Love Forever


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 36​

It was finally the day that the family trip came......That morning Aff and her kids arrived at Rome and Rita's house early....

Aff: (knocking on the door) Rome? Rita?

Nong Virote: (talking to his sis) Yay, I can't wait to go! (smiling)

Nong Dee: I know me either! (smiling)

Aff: (smiling at them)

Rita opened the door and Aff and her kids went in....

Aff: (smiling) Hey, are you guys ready yet?

Rita: (smiling back) Yea, just waiting on loser face thats all.....

Aff: (laughing)

Within twenty minutes, everyone was in the car, and ready to go.... Rome was the driver, Rita was sitting on the passager seat, as for Aff, she was sitting with the kids..... Since the kids were doing their own things, Aff and Rita talked...

Aff: So he is not coming right? (looking at Rita)

Rita: Uh.... (looking at Rome)

Aff: Rita?

Rita: (pretended to laugh) Uh, why do you want to know?

Aff: Rita, tell me! And what is so funny? (wondering)

Rita: Haha! (she was getting nervous)

: (looking through the rear mirror) Uh, Aff, I think you don't have to worry about this!

Rita: Yea (agreeing with Rome) no worry, he is probably not coming anymore because yesterday you like chase him off.....

Aff: Well then thats great! (smiling)

Rome and Rita: (pretended to smile)

Nong Virote: Mommy, (looking at Aff) is uncle Aum gonna be there?

Aff: (shocked that her son ask that question) Virote, he is not going to be there because (thinking of an excuse) uh...because he is busy with work!

Nong Virote
: Oh.....

Nong Lawan
: Mama (looking at Rita) But we miss uncle Aum? Can you please call him to come and play with us?

Rita: (turns around from her seat) Mama can't, maybe next time.. ok?

Nong Klahan: If I just have my own cell phone, then I can call uncle Aum!

Rita: (laughed) Klahan, your to young!

Nong Dee: Yea, I miss uncle Aum too! I want to see him! Mommy, we want to see uncle Aum! Please? (giving Aff the puppy face look)

Aff: Dee, mommy told you guys that uncle Aum was busy! Next time like auntie Rita say!

Nong Dee
: (crossing her arm and then made a mad face)

Rome: Oh no, Aff, she is m-a-d! (spelling it out)

Rita: Rome, shut up!

Aff: (looks at her daughter) Dee, you can't be mad! If he doesn't have time, then he doesn't!

Nong Dee
: (Didn't even bother to looks at Aff)

Aff: (looks at Rita) How did they get so attached to that man? It was just a few weeks.....

Rita: Well maybe because he is their.....

Aff: (pointing her finger at Rita) Rita, don't you dare say it!

Rita: (just smiled)

They finally arrived at the beach... Everyone got out except Nong Dee who was for the first time being very stubborn and wouldn't come out until uncle Aum came....

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sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 36 continues...​

Aff:(who was outside the car) Dee, (talking to her) come out right now, everyone is waiting for you!

Nong Dee:(still crossing her arms) No, not until uncle Aum comes!

Aff:Dee, how many times do I have to tell you? (not raising her voice)

As Aff was trying to get Nong Dee out of the car, Rome, Rita and the kids saw Aum getting out of his car from far away...

Nong Virote: (screaming for Nong Dee) Dee, Dee, uncle Aum is here! He is here! (smiling)

Aff and Nong Dee: Huh? (looking at the kids)

Nong Dee
: (Got out of the car) Uncle Aum? (there was suddenly a smile on her face)

Aum: (smiled back at everyone) Hey guys, sorry I was late!

Rome: No problem dude, we just got here! (smiling)

Rita: (looks at Rome and hits him) Rome, (pointing to look at Aff)

Aff: (looks at Rome and Rita with a face where she was gonna kill them)

Nong Dee: (she ran up to Aum and happily hugged Aum) Uncle Aum, I missed you!

Aum: (laughed) I miss all of you guys too! (suddenly the other three kids went to go hug Aum too)

Aff: (went up to Aum) Why are you here for? Didn't I tell you not to come?

Aum: (letting go of the kids) I can come if I want to! No one is going to stop me! You hear me? (getting up into her face)

Aff: (raising her voice) YOU! (about to smack him)

And then everyone heard a woman's voice that were coming towards them.... They all look behind Aum, and new exactly who it was.....

Rita: Oh great, here comes hell!

