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    Like in Thai mindset the lighter you are the prettier you look. when I was checking on Bua evening lakorn I though the girl acting her assistant was pretty. That girl got the type of stand out facial features I like even she always plays your typical dark skinned servant girl
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    Wow, a lot of Mai talk lol. I don't mind, just too lazy to go back more than a few pages and the most recent seem to revolve around Mai. I do agree with most of what everyone said though. Mai should've stayed the course and not burned bridges. But live and learn I guess. If GMMTV/ONEHD will have her I think she should go there. It's a better fit for her. I do wish she'd pair up with Kan again because both of their lakorns together were her best lakorns in my opinion.

    In regards to Mario pairings, I think Mario and Mint look best together, but he seemed cute with Toey as well. I definitely did not understand Ch3 trying to push Mario & Taew as koojin. They made them koojin for that random LINE sticker collection and then not long after that switched his koojin to Toey for the anniversary concert last year. I do believe his pairings with Mint and Toey were both more popular than his pairing with Taew though. But since Ch3 was already promoting JamesMint together, they just went with Toey instead. Like come on, that's just lazy. It felt like the only reason they did that was because they wanted all of their most popular actors to have a koojin.
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    I was checking some KF scenes on insta (Got popularity is rising tho) and I saw some scenes of Mark and the girl who is paired with Alex and I was thinking they had some adorable chemistry I would see them in a thai remake of "Oh my ghostess". They got this type of chemistry which is endearing. Hopefully ch3 will promote that girl who is very cute and not play dirty towards her (we know ch3 treatment of full thai actresses)
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    Hehehe any girl with Mark will automatically generate chemistry hahahahaha except for .... :pancarta:

    But I don’t think ch3 will promote Gao/Kao to n'ek status, it looks like she’s already playing supporting to Bella and Greats next lakorn. She has a lot of IG followers, more than Bella and Taew. She seems like a strong actress too but I think the problem is her looks, not exactly n’ek looking or pretty. But she’s refreshing to the eye.
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    Not too long ago I saw Mai hanging out with Anne, Dew, Broadcast..... maybe she’s got another project with ch3 coming up
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    Why no matter their amount of kissing scenes I can't find any sex appeal between kim and Mark ?
    Like yeah when I was seeing their training scene I was thinking Kao and Mark would be good in a storyline like "Oh My Ghostess" . That girl got charm like Park Bo Young. She is cute. Ch3 needs more "Full Thai" beauties or cuties as N'eks.
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    Lol that girl... anyway good luck to her
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  8. I know right? So many of these “gorgeous” n’eks aren’t even full Thai or “look” Thai enough! When they look Thai or just cute enough with talents I’m down! Lol. Look at Taew. Seriously she’s not HOT looking or sexy appealed but dang she’s got talents! I adore her more for this reason alone! And she look more Thai (looks and height). I’m good with a decent looking actresses who are skilled portraying her characters vs beautiful mixed Thai actresses whose weak at acting! ;) @xodxo :p
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  9. Lol sure thing sweetie! :p:thumbup:
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    Lol —- yea, I just can’t see it either lol and too much “liplocking” is repulsive and disgusting to me too lol but what is the storyline to “oh my ghostess”? I haven’t really see Kao dolled up yet but perhaps she can convince sex appeal if dressed up.

    Lol. 55555555 it’s true lol :p
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    Here for you about the kdrama :)
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  12. x.ATKD.x

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    Awwww, I'm happy Kao has caught people's attention. I genuinely believe that girl can rise through the ranks, if she plays her cards right and continues to work hard then hopefully in a few years time she'll be the female lead in her own lakorn. The girl is still young, she's I think either 23 or 24.

    When it comes to Mario, I was 100% on-board the Taew ship. Plerng Torranong is what introduced me to Taew and is the founding foundation as to why I hype her up all the time lol. I agree with what majority have said though, I think physicality-wise Mint & Toey match him best because whether it's height or face they're much more smaller to him. I still vouch for Taew & Mario as a pairing but I so believe they have stronger chemistry with others.

    As for Mai and her current situation, I didn't realize it was so dire. IDK who her mentor is/was but if she hasn't already, she needs to get a new one. The industry is all about making connections with other people, ain't nobody going to want to work with you if you're not going to humble yourself. I developed a soft spot for her since her lakorns with Kan & Weir and it's still very much there so I hope she gets it together.
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    I was watching Nine Entertain a few days ago and they interviewed Baitoey RSiam about her trip to Korea to get skin whitening injection:facepalm:
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  15. xcinsationalx

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    Wait, that's a thing? Wow I've never heard of it lol
  16. Deb Dwner

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    I guess we'll find out when she returns from Korea:risas3:
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  17. maimyang

    maimyang look how they burst for uu. ♡

    Wow, so much talk about Mai :) It’s fun to see her getting under so many ppl’s skin :) perhaps, she hasn’t signed with any channel because she likes being open to working with new, different stars? Hmmm I would too if I was an actress.
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    lol Being a free agent is only great if you are desired. It's not like all the producers and channels are running to her with scrips. I'm sure if Ch3 offered her a contract she would jump at it.
  19. AnnTfan

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    I honestly wish everyone would.
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    OMG!!! I didn't know it was all this bad. And it's true, I see it. That Gun is always the one going to Gam and hugging her and everything, she's just doing her and staying away. I'm so mad and sad right now.

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