Matsumoto Jun


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goodgurl272 said:
so are those two going out?
no, they're not dating or anything like that. Jun said that if he ever dated, he'd keep it a secret. lots of ppl really like mao and jun as a couple though but i only view their relationship as brother and sisterly love. hehehe. honestly, i can't see jun date anyone. he seems like he'd stay single forever. fangirls should like that.


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Add me to his fanlist too. This guy took a long time to grow in me. When I first saw Hana Yori Dango, I was like hmmm yeah whatever.. he's so not hot. By the end of the series, he's not bad. Then came Gokusen and that change my view of him. He might not be the hottest Jap actor/singer but he does have something special about him that can't be ignored.


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OMG!!!!!!! I feel in love with him after watching Gokusen!!!!!! Soooo HOT!!! I love that movie/drama... but part two was so boring without him...


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i would say he looks more hot in gokusen!! trust me he is a gd actor
but wat makes me laugh is that he does hav fat bottom lips
whch seems so funny to me!! ^_^
but hu cares i love him so cute seen all of his dramas which are
just so gd and cnt wait till hana yori dango 2 which is
coming soon...^_^ :p


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I fell in love with Jun after watching Kimi Wa Petto. He was sooo adorable in it! Everyone should watch it. It's a little weird, but once you get used to it, you'll love it too. I'll be uploading it soon in the Japanese section.
Here are some pics that I have:



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ahh how did i not find this post earlier!!! I love jun-kun!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: here's some pics of him, enjoy sorry pics turned out kinda big



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yup, jun and mao definitely look great together... yeah i meant off-screen, not hyd. :p i wonder they will act together again for hyd2? yes pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell me it's true....

if not, i would die!

by the way, jun has great eyes! big and round.. plus brown.. sexay!!


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sources been comfired that the two will reunite for HYD2. can't wait for jan 2007.
really?! whooo~ i know time will fly so fast. *squeal!* i still have hyd so now i will own hyd2 once its air but i'm hoping they sub it quickly especially from sarsfansub if they will.... :D oh i got his disography and videography of arashi's, too. :p


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LOL I love it when he has the hairdo from Gokusen!


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I'm loving each and every episode of HYD2. ^__^
Here's a Jun picspam, of him and his 'women' lol.

Jun and Mao

Jun and Nana

Jun...and a Russian model. XD COVER YOUR EYES CHILDREN!

More revealing pics from this magazine can be found at Arashi Vox. They are more revealing than this one. Look at your own risk! You have been warned. :drool:


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wow... never seen sooo many hot pix of him..... Me Drooling here...... *wipe..wipe* ...I havn't seen him in Gokusen yet, but he's lookin pretty hot in thier as well.... Althoug I'm already a fan of him in Hana Yori Dango...


Yea my little sisters are really big fan of this guy, and they want to know where they can watch this drama of his it is call Gokusen? :blush: