Moderators Survivor Game Part 2



noungning said:
Kkrystal 13 (-)
Muddie Murda 9(+)
Darvil 13

okay now it's right... i'm gonna go erase my last post...

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the game ended ning.. we need a new category now.. you're still not right :lmao:


sarNie Elites
Kkrystal 12 (-)
Muddie Murda 9
Darvil 14 (+)

hahaha...sorry y'all, gotta "suck up" to the mod/ADMIN...

...this is the only way i can stay "on top". lmao :lol:


Sarnie Clown!
Hahahaha. Guys.

This round is over!!

Stop voting. I mean, you can still vote, but it won't count towards anything. Final round will begin in a couple of days. Look out for it.