Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


Chapter 2/12

Vicky and Aff finally decided to take one of the units at the fifth floor. then Vicky received a message from her director that they will have a meeting for the next scene that they will shoot, so before she's planning go for her appointment. Vicky and Aff went to the motel that is just right infront the building, she also gave Aff an extra money for her needs.

Aff was left alone in the motel room. she was still speechless, she dont know how to cooperate with herself at the moment. she knows that she wasn't dreaming, it was real. she had a flashback at the building. she lie down as she felt like she wanted to rest this moment, but her mind was still preoccupied of his image.

thinking of him for hours made her fell asleep... it was like a dream. and she was dreaming of him again. but her dream was the flashback of their past.

"Right Here Waiting For You" CLICK ME (i love this version... so bear it with me. this song was the reason why i was able to write these scenes.)

she saw him sitting at the corner, he was crying silently all alone in the middle of the night. she wanted to blame herself for helping Rome. if she only knew... if she only did. then it wouldn't be like this, she know what will happen tomorrow once Aum saw his woman with someone else.

she come closer, then Aum wiped his tears away. she sat right next to him, it was full moon. "you really do love her dont you....", she started and he look away.

Aum: (he look at her again.) why are still awake...
Aff: i... i couldn't sleep. (she lowered her voice. she starts to get worried.) Aum... can i ask you a favor?
Aum: what?
Aff: please dont do something bad to my friend... (she was referring to Rome.) we didn't- please...
Aum: we???
Aff: i... i... i didn't know. we didn't know that Rita has someone already.
Aum: im not just her someone.
Aff: im sorry...-
Aum: (he stood up and was about to go inside.) how can i forgive someone who stole something important to me? (he turn his back on her.) i might... i might just forgive you but never will that guy.... (then he went back inside.)

the dream was fully vivid. she will never forget the day they first met. the scenes keep changing, at the last scene... she find herself falling for him. but she's wasn't in the right place and at the right time to fall for him.

Aff: do you really have to go? (she pinch his shirt to stop him from what he was doing, he was packing his clothes.)
Aum: (he turns around and release his anger at her.) what the hell do you want from me!?!
Aff: i... i... i just-
Aum: i dont know you... and you dont know me... even if we got to know each other for a very short time, it doesn't mean you would feel that way!
Aff: i just want to be your friend... (even if it was totally understand that she got dumped by this man.)
Aum: i dont wanna make friends with someone who's related to the person who ruined my relationship to the person i loved! go away now! (she was crying... she let him go, but she remain standing infront of him.)

he woke up. he was in his room all alone. he dont know if it was a bad dream, but it seems like his past was haunting him only. but he dont know why he was dreaming of her, he dont know if seeing her again serves him as a warn. a warn that he haven't recovered from his past yet. he dont know... he was confuse.

he gets his wristwatch at the side table and it was 10pm already. how the day pass by... he was hungry then and went downstairs to buy some food. he got out of the building and decided to take his dinner at the nearest restaurant. getting near to the restaurant, however, it was too late already. the restaurant just closed. he look at his watch again and it was 10:30 already.


she got out of the 24/7 convenience store. Aff was staring at the plastic bag that was full of instant food, she deep sighed. "Aff, how are going to survive with this unhealthy stuff?", she said to herself. she had no choice, she has to keep the rest of the money she had. she's jobless. she couldn't in tack all her problems now, she wanted to blame herself for growing like a princess at home. even if she was trying to be independent... she will never be. she found a bench just infront of the convenience store, no one was sitting and not much of people who were walking around at the side walk. maybe because it was already late and everybody's getting home.

she ate one the packed breads that she bought at the store, she open the bottle of juice and took a sip on it. she was definitely hungry.

while walking at the side walk to go back to the building, he didn't expect to see her again.... his mind went blank again.

(the following scenes is where Aff was eating her meal while sitting at the bench all alone, then at afar Aum was watching her.)

