Ken & Aff and Ann & Aum Switches again!


sarNie Oldmaid
After reading your post...I have to back KristyS up and punch you! Keep your hands off my mens! LMAO
LOL..ohh Moh jah..i know the truth hurts..but it will only hurt for a little while......

noo! i lie! it will hurt so bad and soo have NO IDEA! muahahahhahahahahah!!! j/k..eheheheh B) :rolleyes:


sarNie Adult
lmao thats why you have a black eye!
hehehehe jk jk I love you.
I miss Mafia Tee Ruk too..
Maybe I'll go post something there..
I havent been keeping up with making my MTR MV's....


sarNie Adult
i know young ladie i'm still waiting on my Breathless MV..**cough**cough**
it's in process....
i'm running out of scenes to use...
maybe i'll mix up other lakorns in it...
but then it won't be all MTR...
ughhhh...this is getting complicated.


sarNie Hatchling
Aw...I was so excited for a moment there. I thought that they really actually were gonna be switched. But anyway, that was a very smart joke to play, lol.