Jao Hua Jai


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Title: Jao Hua Jai
Starring: Yaya & Nadech
Author: JJINXX
Genre: Romance, Drama

Theme Songs:
"Too Much So Much Very Much" by Bird Thongchai Listen: Listen

"Smile" by Uncle Kracker Listen

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Channel X. 00/00

Tonight's news features a couple that the media are keeping a tight eye on. This couple has not only acted together before but have been known to be friends. Although rumors have flashed on frontpage news questioning their relationship, this couple has been able to maintain their honorable statuses, along with keeping an open friendship and professionalism. We will keep watch to see what these two stars, who have quickly become a kookwan for a vast population of Thai lakorn viewers, will bring us in the future. Currently, the two are working on a project along a popular storyline that has been this year's highly anticipated lakorn with one of the best directors. The lakorn is titled 'Jao Hua Jai'. Stay tuned for teasers coming up ahead! We guarantee that these two stars will keep you glued to the screen!

Yaya Urassaya, the beloved sweetheart of Thailand's entertainment industry. She has worked her way up to become one of the highest achieved actresses. Many lakorn projects are lining up to be accepted by her as being their nang'ek. Although reporters try to create dramatic rumors about her, she is able to ward off the rumors...and besides, she's much too busy for a love life.

Nadech Barry, the mixed-race hottie who has made a big hit in Thai acting and has been on the rise ever since his first lakorn. He has won the hearts of countless female fans of all ages with his dimpled smile. This talented pra'ek has been prime target for many spotlights, from modeling to lead roles, and of course, scandalous news. However, he has strong defenses and has not yielded to any rumors...yet.

Author's note-------------

Hi everyone!!! Whew, I'm feeling quite anxious. I hope you all will enjoy this little fanfic. Yadech has thoroughly defeated my heart, I adore this couple to death! So on the spur of the moment (Yadech just gives me so much inspiration) I decided to start this fic. As you can see, Yadech will be playing actor and actress, therefore I didn't put in their last names because I felt that was breaching on real/personal life--that made me nervous, I don't know why lol One reason is because I'm not familiar with Thai media so I don't want to try to use too much of the variety shows and news that are real, because it'll be easy to see mistakes. Notice, I didn't even use Ch.3 :sweat: The goal is this is purely fictional, even though I will mention Duangjai Akkanee
I love the Thai language, though I can't speak it, so excuse me if I try to use it in the story and it doesn't make sense. :sweat: Although I know I might embarrass myself by using the language incorrectly, I shall only use small phrases and include things like "ka" and "krup" to add to the characters' atmosphere. Feel free to correct me if I make a mistake. This is probably silly but I want the title to mean "Lord of the Heart" so I hope that I have it right (I should make sure even before I post this but oh well haha...)

Oh, minor characters that I have decided on:
Mark Prin
Mint Chalida
There will be more but I have yet to decide how big of a role they will be. Thanks!



sarNie Juvenile
Sorry, I didn't read here first.
I didn't know Mart&&Mint were going to be in the story too.
so I didn't have them on the poster.
Really sorry.


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kutefirstlove that's perfectly fine! i didn't state specifically that the minors had to be included because i wanted to leave that up to the artist anyways. Thanks so much for the poster! it's cute and colorful and brings in the playful side of the story!

mainhiathaothanks for the poster! it's way intense especially Nadech's picture. it portrays the dramatic atmosphere so well!

Chapter 1

Coming out of the bathroom dressed in her comfy cotton nightgown, Yaya heard a knock at the door. As she opened it, she covered her yawning mouth with her free hand. Before she realized it, Nadech had slipped inside and was pulling her along into her room.

“Hey you! What do you think you’re doing in here?”

“Didn’t you just open the door for me?” he smirked.

“That doesn’t mean you have permission to enter. Don’t take advantage of other people’s good manners,” she scolded.

“Ok, ok, but you’re not going to make me leave, are you?”

She made a face seeing his puppy eyes. “Why are you here? It’s late, time to sleep.” Although truthfully, she was awake just feeling his hand hold her own.

“I still want to spend time with you.”

“There are only a couple of hours until morning. Can’t you wait?”

“Ow, why are you so cold?” Nadech pouted. “Alright, if you don’t want to see me then I’ll go.” He sadly made his way to the door. Yaya grimaced, feeling guilty, and quickly grabbed him by the arm.