Aum's attention went to the convenience store just as he realize where did she bought her meal. he went inside of the convenience store as he was planning to buy something for himself since the restaurant chains near at his building were already closed. right when he was done buying his meal and got out of the store, she was gone already.

he dont know if he was pissed or not. she already gone and he dont know where she did go...

"Right Here Waiting For You" CLICK ME (again, this is the background song for this scene.)

as he finally arrived to the building, there she was standing right infront of the building. he was wondering if she was thinking about what happened awhile ago. when they met again. Aff turn her face as if she realize what a sudden feeling that there was a man watching her. it was him...

"Aum...", she called his name. her heart beats faster right when she saw him again. from a distant, they just stared at each other's face.

Aum: hi... (he tried to smile, but it was a bluntly smile.)
Aff: (she gathered all her strength to walk towards him.) h-hi... (she tried to smile, she knew there was an awkward feeling between them.)
Aum: so... you... you live here?
Aff: planning... (she lowered her head, she dont wanna tell him that she did runaway.)
Aum: why this building?
Aff: uh... uh...- (she dont know what to reason.)
Aum: do you wanna come inside?
Aff: you live here?
Aum: mmmm... sort of. come... (he invited her.)

she come with him, they went to the top of the building. the building has no elevator and just right when they got in the middle, she sat down at the staircase. catching her breath. he wanted to laugh at her, but he just smile. he gave her a bottle of a carbonated water. after she sip for a little, she returned it to him and going up all over again as they finally reach the 14th floor.

he grab the keys from his pocket, but it was too late when a woman open the door for them. "Ploy...", he smiled at her. while Aff was staring at them. but the woman's attention turned to her, she had gentle smile.

Aum: uh... Ploy, this is Aff. Aff, this is Ploy. (then he hurriedly went inside of the pad.)
Ploy: come in... (she invited her and Aff just smiled at her.)

the interior of this unit was unexpected, she could say that it's not just a unit... but a penthouse already. she then realize the 5 years that they haven't see each other and this-

Ploy: tea or coffee? (she asked the two.)
Aum: tea...
Aff: you live here?
Aum: (he went to the dirty kitchen and help Ploy. while, Aff was sitting near at the counter and watch them.) just a boarder, Ploy here is a friend from the States... she owns this pad. (Ploy look at him right away when Aum said those words. he was lying.)
Aff: i see... (she envy this woman secretly. she was independent and had this luxurious pad.)

later, Ploy left them at the living room. she need to sleep since she needed to see a client tomorrow, Aff watch her going inside to her room. she was simple and funny, Aum told Aff that Ploy is a fragile one. though she's a bit funny and cheerful, but she's sensitive. "....she could easily breakdown", he said.

"so... how's life in the States?", she immediately change the topic. she dont know if she was jealous because he cared for that woman, but she knows that she has no right to feel that way. he was right then 5 years ago when he said that what she felt for him was just an infatuation or it was never so-called love.

Aum: it was fine. you?
Aff: me?.... uh... same here.
Aum: did you get back with him? did you took my advice to consider your feelings for him?
Aff: (he was referring to Ken and yes, she did remember his advice.) we broke up... 5... 5 years ago. (he didn't ask anymore, he dont wanna guess either if why their relationship never worked out.) i can't hardly remember why we did broke... so let's not just talk about it. (she smile at him.)
Aum: anyway, why are you planning to live here in this building?
Aff: uh... uh... i... uh...-
Aum: you runaway? (it was joke. but she look at him and he could see in her eyes that his joke was true.) oh... no. (he stood up and look at her, wanted to disbelief.)

"i didn't mean to runaway. when i broke up with Ken, i thought i would finally have my freedom. but my dad never stop controlling my life, he even planned to arrange a marriage for me with another guy... i- ....", she stopped and dont want to continue anymore.

he look at her and he didn't know that she has serious problem. he get some water and gave it to her, he listened to her problems. suddenly there was a flashback that she remembered that he was also listening to her problem.

Aff: i love him... i do, very much... but i realize that he doesn't deserve my love.
Aum: everything will fall into place once you moved on.
Aff: maybe someday...

