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    Please Answer and for streaming korean drama
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    me too!

    me too!
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    KM & Sung Meas

    sungmeas or km they all suck. so far i've heard 2 lakorn in the other room while my mom watches. the female voice from km sound like their throat got something stuck. the male lead voice its like he been sick for ages. sooooo damn annoying!!! :whatever: :whatever: :whatever:
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    the only company that went out of business was MAYURA lol. who cares lakorns are same old blah blah blah. i used to buys lots of khmer dubbed lakorns and uploaded some. watch it once and now collecting dust. for the past 3 years i've been watching korean drama and no not the khmer dubbed...
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    Viki subitltes http://www.ancientch...php?topic=412.0 have fun kitkat, i googled the 2 website
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    Viki subitltes

    below is how Joleum in soompi rip subtitles from dramafever which might work with viki You click on "subtitles" on the right side of the page and then select all the text in that window (I just press ctrl A and later on delete the non-sub part, I hate scrolling ^^). Save the timings and lines...
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    Viki subitltes this is for the newest korean dramas.
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    you're beautiful my favorite drama and couple jang keun suk+park shin hye

    you're beautiful my favorite drama and couple jang keun suk+park shin hye
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    Can anyone message me links where i can stream dubbed lakorns?
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    [Mainland] Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 (HunanTV)

    is this the same storylines as last year palace? the one similar to boys over flower.
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    [CH7] Se Ra Da Rul

    long and boring
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    [MBC] Heartstrings

    boring...i'm only watching because of psh
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    Ikeman Desu Ne (You're Beautiful Jversion)

    I pray for high ratings in japan so the writer would consider season 2 :cry1:
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    Bidding on Ebay & deciding not to buy item ?

    message the seller and say you change your mind or whatever. then the seller open a cancel transaction case. you accept it and that's it. happen to me twice and i didn't receive any bad comment.