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  • excuse me,no more tida payayom?i cann't find ep15-16,can you upload ?thank you very much^^
    It's been 4 days. I hope peaches is on vacation and hasn't stopped posting
    Coming back to say THANKS for all the wonderful uploaders you have provided for us. I am truly thankful :) I knew it was hard and tiring work, but never truly understood it to your extent. I wonder how long I'll last being an uploader.. hehe.. Once again, thanks for all the uploads. And hmm, I don't know if I asked permission from you in the past but, I uploaded some of your lakorns on my youtube awhile back.. I hope you didn't mind. I credited you too :) Well, have a good da...
    Oh peaches, just dropping by to say THANKS for all your awesome uploads! I deeply appreciate your hard work. <3
    I have a question: how do you save and connect the parts of an episode together and make watchable like ones on the asianfuse.tv website?
    i read a comment somewhere and it said u have uploaded pleung payu in khmer dubbed_ da one with oil &aum (i been trying to find this lakorn everywhere)pls reply back
    hi peaches. do u think u can upload the first episode, third part of Ruen Hor Ror Hien?? when i try to download it, it keeps freezing on me.
    Peaches, I just wanted to let you know that episode 14 of Sapai Mai Rai Sakdina isn't working. It said it's been deleted
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