Kaen Lum Kong


Okay Noon and Oil's fan let's get this thread going!

Starring: Noon & Oil
Status: Currently filming
Production: Pao Jin Jong

Synopsis: ?

*Pix credit to PJJ

**one thing that board is so slow.. :sweat:



sarNie Elites
I can't wait for this. When will this air anyone know? I didn't know Num A. is in this lakor too... ohhhh I so wanna see this. Noon's so pretty. Thanks Bluemoon 4 da pixxxx :wub: :D :)


sarNie Juvenile
I SO SO SO SO SO SO SO WANT TO SEE THIS!!! Noon is so so so pretty and Oil is freaking hot! They look so so so so cute together!!!


sarNie Coma
yeh the title does remind me of aom and captain's lakorn..well it looks exactly like it if u take out the N in kaen and place it with a W then it'll be aom's..so everytime i see it i always assume its aom and cap's lakorn


sarNie Elites
Does anyone know the summary to this lakorn? It looks like that the setting is in Khmer Sarin (border of thai and cambodia). Anyways this looks good so far by the pictures. Can't wait!!!! :shocked:


sarNie Adult
aww....this lakorn looks very interesting....oil looks so cute with that loong thoong style and noon is so pretty :D
i hope its as good as "mae ai sa uen" :wub:


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for starting this thread, aw..those pictures are too cute i can't wait to see them on screen :D


does anyone know what this one will be about? i swear....even if there's good actor and actress, it really doesnt mean the lakorn will be good. i judge ffrom the storyline than the cast members.