Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

Discussion in '2006' started by jackie, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. jackie

    jackie sarNie Hatchling

    i heard that kob and chakrit have a lakorn together? is this true?
  2. YoUa

    YoUa One Of Kob Big Fan

    It's true kha........you got this information from SK_forum rite. This is Kob new lakorn after Lhong Ngao Jun.
  3. lakornlover

    lakornlover sarNie Elites

    They have a lakorn together? That's cool. Can't wait to see it. Hope its a drama.
  4. YoUa

    YoUa One Of Kob Big Fan

    Title lakorn sound kind of drama lol
  5. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    OMG...are you for real...OMG...I can't wait...is it really true..yes....my favorite actress with my favorite actor...i didnt think this day would ever come true..but yes, i hope it's a drama lakorn...cuz Chakrit is really good in those roles....and Kob is great also...I'm sooooo happy......it this lakorn really confirmed????
  6. sarahvang

    sarahvang sarNie Elites

    I"m so happy I lways wanted chakrit to do a lakorn with chakrit AHHHH I"M so happy i can't wait i sure the chemistry between them will be awsome!!!!! thanks so much for the news yah!!!! ahhh so happpy!
  7. sarahvang

    sarahvang sarNie Elites

    is it paojing lakorn?
  8. vanncha

    vanncha sarNie Egg

    woaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a very very good news. I'm so happy to heard this news because i hope for a long time to see them together. I hope it will be a drama because chakrit was performed for lakorn. Can't wait to have more information about them.
  9. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    wow..kob finally gets paired up with chakrit..hopefully its good..it might even bring chakrit to the top..hehe..hopefully its drama since kob's last couple of lakorns were comedy
  10. YoUa

    YoUa One Of Kob Big Fan

    It's not PaoJing lakorn kha.
  11. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    So kool that they going to pair up. Can't wait to see them.
  12. t0nz

    t0nz sarNie Juvenile

    YAYYY! i'm soo happy. I wanted to see these two paired up soobad.
  13. Rakniran

    Rakniran Guest

    OMG. I cant wait to see this drama. Chakrit is handsome...

    Thank for the news
  14. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    I hope it's an EXACT lakorn...but i highly doubt it....anyways, can't wait...i hope it's a great storyline with tons of drama and romance...ahhhh....CHAKRIT & KOB makes me happy...
  15. daisy

    daisy sarNie Egg

    OMG this lakorn sound really good..i just read it from sk forum and the tilte sound really really dramar..just hope that both chart are strong chart...cause i hate weak n'ke or p'ke...can't wait for more lakorn summary... :w000t: :w000t: :w000t:
  16. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    Is the lakorn confirmed?
  17. kpt

    kpt sarNie Egg

    this is great news, yay. i'm excited already, can't wait. thanks for the great news. :)
  18. nancyvang

    nancyvang sarNie Adult

    It's confirmed. The lakorn is going to be for 559 on air company. Calla said that company also make Aom/Brook, Aom/Andy, and Chakrit/Pinky lakorn.
  19. Babyt

    Babyt sarNie Elites

    omg what excellant news...can't wait to see pictures and the storyline to the lakorn...i hope Kob's character is strong...
  20. sarahvang

    sarahvang sarNie Elites

    do they make good lakorns>? i never really watched those lakorns.... is it good CO.? that makes good lakorns i hope the storyline is good not comedy i pray please i would love to see them both in drama! but um..... do you guys know when they will do the open ceramony? AHHH so anticpating i can;t wait to watch it thanks nancyfor the little info. ~! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: : :w000t: :w000t: :w000t:

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