Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)


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awe, even in the last day of shooting, they're not together, but i'm not complaining either.
just happy that it's ending --- so does this mean that we'll get to see it this summer :clap:

thanks for the news ^^


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yay theyre almost done filming ^_^.. WHOOT WHOOT...



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**sigh** where has all the bts gone to.. T_T... there should at least be sumthin ..

or anithing about them at least...

but oh well.. at least they're almost done filming..


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I don't mind having to wait for some more time watch this lakorn. Truly hope that the production team like the editors and sound people etc will do their best to make this a great one.

Just praying that the waiting won't be stretched till towards the end of the year - that'll be too long!


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I've realised something. My three fave movie/dramas (JLR, Korean drama "My Girl" and "Pride & Prejudice") have a few things in common...
- amazing, amazing chemistry between the two leads
- handsome guy with conflicted minds
- plus I love their struts
- and those guys need their girls to complete their lives
- great soundtrack for all three stories (love the songs!)
- love all the three endings (and somehow they are kinda cheesy in their own ways :wub: )

Thought of more ...
- A-Team was not first choice to play the leads in JLR. Same goes for Lee Dong Wook in "My Girl" and KK + MM for P&P
- hints that all three guys there would love kids :wub: *sigh* that's one thing that really gets me ...

Here's another one ...
It's in their names!!!

- For JLR, they're A-Team (Aum & Aff)
- For "My Girl", they're the Lees (Lee Dong-Wook & Lee Da-Hae)
- For "Pride & Prejudice", they're Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen (KK & MM to us fans ;) )
Okay, I don't have a clue how to make video clips nor do I know anything about Photoshop :wacko: So I keep re-watching fave parts and fan-made MVs from those three movie / dramas ... And thought of more things in common! :wub:

- Harit's parents died in an accident ... so did Seol Gong-chan's parents. Darcy parents had also passed away - no mention how but Joe Wright, the director of P&P once said in an interview (sorry, the link's dead now) , "His parents died when he was young — I always imagined a terrible accident late at night. However they died, he had to raise his younger sister, Georgiana, and quickly put on the suit of lord of the manor that didn't quite fit."

- Oh, that reminds me of something else! Darcy had to raise his sister, Harit had to raise his brother and Gong-chan had to look for his long lost cousin sister! (Oh, dear - I'm stretching things a bit :p )

- There's always another guy involved --- Nukul for Soraya, Jeung Woo (Lee Jun Ki) for Joo Yoo-rin and Wickham for Lizzy (and of course our guys would be jealous of these other guys!!!)

- As for our guys, there'd be another woman vying for his attention --- Sansanee wants Harit, that tennis player (can't remember her name) wants Gong-chan and Caroline Bingley is interested in Darcy ... sheesshhhh <_<

Lol - have I established all the characteristics ? :blush:


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^ Wow you are really observant hahaha. I also hope they don't stretch the wait too long because I really want to see this lakorn of Ateam.


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haha. for a moment there, i thought i read .. nm making is crazy Lol .. (off to think of donna and her one shot)