Rome: Oh man!

Amanda: (came up to Aum, and puts her hand around his arm) Hey guys, thank you for inviting me too! (smiling)

Rita: Who the hell invitied you? (she still doesn't like Amanda all this time)

Amanda: You guys! (smiling)

Aff: (she suddenly feels this jealous that was taking over her right now) Nobody ever invited you both here! (laughing) I think you guys were dreaming! Am I right?

Amanda: (surprise) Its you! (pointing her fingers at her)

Aff: Yea, its me! Who do you think it was? huh? Your father? (laughing)

Amanda: Oh, I thought it was somebody else! (looking away with disgust)

Aff: Haha! (pretended to laugh) Well when I saw you walking this way, I though hell was coming!

Amanda: (yelling at Aff) YOU! (raise her hand up and was about to slap Aff)

Aum: Stop it right now! (yelling at Amanda)

Amanda: Aum it was....her...uh....

Aum: Amanda, please don't start any trouble here!

Amanda: But, it wasn't my fault! It was her! (pointing at Aff)

Aum: (raise his voice at her) AMANDA! DON'T! (he then pushed her hands away!)

Aff: (just laughed) Thats what you get!

: (getting all mad) You will see Aff!

Aff: (getting up in Amanda's face) Bring it on!

Amanda: AHHHHHHH! (screaming and then stomping her feet)

: Uh, well, I think we should get going and start unpacking!

Rita: Yea, lets go!

Everyone was finally settle in..... Rome, Rita, Aff and the kids were at beach house next to Aum and Amanda...... Aum went outside for some fresh air, and thought to himself, I have to have her again.....I can't let it go like this....Seeing her like this makes me wants her more and more....Its the perfect time to make her mine again.....


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sarNie Granny
So both Aum and Amanda showed up....ugh Amanda going to start some trouble. I like Aff's toughness :D
OOOooo I can't wait for Aum to try to win Aff back.


Urgh, Amanda had to show up at the beach.

Agree with RR, I like Aff's toughness too and can't wait to see how Aum will win Aff back...


sarNie Oldmaid
just to let u girls know, i will be updating this ff sometime next week.... busy cuz skul for already started


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 37​

It has been a week that Rome, Rita, Aff and the kids has been on the beach...... Since they stayed in one house, Aum and his girlfriend, stayed at the house next to them, Aum would always visit them everyday, which gets Aff very annoyed....... From the morning to all the way till night, he comes and goes....... His girlfriend Amanda doesn't like it at all, which Aff was starting to notice....... Amanda was mad because as Aum spends time at the other house, he was also spending time with Aff, which made her very jealous! This morning, when Amanda woke up from the bed, she didn't find Aum anywhere in the house...She knew exactly where he went, and was very mad! She got up and went into the bathroom to get ready to go to the other house!

At the other beach house:

Rita: (in the kitchen, where she was cooking breakfast) Dang Rome, where the heck is Aff? Is she still sleeping?

Rome: (helping Rita cooked the bacons) I don't know, she stayed up pretty late last night because of Nong Dee.....Rita how the hell do you put this in? (holding up the pieces of bacons, and just looked at it)

Rita: Yea, I know she is one stubborn little girl.....(finally looks at Rome) Rome, what the hell are you doing?

: (looks at Rita) I asked you already, how do you put the bacons in there? (pointing to the pan with bubbling oils)

Rita: You see that the oils are hot now, so you need to slowly put each bacons in! Don't put all of them in together though, or it would burn!

: (Did what he was told) One bacon, two bacon, three bacon (he kept counting)

Rita: Rome, why are you counting?

Rome: I'm counting on how many pieces of bacons you wanted me to put in! And when I finish counting whatever that number is, thats how many times we are gonna do it tonight! (smiling at her)

: WHAT? Are you kidding me? (shocked)

Rome: Nope! I'm to hungry! You made me like this! (looking at her with an evil smile)

Rita: (turned the other way and smiled)

Suddenly Aff came downstair...

: Rita, Rome?

: (turns around to face Aff) Oh hey, your up!

Aff: Yea... (looks at Rome) Rome your cooking? (surprise)

Rome: Yea I am.... oh hey how many bacons do you want? (eyeing Rita)

: (confused) Huh?

Rita: Shut up Rome! Nevermind him!

Aff: (laughed) Oh I get it now!