"...someday that you will come back and maybe you're the one i was waiting...", she said to herself while looking at him talking about the his life in America. she found herself being comfortable with him that night. they both were sitting at the living room and just talking freely, they talked about their lives.

it was already midnight and it was time for her to go. for just one day, both of them couldn't believe that they were building a friendship between them. "im glad we meet again, Aff...", he said. he offered his hand for handshake and she accepted it. on that moment she promise to herself that she will never destroy this foundation that she was trying to build with him. the friendship that they must be calling. but was is it friendship only that she wanted or she wanted to return those feelings that maybe he thought it was just her infatuation?

if what will happen next to them, she dont know... but he did promise to help her problems.

and that how she started to trust him... she trust his feelings that hopefully their friendship will grow into something else.


see you in part B. just wanna warn you that on Chapter 4, there might be WILLING SCENE... :p
MIGHT be a WILLING SCENE in Chapter 4, okay... XD

right now, i am guessing that you're also guessing what will happen on next part or next chapter.
just wanna share a little information about this story:

actually, while i was writing the BOOK 1 before. the reason why i was having a late update, with Book 1
was because i was also starting this Book 2 already, i have my ending for this story already.
while i was watching BB series, i am also starting with this one.

but of course, the middle scene is the crucial part. i haven't figure it out yet what will happen, i am just
writing the story... and it will follow for what will happen to the next couple of scenes.


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thanks for the update. i am happy for them. i hope nothing would interrupt their love as they begin to fall in love. i wonder if aff's father will find her another guy after he finds out where she's staying. can't wait to read more of what is in store for their relationship. so love ateam.


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omg thanks.... they are finally friends and he is
nice to her again, and not releasing his anger on


thanks for the update. i am happy for them. i hope nothing would interrupt their love as they begin to fall in love. i wonder if aff's father will find her another guy after he finds out where she's staying. can't wait to read more of what is in store for their relationship. so love ateam.
omg thanks.... they are finally friends and he is
nice to her again, and not releasing his anger on

not until after their WILLING SCENE... there will be changes. :p
yup, i am spoiling the story. hehehe


I love the song "Right Here Waiting For You"
a MAYBE willing scene ahhhhhhh!
yeah... i did saw Kris' promotion of his album, all revive and he made it into RnB style.
Kris' also had a duet with Denise Laurel (Coco of Book 3 in BB), entitled "I Will Take You Forever" its a nice rendition. :)

the WILLING SCENE... dunno if you will hate either Aum or Ken. because you will pity Aff in the next couple of scenes. :D


RujRasa Fan
yeah... i did saw Kris' promotion of his album, all revive and he made it into RnB style.
Kris' also had a duet with Denise Laurel (Coco of Book 3 in BB), entitled "I Will Take You Forever" its a nice rendition. :)

the WILLING SCENE... dunno if you will hate either Aum or Ken. because you will pity Aff in the next couple of scenes. :D

really to say, maybe i'll hate both aum and ken because it seems like she's something that they both need because she's more like a helper. i guess she can really make aum forget about rita but at the same time aum may not feel love with her yet making her hurt more because she's in love with him. now with ken, he love her because of her work ethic, she knows her work well or more like business partner between ken and aff although they both may have mistaken that as love. i already pity aff, not to say maybe after reading more updates, i will feel even more pity for her. i just can't wait for more updates to fully answer all the questions i have going through my mind. i can't wait to read your ending to ateam but i don't want it to end yet. thanks.


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wow you already thought of a ending for this story that's great but awaiting the other's a good thing they're friends and a willing scene maybe


Chapter 2/12

she went back to her bed now, she didn't expect that seeing Aum and got to talk with him made her felt better. she took the chances of staring at his face, somewhere in her heart says that he already moved on. maybe her prayer finally answered by sending someone to help her with all her problems. though she dont know when it will try to help her, all she knows that she needs to grabs it while she's at the place where she feels safe.

he also went to bed already and only realize something. he didn't felt anything that would make himself refuse by seeing her again. he dont know her that much, even before... he already said that to her. however, seeing her again.... he couldn't describe how he feels. it's just that he was glad to see her and that's it. nothing else. he knows that he's perfectly normal by letting her see his condition, but she haven't found out yet that he was actually the owner of this building.


meanwhile... at Taksaorn's house.