“It’s not like that. Of course I want to see you, don’t be mad.”

Immediately, Nadech spun around with a boyish grin on his face. “Really? Ok, I’m not mad. I’ll stay here with you tonight!” He excitedly jumped on her bed and made himself comfortable. “Come here, come!” He patted the spot beside him. As if he was the owner of the room.

Yaya pursed her lips. She wasn’t about to let him have his way. “Although I said I want to see you, you can’t stay here the whole night.”


“No buts. You’re too used to being spoiled. I’ll let you stay only a minute.” She went over and tried to push him off her bed.

“One minute?!” He exclaimed. “That’s not enough!”

“That’s my only offer. Get up!” she continued to push but he was too heavy. Nadech just left her to exert her energy, knowing she wasn’t strong enough to move him. “Why aren’t you listening? Get up. Before the other people come and see.”

“They’re all asleep already.”
She began pulling his arm instead. He merely tugged his arm that she was grasping and succeeded in making her land on him.

“Hey! Let me go! Quickly! Oi!” He disobeyed and instead rolled over to hold her close.

“Let you go? It took so long before I could have you by my side, I’m not letting you go so easily.”

She struggled under him. “Are you crazy? Let go now!”

“I thought you were worried about someone seeing us? You should be quiet.” She glared at him for using her argument against her. “I won’t do anything bad to you,” he spoke tenderly. “But I really miss you. Every time you’re gone from my sight for too long, I’m afraid you’ll disappear forever, or that I’m just dreaming." Yaya softened and she couldn’t help feeling her face blush. She also had a hard time believing they could be together.

“I love you.” His gaze fell on her pink parted lips and he drew towards her.

“Wait,” she protested with a hand on his chest.

“Why?” he whispered. “I’ve waited for this moment, for the person in front of me my whole life. Why must I wait?”

She held her breath, unable to resist his advances any longer. Nadech lowered his head until their lips were touching and held their contact softly


Yaya opened her eyes. Nadech removed his weight from her and they both sat up in the bed, looking over at the director and cameras.

Author's note-------------

How'd it go? Kind of a teaser huh? I apologize heh heh... ^^'
Weren't Nadech's lines rather cheesy? But it's kind of what you would expect in a drama, so I kept it anyway, since the two of them ARE filming a drama (totally not just an excuse to put in a bit of 'Fai spice' lol)
Till next time.



Expired Sarnie
Nadech's trademark is his cheesy lines. That how I got attracted to his character in DJA lol if it wasn't for that, I don't think I would have liked Nadech ahahaha.


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Chapter 2


Yaya opened her eyes. Nadech removed his weight from her and they both sat up in the bed, looking over at the director and cameras.

“Nong Nadech, nong Yaya, I want to make myself very clear and also emphasize right now that I want this lakorn to be different from the others. I already explained to you at the beginning that I want a different level of romance displayed in here and I know you both have been working towards this very well.” Director Fa had taken them aside for a short break. “You two have been doing so well so far that I know you won’t disappoint me, but what you did before was not enough. It was too stiff.”

She noticed Yaya shifting in her seat and patted her hand reassuringly. “Now, I know that that is the traditional way in the majority of lakorn—we usually only use a kiss with the lips touching. But this is modern time and the viewers will find this more romantic and realistic. Two people in love will want to be close, right? So that’s how we must express p’ek and n’ek’s feelings.”

Yaya smiled uncertainly. Of course, she knew from the start that the director was going to demand something she had never done before, but her manager had encouraged her, since the storyline for this new lakorn was famous, plus Yaya would get to develop more as an actress. This was going to help her become more experienced because her character, Ying Aom, is complex and mature and her relationship with p’ek, Apirak, was complicated. It was understandable that the audience would be expecting more passion. There was little reason for her to be nervous. Besides, she had acted with Nadech before and was comfortable with him. She wouldn’t give up until she had created the perfect Ying Aom.

“Ok, we’ll try.”


“Ok, we’ll start from the frame before the kiss.”

As Nadech and Yaya walked back on set, Nadech playfully nudged her with his elbow. She nudged back, making him smile. They got into position and he wiggled his brow at her.

“You ready for me?”

