[Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3


sarNie Egg
According to the game, all seasons of Chinese_Paladin have sad endings......
i love the story of CP4 best. I nearly cried when i finished the game. TO CP3, sorry to say I give up in very beginning, so i don't know how the details go. but i know that CP3 have 5 different endings(according to the players' choices),and there are some happy endings among the five,so the ending of dramaCP3 is hard to guess


I heard they were thinking about making this? Is it true? I heard they were skipping chinese paladin 2 b/c it was too boring. Let me know!!!


It's out? awsome...someone should upload it here for us thai dubbed that is.


sarNie Granny
omg...can't wait all the characters r so pretty...n handsome...


Expired Sarnie
I am so late but there was a 2. I didn't even finish the first one but I did manage to see the end lol. It was just too sad!


thanks for sharing the site peaches. i watch the first 8 episodes and i love it. hu ge and wallace is just soo cute. can't wait to watch all of the other episode.