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    There are out there, but since this thread is discussion about “Koo Jin’s” then one can go all out and rave or rant about Koo Jins. Those that disagree will probably read in silence anyway :). I come in here to read because I like drama, not just lakorns. :risas3:
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    Hahaha “i like drama” me too tho.
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    Lol—- ahahahahah, prob not a good idea now lol don’t wanna offend any koojin shipper...

    Plus I’m not really against any koojin lol but sometimes we just need to express those things we see vs how they want us to see....And no not interested in kid fights lol
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    Well Dang I hope I didn’t commented you off of expressing your opinions. I was only trying to explain why no one was bashing anyone here. BECAUSE - this is a Koo Jins thread- that’s all.

    Edit to add: smiling face :)
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    Lol— no, I think I’m just in a low spirit today 5555 but yea, maybe let others speak.
  6. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    One day it will happen someone will eventually post something here. :risas3::cheer::thumbup::worship2:
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    hahaha i understand
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  8. Wow I missed a bunch of pages! Lol. I’m caught up now. OK I’m glad everyone’s at a calm place. Let us keep it mature and interesting everyone! :p:thumbup:
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    I don't even comment in the lakorn thread for Nadech and Yaya. They are too many hardcore fans on there.
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    I went in there and was like wowwww lol. I don't know if I am reading a lakorn thread or spam of just about the couple from past and present. I find it amusing nonetheless. Some news saying Yaya is cold and stuff from Nadech...to me they are going to come to a burnt out time soon. If they don't love each other any more it is a matter of time to start finding ways to let each other go. Though, I feel they won't able to forget each other that easily cause the two basically grew up together.
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    I joined this forum just to comment on this thread :) Hi!

    From what I can see, NYers can't bear anyone saying that NY isn't together now, or wasn't together. For all their passionate defence of NY, the LR thread is an endless stream of proofs and explanations. Woe to those who suggest that they haven't actually ever confirmed that they were a couple. Someone actually said it was a matter of belief. You know what that sounds like? A cult. Someone wrote that NY was the perfect couple. From my point of view, they look nice together, they look nice apart. If they are a couple, lovely! But can we think of them as humans and not project our romantic expectations onto them? They don't have to be all their lakorns put together. I agree with everyone saying that Nadech really needs a professional life that isn't exclusively about Yaya.

    As for MK, they said that they're a real couple and they act like one, in all respects, not just the good ones. In the few months I've followed them I've already panicked about them breaking up at least 4 times :confused0: I'm exhausted. I'd rather just watch their lakorns, and forget the whole couple and 'koojin' thing.

    After all, couples in lakorns are the only ones we can count on to be happy forever :risas3:
    So Kob-Bua it is!
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  12. Ms.Zoe

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    The problem for any disturbance in AF thread comes from commenters' lack of consideration (you couldn't expect people to treat you nice if you enter their territory & cause problems). I have seen it too many times in this forum, sometimes from the same members doing the same things so please don't judge any fan group or any thread as a whole.

    Koojin - some fans just take it too serious when they don't get the pairings that they want & then pour out their frustrations. Please don't call any fan group by any name.
  13. Honestly I cannot imagine being in the industry for 20 plus years and only starred with less than 10 different co-stars! That’s absurd! But that might be the case for NY if things don’t change! I mean considering many celebs take on more than one lakorn a year these stars should have a ton of acting experiences with a diverse group of co-stars. You learn and grow from various of co-stars! :rolleyes::eek:
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    Talking koojins bring some memories of me being a teenager when Dao Pro Sook came out. To me, koojins or kookwan back in the days seemed more innocent. Anyhow, we didn't have social media or cell phones...We would get together and talk about the drama lol. A couple of girls had Num's poster hanging on the wall, I just didn't want a stranger's picture hanging in my room looking at me at night....But I always thought they were just the cutest couple. That would eventually date and get married. But after their mini series I realized Num/Kob was not going anywhere as a couple and I moved on lol. I think most gave up after that series.

    Now fast forward to today, the fans changed, the koojins game changed. The stars are more into making money off that "product" then in the past. Sometimes, the celebrities seemed easier to blame but the fans at the end are the naive ones and shoulder more blame. Not all couple fans are bad...Some take it for what it is but most take the couples seriously and by all means defend them till the cow comes home. Fans in the past are more chill fans now are more aggressive. Anybody know how many koojins ever tied the knot?

    Bella/JJ=Of course not lol
    I am sure there are more but I went blank
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  15. Alichgo

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    Mam Jintara/Noom = nope
    Ann/Ken = nope
  16. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

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  17. KitKat516

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    Ken T was considered a kookwan with his wife back in the days though, like when he started. Noi was pretty popular back then. It wasn't until like 10 yrs ago that he starred with Ann T. Before Oum Rak, he was starting to be more popular after his two lakorns with Aom.

    Nok Sinjai and Nok Chatchai= married
  18. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Koojins that are on the float so far that amount to nothing....

    Boy/Margie=girl just got married

    Mint C/James Ma=unless Her boyfriend vanished into thin air

    Matt/Great=Again unless her boyfriend fell into a dark hole

    Andrew/Mona Lisa=She married and left for New York

    Esther/Sean=didn't end well

    Mike/Bow=didn't end well

    Aum/Aff=married and divorced

    So the records are so darn low into making a fantasy into reality. I can't get behind something when the odds are stacking against me.
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  19. KitKat516

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    Push and Jui= marrying at the end of the year or beginning of next

    New and Now= dating and still going strong
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  20. byebye

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    I always wondered why Willy never got with Mew? Was he dating jelly already? They were a strong kookwan. And did his sister have a kookwan too? Murondee and Saranyu were they ever considered anything? They were in some classic lakorns together. To me watching lakorns before Num/Kob time I didn't really care who got with who. I watched for a good storyline that's what is more important. Then Willy came along...I didn't care if he was paired up with a tree.

    How many lakorns did Jui and Push have to be koojins? I don't know I think Push kind of all over the place for me lol. New...good gosh.
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