She smacked his arm. “Don’t play around. We’re going to start.”

“That’s what Khun Ying and Rak are supposed to be doing anyway. I’ll apologize later, ok?”





Yaya winced.

“Nong Yaya! Why do you move away from him? If you continue there will be a hole in the bed.”
It was true, but Yaya had done it unconsciously. For some reason, the closer Nadech got, the more she pressed herself into the mattress under her.

“Just relax. You don’t have to exchange saliva or use your tongue like in western movies. I’m just asking for Ying to let Rak show his love. Ok?”

Nadech was reclining on his side next to Yaya and teased, “Maybe Yaya is scared of me.”

“Who’s scared of you?” Yaya demanded indignantly.

“Well, look, the pillow has your head shape permanently dented in it.”

“Don’t make me dent your big head in,” she retorted.

“Now, now, Khun Ying shouldn’t be rough with her Khun Rak, right? She loves him a lot.” He grinned with sass.

Even though he was older than her, Yaya wasn’t about to let Nadech teach her about her own role. “Just wait and see, then you’ll know exactly how much Ying loves Rak,” she challenged.

“Goh dai.” Nadech’s fingers encircled her wrist. He looked into her eyes and said, “Show me.”


“Wait,” she protested with a hand on his chest.

“Why?” he whispered. “I’ve waited for this moment, for the person in front of me my whole life. Why must I wait?” This time, Rak wasn’t just teasing her or provoking her like before. His eyes never strayed from her face, but implored her for permission to continue with such intensity that Ying was feeling short of breath. How did he make her feel like she was the only thing that existed in the world? Every time his dark eyes captured her, everything else went away—light, dark, noise, heat, cold. And now he was looking at her lips with a yearning she felt within herself, but he was holding back. She no longer resisted and in fact, was calmed by the pounding of his heart which her hand could feel.

“Chun ruk tur.”

He dipped his head closer to hers, but still, he hesitated, so that she couldn’t help but lift her chin as if to say ‘Go on'. And he did. Their lips molded sweetly together due to his smart angle. His hand trailed up like a soft shield, stroking her jaw. She sighed with satisfaction at finally experiencing the sensation of his lips. But his hungry mouth parted her lips as he nipped and kissed and kissed her many times.


Yaya’s eyes flew open. The first thing she noticed was Nadech’s lips still touching her. The second thing was the director and crew, though they were somewhat out of focus. It could only have been two seconds after the CUT had been called but for Yaya, it felt much longer.

She slid her head to the side and felt cool air on her face at last. “P’Nadech, sorry.”

“That’s an ok!” Director Fa called to them gleefully. “More than ok, it was perfect!

“P’Nadech, are you ok?” she asked seeing him remain rigid.

“Yeah. Oh, I have a stomachache. I’ll be back,” he informed them and ran off to the bathroom.

“Why does he have a stomachache?” one person mumbled.

“Too much sweets?” another crewmember joked in a hushed tone.

“What do you mean? What sweets?”

“You know, the Yaya flavored one.”

Yaya let her legs dangle off the side of the bed and took a deep breath while the makeup person came to fix her up.

Nadech gulped in air. His mind wandered straight back to the set where the crew and Yaya were waiting, but he squeezed his eyes tight.
“No, you are not Apirak right now,” he scolded himself. “She is Yaya, not Ying.”

Not that that helped much, because Yaya was a beautiful woman. He wouldn’t deny he himself was attracted to her. But they were friends, and more importantly, they were coworkers and had never stopped being professional. At the same time, he’d been looking forward to that kiss, even if he told himself it was only because he wanted to see how it would be different from other onscreen kisses. But the moment he had started, boy, thoughts of cameras and acting had flown out the window. If the director’s CUT had come a minute later, Nadech wasn’t sure what other action he would have taken.

“Oi!” He slapped himself. “No! I am not an actor who gets confused with his character! Wait, more than that, I’m not someone who is controlled by emotions during work!” he lectured himself. “It was one kiss and I’ll blame this weird feeling on human nature. That’s all. And this is a little more intense than usual but it’s over with and I will be ready for the next one. Right. Ok.”

“Hurry over to fix your hair, Nadech.”

He looked over his shoulder at Yaya in her white nightgown, her wavy hair loose down her back. The lights made her whole body glow and then she smiled that sweet smile. He shook his head and faced forward.