"Ken, did you found my daughter already?", Mr. Taksaorn asked him. they were at the living room, it was already late but there are things he needed to report to this man who's like a father to him. actually, Mr. Taksaorn's more like a father than his own father.

Mr. Taksaorn: i know i am not doing anything to find my daughter, no matter how much i wanted to teach her a lesson... she wont listen to me anymore.
Ken: Uncle...
Mr. Taksaorn: Ken, you're the only one i can trust to. even if you two broke up already....-
Ken: Uncle, she wish that she was never to be found.
Mr. Taksaorn: did she said that?
Ken: (he let him sit at the couch to calm him down.) Uncle, we've been chasing her for years now. it's been 5 years-
Mr. Taksaorn: what does she want? why she just can't return to marry you?
Ken: Uncle, it's her decision she wanted. she wanted to decide everything to her own now-
Mr. Taksaorn: you two grew up together...
Ken: Uncle, even if were childhood friends... it doesn't mean that this is what we wanted.
Mr. Taksaorn: so you dont love her?
Ken: it's not that....- (he dont know how to explain it to him.) it's just that... that there are things we need to do for ourselves before we get into the stage where we finally need each other. Uncle, i do love your daughter. i love Aff... but there are also things i need to prove before i could finally say that i am deserved to be love.

he understands Ken, even if he was an illegitimate son of Theeradej family... he wanted to show his father that he was deserving no matter what. however, he grew up being hated by his father. no matter how much he wanted to prove that he was deserving to be called as a son, never will his father will see his hard working. his father's attention has always been with his brothers only.

when his father found out that he and Aff broke up... he got scolded as if he was still a child. even if Mr. Taksaorn's the father of his ex-girlfriend... he dont understand why someone like him is more understanding that his father. maybe because he never had a son...

that's why he's willing to help him to find Aff because he's been grateful to him. he dont understand why would she runaway if she could tell her father simply that she dont want to marry him. Aff's making it worse only, that how he thought of her.


the next day...

Aum arrived at the site where Sum was talking about, just as expected his friend was in the office waiting for him only. Sum was sitting at the executive's chair as he just hang up the phone because some of their clients called. "so have you decided already?", smiling while staring at him.

Aum: i have to meet up with him first...
Sum: that's good to hear, he's waiting for you only...
Aum: i didn't say yes... i only said that i need to meet up with him.

right when he said that, Sum's face turned into gloomy.... he understand how feels. he dont wanna slip this opportunity because he gained a lot of investors for this project already. however, he couldn't just say YES right away, because the only reason why he needed to see Mr. Theeradej is to ask him if what really happened to Aff. yes, his intention is to help her only. but he dont know if what he's doing is right though.

Aff get up so late, though her intention is not to see Aum today. she still went to the building and ask if he was there. but she failed, his assistant told her that he left since this morning. the receptionist ask her if she's ready to transfer to her unit now, however, Aff also forgot that she doesn't have basic furnitures for her unit. she checked up her wallet again it and she only have enough money. she decided to buy a mattress and maybe if she could find a job and earn, then maybe she could start buying some furnitures.

so she went to the nearest furniture along the highway, she decided to buy something for the kitchen because she thinks that its one of the first thing she needed in her unit.

today, she sent a message to Vicky but she already guess that her friend wont reply to her today because of her schedules.

she got back as soon as possible as she had her stuff that she bought awhile ago, she asked the receptionist if she could just put these stuffs in her unit so that it will be less burden for her to bring some other stuff that she had in the motel right now.


Ken received a call from his secretary telling him that she already did arrange his schedule to meet up with Sumtorn Architecture Firm. he was in Rome's new house, he didnt want to attend the meeting schedules that his father designated to him. he's planning to quit from his job to his father's company. he just hanged up the phone and turned his attention back to Rome and Rita's who's still arranging their stuff in the new house.

