Discussion in 'Japanese' started by lilxgxriah, May 28, 2007.

  1. lilxgxriah

    lilxgxriah sarNie Adult

    yep u guessed it...MISS JAPAN!! hahah..i thought she was pretty....last place was USA haha....Korea was cute too...but yeah, JAPAN was 2nd last year...im happy that JAPAN got first this year
  2. minankumo

    minankumo sarNie Adult

    when was it? dang I miss it
  3. exp0

    exp0 sarNie Juvenile

    It aired two hours ago.

    Yes! Finally, an Asian woman winning.

    My god, she's 5'9''... that's considered a giant within my tribe, haha.
  4. XCappy

    XCappy Mr. Char

    I saw some pics, she is pretty ;)
  5. dfemc

    dfemc sarNie Adult

    i didn't get to watch the whole ordeal, i switched to it to see what it was all about as my pops was buggin' me about it. so i hear that Miss. Japan had really intelligent answers too. so that's awesome, beauty and brain. i would have watched all this for Ms. Tanzania, she seem so spunky.
  6. lilxgxriah

    lilxgxriah sarNie Adult

    yeah..miss venezuela or brazil didnt even answer her question right lol...yeah im happy and asian person won this time hahaha
  7. ChaosAngelz

    ChaosAngelz sarNie Juvenile

    whats her name? sorry i didnt watch it
  8. XCappy

    XCappy Mr. Char

    Riyo Mori
  9. bugsy

    bugsy sarNie Adult

    where the pictures at?
  10. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

  11. ChenrukNote

    ChenrukNote Goddess

    Thats a cute dress that she is wearing. I am so attracted to yellow.
  12. bugsy

    bugsy sarNie Adult

    oooh..Thanks Namie!

    Yea Nai..I like yellow too!
  13. ntxhais

    ntxhais sarNie Hatchling

    You can go watch the whole thing at NBC's website

    nbc.com and then go to shows or something...Man i was hoping Miss Korea would win, she was really cute and kinda reminded me of that girl from 200 pounds of beauty... wat sucks is that I couldn't hear her answer to the question. I think she answered it but the translator or the video got messed up...
  14. I wish next year Miss France would become the winner.
  15. mai92

    mai92 sarNie Adult

    Mis Japan was so pretty..
    it's good she win..
  16. xxGREENxx

    xxGREENxx sarNie Adult

    haha yeah Miss japan won and i heard she and Miss USA were really close and good friends but i'm not sure though correct me if i'm worng
  17. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    very pretty...

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