“You guys are doing wonderful.”

“Thank you. We finally got it over with.”

“All we need are the full length body shot, the room and the second angle of the kiss. Get ready.”

Nadech clenched his fist, silently groaning.

“Nong Nadech, is your stomach hurting again?”

He shook his head. This was going to be one long night of shooting.

“Thank you. Nice work today!”

Nadech inclined his head to the crewmembers, waving good bye. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a tall thin figure in white. “Uh, see you tomorrow then.” He hurried towards the exit.

Someone in a car waved at Nadech. “Ay! Over here!” Even though they were both busy with their own acting jobs, the two friends got together whenever possible to hang out. Donning a pair of shades, Mark nodded at Nadech’s slumped form after he got in the passenger’s side. “Yo, how was it? Tired?”

“Dude, you have no idea.”

Mark chuckled and drove off. “Why? Was the director being tough on you? Or…. Maybe n’ek gave you a hard time?”

“Tch, just drive carefully. I’ll take care of my own problems.”

“You admit you have a problem? It must be like what I said, hehe.”

"Right Mr. Smarty, who can barely wait until next year to work with your 'Resort Wife' from long ago..."

"Hey, don't try to provoke me. You're just changing the subject," Mark said smugly.

Nadech pulled his hat lower. Mark didn’t need to know just how right he was. Nadech and Yaya had to shoot many more angles of their kiss than the director had said before, and then she decided to get the morning scene done right away, so the couple was forced to stay close to each other for a long time. Nadech cringed, remembering how natural it felt to have Yaya beside him. It was ridiculous. There should be no difference from when they acted in Duang Jai Akkanee.

‘Blame it on my non-existent love life,’ he grumbled in his head.

“Did Nadech leave already?”

“Yes, I saw him head out.”

“Wasn’t he handsome tonight?”

“He’s always handsome. And he and Yaya acted so well, it made me so happy seeing Rak and Ying get to be together!”

“I know right?”

“Yaya, are you going back now?”

“Ka. I’ll just change first.”

When she reached the privacy of the bathroom, she breathed out slowly. The whole time they were shooting, she felt like she was suffocating. Yaya didn’t think being intimate with Nadech was the problem—no way—because it was only for the screen and she was used to doing romantic dramas. Maybe she was just stressed. She was filming this lakorn and preparing for another one, so she was already practicing lines with the Other Cast.

“Hmph, no way that dork P’Nadech can make me lose focus on a job,” she declared. Satisfied, she changed to her own clothes and washed her face. She needed all the rest she could get.

Some mornings later, Nadech was shooting more for Jao Hua Jai. He had scenes with his family and friends from the story that were gathering for the later episodes. Hours later, he was shrugging on a sweater when a cameraman and two emcees came in. They were the crew that captured Behind the Scenes.

“What’s this, what’s this, Khun Nadech is dressing!”

“We came too late,” MC 2 joked, “the female fans will be disappointed.” They greeted everyone and sat down with Nadech.

“The lakorn called Jao Hua Jai has been highly anticipated and so far, we’ve only seen the beginning but viewer response has been extremely positive. How are the actors feeling?”

“Thanks to all the support from our viewers. We’re excited for them to see more and get even deeper into the story.”

“Yes, the couple is also popular. But how come we don’t see Khun Ying? Where is nong Yaya?”

“She’s at her other lakorn,” Nadech answered.

“Oh, so she goes to meet a different p’ek, do you feel jealous?”

Nadech laughed. “No.”

“Why is that?”

“Because she puts more focus on this one, while the other lakorn is filming slowly, so I don’t need to keep an eye on her,” he played along with them.

“No need to worry, here comes the lady Khun Ying!”

Yaya appeared and she greeted everyone, “Hello!”

“You’ve come! You seem so busy going back and forth between different jobs.”

“No, it’s really not that bad.”

“Wow, she’s really like a super woman.”

“It’s called Wonder Woman,” MC 1 corrected. “That means she needs a Superman.”

“Chai, chai! Won’t you tell us about the superman we heard the other castmembers talking about?”

Yaya laughed and poked Nadech’s shoulder. “It’s this one right here.”

The emcees went “Oooooh…”

“How did nong Nadech become Superman?” They requested for Nadech to flex his arm muscles for the camera.