: (eyeing Rome with the evil look)

: (just smiled back)

Aff: Okay enough with this, hey where are the kids? (looking around)

: Oh, our kids are still sleeping, but your kids are outside on the beach playing with Aum! (smiling)

: WHAT? (shocked)

: Yea, there outside...(pointing towards the window)

Aff: (walks to the window, and saw her kids and....Aum)

: (goes up to Aff) Aff, you know that he really loves your kids? He loves them like its his own! You know ever since you came back, he seems to be a lot happier than before and he changed!

Aff: (stared out the window) I doubt he will love my children as his own! All he wants to do is win me! And I won't let that happen! You guys wait here, I'll be back! (she then walks out the door)

: Oh no!

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sarNie Oldmaid
At the Beach:

Nong Dee:Uncle Aum, when will you take us to the zoo? (looking Aum)

Aum:(smiled) Whenever we go back home! (he was helping Nong Dee and Virote built a sand castle)

Nong Virote:Can mommy go with us?

Aum:(had a big smile on his face) Yes, she can, but its up to her!

Nong Dee
: Yay! (jumping up and down)

Aum: (wondering) Has your mommy find a new daddy for you guys yet? (when he ask that question, it felt weird because he seems to have this connection with them)

Nong Virote
: New daddy? Mommy said that our only daddy is far away right now and would always be our only daddy! No one can replace him!

Nong Dee
: (sad) But nowdaddy is in heaven now! (pointing to the sky)

Aum: Oh, now don't be sad, he was probably a very good daddy thats why he went to heaven! You guys still have Uncle Aum!

Nong Virote and Dee
: Yay! Uncle Aum, can you be our daddy instead of uncle then?

Aum: (smiled) Sure, I can be.. if its okay with your guys mommy?

Nong Virote and Dee: (looked at each other) Daddy Aum! (they both hugged Aum)

Finally Aff appeared, and the kids ran up to her...

Nong Virote and Dee: Mommy! (hugged Aff)

Aff: (smiled) What are guys doing out here for?

Aum: (speechless because of the way she looks)

This is how Aff looks like:

Nong Dee
: Mommy, when you were still sleeping, daddy Aum took us swimming, and then we went to get some ice cream, then we walked down the beach and built a sand castle! (smiling)

: (shocked) Daddy who?

Nong Virote: Daddy Aum! Mommy can he be our new daddy? Please?

Aff: (looks at Aum) What have you been telling them? (in a serious tone)

Aum: (smiled) I told them that they can call me daddy because their mommy hasn't found a daddy for them yet!

: But, I don't accept you as their father! (looks at the kids) Mommy, think that Uncle Rome and Aunt Rita are done cooking your guys you guys should go eat!

Nong Dee
: Ok! Come on daddy! (pulling onto Aum's hand)

Aff: Wait, you guys head in first, uncle amd I still have to finish talking! (pretends to smile)

Nong Virote and Dee: Ok! (they both ran to the house)

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sarNie Oldmaid
Aum:Aren't they sweet? (smiling)

Aff: (looks back at Aum) You need to stop teaching my kids to call you daddy! I hate it!

: Why? (looking at her)

: Because they never had a daddy like you! (she blurted it out without thinking)

: Huh? (confused, but wanted to know more) What did you just say?

Aff: Uh.....I mean, their father is now in heaven! So you no need to be a father to them! (she walks away)

Aum: (grabbed her hands)

: Let go Aum!

Aum: (pulled her onto his arms) Aff, listen can we please please start over?

Aff: No, never! (struggling)

Aum: Please, Aff......I'm very sorryfor everything that I had done to you!

Aff: Stop with the nonsense! I don't want to hear it! Stop it! (still struggling)

Aum: (got enough of her stubborness) Fine you won't listen to me then! I bet this well make you listen to me then! (He grabbed her face and put his lips on hers)



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YAH!!! finally, u updated. i was vry good. So now Aum loves Aff, but what does he feel for Amanda? It getting exciting..... thx u vry much.


LOL @ Rome. Him and his bacon counting joke. That was funny.
That was cute how Aff's kids called Aum daddy :)
Aff got lip lock by Aum. Mwahahaha!!


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awwww Aum and his kids are having that connection. I wonder what Amanda is going to do because she's getting jealous.
can't wait.


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its ok girls.... lol.... im just very i mean very busy.... i already wrote everything down, just dont have time to type it up.. lol.. I
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