Narng Barp


Does anybody know if,Nang Barp starring Benz Pornchita, Aum Apichart, Khem Rujira, Tao Sarocha, Ae Isariya, Andy Watchara, Jab Penpetch and Oh Petchlada
Genre- Drama/Horror
is a period drama? Where they all dress in those old fashion clothes?


sarNie Coma
yeh part of it..the beginning is gonna star off boran..cuz i saw a pic of ae and benz dress in boran clothes


sarNie Elites
wow i'm so happy to see ae back in lakorns... i missed her.. also so is jeb! :D


sarNie Coma
okay that is its kool..havent seen a scary movie in so long..this will be something new..thanx root for the sc


O hell no this lakorn looks hella freaky..i am defiantly watching this lakorn..can't wait for it to come out! sooo Benz is the Barp? i love a Barp lakorn...i remember the old old old old was tight i loved it..i hope it doesn't look all fake and computerized and shit! imma be piss!


sarNie Adult
slijldsjlds =|. shouldn't have clicked on this thread. i sleep right by the window, dammit. :(

i bet the lakon won't be THAT scary, though.

:unsure: ..right?

cuz it's a lakon..and they can't really go overboard with the scary stuff like movies.