Ken: why do you need to arrange those stuffs if there are servants who can do that?
Rita: it's okay... i feel like i wanna decorate this room. (they were at the entertainment room. then she unwrapped the accessory that she was holding.)
Rome: was that a call from your office?
Ken: yeah.... (in his mind he wouldn't dare to tell him if who will meet some time soon.)
Rome: work??? your father might be looking for you again...
Ken: i'll be going now... need to do a lot of things.

Rome and Rita felt like Ken was having a hidden agenda, though they both know that Ken and his father had conflicts since from the start. whatever that will be, Rome promised that he'll be there as a friend. as for this moment, they were still busy with arranging the accessories inside the entertainment room.


Aff was just done arranging her stuff in the unit and by tomorrow she's ready to transfer here. however, the unit looks so spacious without complete furniture. she even decided not to used the room because the only furniture she had is a mattress that it'll be use as her bed and couch. she was about to go downstairs until Aum just got back from work. they almost got bumped, but she maintained her composure.

Aff: Aum...
Aum: so you're going to transfer here now? (he look around, but the room was empty and only a roll of mattress that was placed at the corner.)
Aff: uh... yeah. i... im done fixing my stuff now.
Aum: (he crossed his arms. he walk towards the kitchen... he only sees kitchen utensils and a mattress. that's it.) i see...
Aff: ummmm... im quite tight with my budget at the moment, so if finally i could get a job. then that's the time i can buy some furnitures.

he turn around and stare at her, he walk towards her, he was still crossing his arms. she dont know why he comes closer and closer... it makes her nervous even more. he let out a sigh laugh while staring at her "wha-why are you laughing?", she asked.

Aum: nothing... it's just that i still can't believe that a daughter of Taksaorn Group, the only daughter of Taksaorn family ran away and lives here-
Aff: can you please dont mention that matter... i... dont wanna hear anything about my-
Aum: your high profile. and this place, this is the place you chose to hide. (before she could talk again... he look around and had an idea already.) so you're jobless. the runaway daughter. i will tell you now, maybe i can help you...

she only look at him. "tomorrow, if you're done transferring your stuff here... just tell the receptionist your name and she will give you a task", he said. she dont understand, she was wondering if its a job that she needed to do. besides, how come he knows all the workers downstairs if he's only one of the residents.

Aff: what task? im not even applying for job here.
Aum: you said you're jobless right? so i am giving you a task to have a job.
Aff: and who gave you the right to give me a task? you're also a resident here-
Aum: but i work here...

"if you dont want to accept it, then it's okay... i guess you prefer to find a job than working here, right?", he said when he was finally at the doorway. how stupid of her, she almost forgot that he's working in this building aside from being a resident. "i have to go now. i still have work to do, plus, i need to cook for Ploy because she's going to have a guest tonight...", he left her after saying goodbye to her.


see you in chapter 3... :p
mmmm.... Aff's starting develop her feelings for Aum, but with Aum he was confuse... XD but he rather says that
they are friends only.


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omg, thanks, i cannot wait until he has feelings for her, well
start to realize that he has feelings for her.... ahhhhhh :)

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omg, thanks, i cannot wait until he has feelings for her, well
start to realize that he has feelings for her.... ahhhhhh :)

p.s: by the way bellefire, i love ur sig, that says ATEAM TV.... getting the ateam fever again..... help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

but there will be more hurtful scenes of Aff, because Aum is a typical guy who dont
want to have any relationship... like he would rather control everything how he feels and it turns into bitter.


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At least Aum is still worried about Aff..... I pity Aff, A mattress and kitchen utensils only....more pls...


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there will be more hurtful scenes of Aff, aww, i already pity her. i hope nothing really aweful and hurtful since she's been going through a lot already for the past five years and even more after meeting aum. i just can't wait to read more updates. Will you be updating today? Thanks for the update, i love it how aum is concern about aff but that's a bad thing i think because he's helping her but she's starting to fall for him when he doesn't want a relationship which will hurt her. i will be waiting for ateam updates.