a teacher she’s just called Tin that because all the high school girls called him Mr. Tum. Ma, Fah, and Pim opened the doors to the car straddling Paeng snapping her out of her thoughts. Fah sat in the passenger seat, “Ah, what were you thinking? So concentrated...a boy?!” Pim and Ma giggling, teasing Paeng, “No, I was thinking about why you guys were taking so long.” Paeng smiled and the girls drove home.
“We’re home!” Ma said once they walked into the house, “Hi,” the girls sitting in the living room said, “We were wondering if you guys were coming home tonight.” they giggled. Ryn walked out of her office, “Did you find it Paeng?” “Oh yes, here.” She handed the folder to Ryn.” Ryn took the folders, “Thank you Paeng.”, Ryn smiled and went back into her office quietly. The girls just looked at each other then they all looked at Paeng. Paeng turned and went into Ryn’s office closing the door. “P’Ryn,” Ryn looked up from her papers, “Yes?” Paeng walked over to her desk, “How was your day? Are you okay?” Ryn looked up, “My day was okay. I’m okay, why do you ask?” “We’ll ummm, the girls and I felt something is off. And even if you don’t’ want to tell the girls, you can tell me. I’m always here for you.” Ryn forced a smile, “I know. Thank you for that.” Paeng nodded and walked out. Ryn placed her pen down and sighed.

Ryn walked to her desk, no iced coffee this morning, ‘Hopefully he left’ Ryn thought. Her day went normally as it always had and she went to eat lunch with the rest of the teachers. Mrs. Ta was sitting next to Ryn, “Uh, Ms, Thoj. This morning Mr. Danel called me,” Ryn stopped chewing for a moment, “and he said that his donation would like to include a field trip for the business English class to the resort. He thinks it’ll be a good opportunity for the students to learn about how a big business is handled. Along with the use of English too. I think it’s also a good opportunity for the students, also including that the whole trip will be payed for. But I wanted to get your answer first since you teach that class.” Ryn looked at Mrs. Ta and down, “I think it sounds amazing, it’s just the students have finals coming up and I’m afraid the trip will take up some time.” Mrs. Ta was quiet for a moment, “Or how about this, have the trip be the student’s final? Thinking about it, you can have the students write a report about the trip. And make it the weekend of finals week.” Ryn couldn’t make up another excuse so she agreed. Mrs. Ta smiled, “Okay then I’ll let Mr. Danel know and I’ll send him your email and contact information so you guys can start organizing the field trip.” Ryn nodded, “Yes.” After school Ryn stayed and got ready for tomorrow's lessons when she received an email on her lap top from MoonLight Resort, “Hello Ms. Ryn Thoj, We are happy to welcome you and your class to MoonLight resort in Hua Hin, Thailand for the weekend of November 5-6. Although the lesson starts on the 5th, we’ve arranged for your class to arrive on the 4th to get the full exprence. More information will be given by our owner Danel Srijan. If you also have any questions regarding the field trip feel free to e-mail us or Mr. Danel himself. Thank You we look forward to work with your class.” Ryn closed the e-mail, followed by the sound of another e-mail, by Danel Srijan, “I’m sure you received the e-mail regarding the filed trip by now. Thank You for accepting my offer. I look forward to seeing you.” Ryn closed her laptop and went home after preparing the lessons.