my light atm


sarNie Adult
these are so random but wanted to just post something atm:::

my friend Oin and her friend February 2009

my fav picture of Oin atm she's my phone wallpaper

i'll post some recent pics of us in thailand later...


sarNie Adult

i swear this girl can read my mind, we had nothing planned for the day because of a long trip to cambodia the day b4 so we planned to stay in the next day and watch TV, but at our parting moment i thought it would be cool if we could go to pimai and the next morning she calls me and ask if i want to drive to pimai, so we did...

ps. Oin has answered me on things i had not spoken of yet, little freaky but i'm intrigue by her...

when i'm near her i feel like i'm on top of the world!!!

Muddie Murda

OMG Genkz. LOL

Anyway John, I LOVEEEEEEEEE those pictures of you two! So is she the one you always write about in happiness? Tee-hee ^_^


sarNie Adult
and here are more pics from my trip to thailand april 2009...



Mr. Char
Very nice pictures John ! I would like to know where is located the 'waterfall' picture ? I remember I played near a waterfall but I was in Cambodia.


sarNie Adult's 330am and i'm thinking of her because she just moved to BKK yesterday and i worry about her!!!

this is from april 2009 in korat... she like to play with the flowers and always put them on my glass...

B) B) B) B) B)


sarNie Adult
those are happy moments there. so why are u not smiling John??? *confused* SMILE more or else u'll look like that creepy guy in the background. so SMILE like that --> :D