[Movie] Aladdin (2019)


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I think every lady wants to marry the person she loves and Jasmine is no exception. I am interested in this live action Aladdin movie to see the rebellious Jasmine taking charge of her life.

Jasmine's Speechless song - "I won't be silenced, you can't keep me quiet...." :icon12:

A Whole New World song, it makes me want to travel & explore the world together with my Prince/King :love:.


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Aw loved this movie I would rewatch it :)
Lucky you, I haven't watched it yet :).

I have to point these out here lol - I like Jasmine's costumes in live action movie than in animated movie version and Jasmine is pretty cool to have a tiger as a pet/friend lol.


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I watched it and thought it was okay only. I'm not trying to be bias, but I still prefer the cartoon version. I understand that a majority of the directors want to make something new out of a classic instead of making it scene by scene, but there was a few things about this version that didn't sit well with me. I honestly felt like the pace in the beginning was way too fast and then got really slow halfway through. The main guy's voice sounded similar to the original singer of 'A Whole New World'. I'll give him that. A few things I didn't like was the forced and lack of emotions the characters showcased. I understand a few of them are new and are still exploring but my goodness, it was hard to feel their "anger" and "pain". I didn't like Jafar's character. Not evil enough. lol I don't want to go into more details about what I disliked about the film as some people have not seen it yet.

I thought the only person who saved the whole film was Will Smith's character 'Genie', and I wasn't even feeling him as Genie before I watched the movie. All in all, I'll only give it a 5.5-6/10 stars. This is just my opinion. You're more than free to watch and love it. lol