“Because in the script p’ek is good at everything and he is always secretly protecting n’ek and there’s an upcoming scene where Khun Rak opens his shirt so the staff made fun that he is like Superman changing identities.”

The emcees squealed in excitement.

Nadech jokingly apologized, “Sorry to the real Superman, I can’t measure up to him.” They laughed.

“Can you spoil for us? Is there an time when Ying will see Rak shirtless?”

“Ah…” Yaya giggled shyly. “Mai mee.”

“No, none.” They informed.

“But it’s ok everyone,” MC 1 spoke to the camera, “because there will be love scenes in the future, correct?”

“Yes, we all know the director’s announcement that this is a serious romance.” The two emcees looked at each other sneakily. “Do you want to share about what you two had to do a couple days ago?”

“Mm…” Yaya pursed her lips shyly.

“It was a kiss scene,” Nadech said with a straight face.

The emcees cheered. “Then we will let the viewers anticipate the love scenes for themselves. Thank you!”

“Thank you…”

“How is the other drama going?”

Yaya looked up from her script. “Mm, like usual. I’m still trying to get to know my character, and I have not met all of the cast yet.”

“Well, don’t overdo it.”

“Yes sir, ka,” she smiled, appreciating his concern.

“You two, be ready for standby. You’ll be making your entrance soon.”

They nodded. Nadech casually said, “Excuse me, I’ll take this now.” He took her hand in his and together, they entered the set as Khun Ying and Khun Rak.

Author's note-------------

This one's a bit longer. Don't know if I can keep up though :sweat:
So here we get just a very teeny tiny bit of Mteam. I'm excited lol because I love writing meddlesome friends like Mark here. Perhaps not meddlesome, just playful.

Ah, and also the introduction to Yadech's two characers Ying Aom (Ying) and Apirak (Rak). I really like those names and used to consider using them as the actual names of the koo used in my ff. But I've been absent from ff for so long, I feel it's a waste to keep saving the names for 'later'. Anyway, the story Jao Hua Jai is supposed to be famous...not sure if this version is a 'remake' or not in the world of jjinxx's ff. haha (You see this useless author)

I wanted to use the formal "Phom ruk khun" but I wasn't sure if that would work or if it's spelled like that. As a matter of fact, I just spelled "Chun ruk tur" off the top of my head. Hope it's correct.

I remember someone wrote in the 4HJHKK thread that her grandma was shocked when watching Fai and Jeed's real kiss, unlike "back in the Num/Kob days". But it's also a big deal for me ^^ because asian drama, and especially Thai lakorn doesn't go as far as western movies, so actually the real touching lip kisses are like a treat now and then. Also, I've only seen the more advanced actors like Ken and Ann do KISS, not just pecks.

And just in case tomorrow gets too busy: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!



sarNie Adult
oooh,i'm starting to love this FF more and more!
Nadech and Yaya are too cute!they had to kiss "realistically."
tehe,too cute!Merry Christmas to you too!
Update more soon!


sarNie Adult
Merry Christmas!!! Reading this really calms me out of my dis-satisfaction that Mark and Mint won't be having a lakorn together as leads for awhile.


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Chapter 3

“Nong, I’m sorry!”

Nadech smiled. “I’m alright. It doesn’t hurt.”

P’Jean patted him on the shoulder and went to get ready for her next scene. While Nadech waited his turn to act, he answered some texts.

Mark: Having fun? Done taking advantage of nong Yaya yet?

Nadech scowled.

Nadech: Hey you, don’t discredit my reputation. Besides, this is just acting, unlike your attempts with a certain Herb.

Mark: What are you talking about? What herb?

Nadech: I’m talking about the MINTY one. Don’t think I don’t see what you try to do.

Mark: Ba.

Nadech smirked at his pal’s one word reply. He’d won this round with his busybody Mark.

The set director discussed with him for a couple minutes about his standing position relating to the camera. “Nong Yaya, come when you’re finished.”

Yaya arrived.

“You two run through the script up to part 2. I’m going to get the props ready.”

Nadech flipped a page and brushed the side of his face with a hand.

“P’Nadech,” Yaya tried to hide her smile, “Your face is still red.”
Earlier, Jean, who was playing the nang’rai, had to slap Nadech. She didn’t slap hard but they had to go through it a couple times so Nadech suffered a little.

