Old lakorns Tao and Kelly


sarNie Juvenile
Tao Somchai old Lakorn, there was one titled barn house and another he was a sailor....same N'ek, maybe early 2000

Kelly's old Lakorn about a lemon farm and arrange marriage, N'ek was part of girl band, her first Lakorn---and another with Noi (Ken T wife) these two should be remade---early 2000

Thanks to those who could help.


sarNie OldFart
The one with Kelly is with Jennifer, right? I remember watching that. I also like the one he star with Noi


sarNie OldFart
tao was he a farmer? And the other 1 was a remake he did as a sailor (same n'k as the farmer 1)

I remember that lakorn w/Kelly and Jennifer...don't recall name but it was funny


Staff member
Tao lakorn is Ban Rai Ruen Ruk with Nan Chalita (May Fuengarom's Cousin, Nott's little sister) other lakorn is Cheun Cheewa Navy with Nan Chalita again
Kelly's lakorn is called Sapha Yod

I keep saying everywhere that Ban Rai Ruen Ruk needs to be remade LOL and the angst needs to be kept in it.