“Is it? Hm, I can’t feel any pain.”

“Don’t act tough.” Yaya pulled out a small container. “I almost forgot. P’Dara (makeup artist) had me bring this to you. It helps reduce redness.”

He twisted the lid open and put a little on his face.

“Hey, you’re missing the redness. You’re way off!” she laughed.

“Aow, I told you I can’t feel where it is. Should I just spread it all over?”

“Here, I’ll help.” She dabbed her fingers in the ointment and reached up to massage his cheek gently.

While she was doing that, Nadech quickly averted his gaze away from her and he silently mouthed the lines he had to memorize. It was in vain. His eyes found their way back to her face.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Remember during Duang Jai Akkanee, you had to wear a dress and makeup?”

He rolled his eyes but couldn’t help laughing at the memory. Boy and Mark had made fun of him a lot back then. “Suay chai mai?”

“If this redness doesn’t reduce, we might have to paint the other side to match it,” she teased.

“Then make sure you do a good job, my lady.” He bumped her chin with a finger.

“They’re acting the scene very well,” Director Fa murmured, watching them ‘practice’ from the other side.

“But didn’t I tell them to only go up to part two? That scene they’re doing now comes later.” The set director tsked and headed over.

“Nong Yaya, nong Nadech. You two are ahead. We only need part one today.” He interrupted their ‘acting’. “The part when Ying helps Rak with his wound comes later. Besides, she’s supposed to be sad.”

Nadech raised a perplexed brow, but Yaya realized why the director assumed they were practicing a scene.

“Oh, right, sorry.” She pulled her hand away. “I think I flipped to the wrong page.”

Nadech started to ask the director, “What do you mean—“

“Ah, here it is!” Yaya cut in. “We’ll begin from here.”

Nadech closed the ointment and put it in his pocket, hurrying to find Yaya’s page. As they practiced, he tried to ignore the tingling on his face where Yaya’s fingers had touched. He told himself it was just the medicine doing its work.


Nadech entered the building and was met by Grate, his manager who had also become a close friend.

“Good, you’re here. Come on, you’ll have to get fitted right away.” He led Nadech into a large room that had a raised runway lining the middle. Some other stars were already practicing walking it. They passed backstage into the dressing room where other male celebrities were getting clothes picked out for them.

“Thank goodness you’re here.” Nala, the head designer, came over. She scanned Nadech up and down quick and nodded approvingly. “He’ll fit into Wan’s clothes. Come. Try them on.”

“You’ll have to start practicing right away so you know the stopping points during the runway show,” Grate said.

Nadech had finished a sports photoshoot early and had been called to take over for one of the models for the night’s fashion event. The theme was Wild Masquerade so there was a ton of khaki, fur, and animal print. The models would be wearing creative masks that were designed with faux feathers and furs to give an animalistic image.

“Now, I’ve decided that since you’re taking Wan’s place, you might as well go all the way with the finale,” Nala informed. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated. You and your partner will play out a very short jungle scenario at the last minute when you exit the stage. Don’t worry, okay? In fact, many of the people here have seen it. But it’s on short notice so I would rather not interrupt their schedules. Thank you na ka.”

“Who will my partner be?”

“Nadech ka!”
A girl in stilettos, a short skin-tight leather dress, and black feather boa wrapped over her bare shoulders called to Nadech. She didn’t hesitate to walk up to him and hug him, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Nadech, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while!” It was Matt Peeranee.

He gently pried her fingers from him and replied, “I’m fine, thanks.”

“Maaae, don’t you think it’s fate? What a coincidence that I’m a part of the finale and you also took P’Wan’s place, so that means we will be ending the show together! I am so excited! I just know that together, we can wow the crowd!” she winked at him flirtatiously, clinging to his arm.

“That’s cool,” he said. “I’m going to get ready now.”

“Why don’t I help you?” she asked with over sweetness.

“Nong ka, come. We need you to try some of the outfits on.” One of the assistants came to get Matt.

“Nadech ka, I will see you soon. I’ll come out again as soon as I can ja!” She blew him a kiss.

Nadech waved at her with a half-grimace that was supposed to be a smile.

A hand slapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see Mark making sweet eyes at him.

“It’s fate that we’re together! I’m your Jane and you are my Tarzan. Muah!” Mark smacked his lips. Nadech palmed him in the face but Mark just laughed good-naturedly.

“How is it? Aren’t you looking forward to walking the runway with Matt? Everyone can tell she is more than eager to be with Nadech ka,” he imitated the high girl voice and laughed.

“Don’t be crazy. You know it’s not like that,” Nadech said and shook his head.

“Chai, chai. The only person that can match up to you is…”


“What are you doing???” Nadech muttered to Mark, who had dragged him along outside of the dressing room.

“Duh, I’m helping you make progress.” He smacked Nadech upside the head impatiently. “Let’s go,” he ordered.


“Yaya! Mint!”

“P’Mark, hi!”

Mark grinned and pushed Nadech forward so that he stumbled. He quickly stood up straight and made a snarly face at Mark before smiling brightly at Yaya.

“Nadech got pulled in late. I think you can help show him the walk Yaya, and where he can stand, and all the other important things.”

“That’s a good idea,” Mint nodded with encouragement to Yaya, as well as giving her teasing eyes.

“It’s not too hard. I’m sure P’Nadech won’t have too much trouble. He’s been asked to model plenty of times.”

“But this is a special showcase, right? He hasn’t gotten used to the unique clothing yet. He needs to know which angles will accentuate Nala’s clothing.”

Yaya glanced at Nadech. “Why doesn’t his partner help him?”

Nadech quickly shook his hand in a ‘no’ gesture and Mark replied, “Oh, she is busy. Please, nong? Do it as a favor to me?”

“Go ahead Yaya, help him,” Mint ushered.


“Thanks!” Mark glanced at Nadech and whispered. “Oui, how long are you going to stand there and stare at nong Yaya?”

Nadech snapped to attention and realized he HAD been staring at Yaya. He closed his mouth and blinked. “…Sorry to trouble you. Your really don’t have to if you don’t have time.”

“Don’t worry about it. I can help you.”

“Come Mint, you and I should practice also.”

Nadech stopped Mark and quickly hissed, “What is this?”

“Dummy, I’m helping you, aren’t I?”

“Seems more like you are making trouble for me.” Nadech nudged his chin in Mint’s direction. “And helping yourself with Mint.”

“Haven’t you heard of killing two birds with one stone? You two have fun,” Mark turned back to the girls, “Ok Yaya? Mint, let’s leave them alone.”

“Ka.” She smiled at Yaya. “See you Nadech.” Mint happily followed Mark’s ‘ladies first’ gesture and they left.

“This way.” Yaya led Nadech up the steps to the runway. “So first of all, all of the couples enter from the two sides and meet in the middle. They link elbows and walk together. After that, it’s pretty simple. Try it.”

Nadech stuck out his elbow and walked awkwardly a couple of steps, then stopped. “It’s kind of embarrassing walking like this by myself,” he rubbed his neck shyly.

Amused, Yaya said, “Then I’ll walk with you.”

Side by side, they crossed the length of the platform. On the way back, she pointed out that they had to pause midway to show off the clothing.

“Do you have the hang of it?” she asked after a few tries.

“I think I have it.”

“Depending on the style of the outfit, you might have to adjust your steps. Oh! And you are replacing Wan. That means you will have the finale.”

He frowned. “But I don’t know what scene I have to do. No one has really explained it to me.”

“Really? They must be busy with last minute preparations.” She could see people busy with decorations and the models coming in and out to see each other in their designer clothes.

“Yaya krub. Do you know how it’s supposed to go? Do you mind telling me? They said it was some kind of special stage exit?”

She laughed nervously, feeling her face warm up and looked away to hide her blush. “You should wait for Matt to come teach it to you.”

“I don’t think she’ll be ready in time.” He peered at her anxiously.

She bit her lip, unsure what to do. The finale exit was nothing too complicated. The outfits of the last couple would be a lost maiden and a wild man. The wild man would chase her, but slowly, the way an animal stalks prey. It was rather sensual from what Yaya had witnessed during the previous rehearsal. And then…

Yaya nodded. “Dai ka. I’m sure you’ll understand if I just explain it.”

Matt hurried as fast as her high heels would allow and she peeked out of the stage in search for Nadech. What luck she had that Wan was not feeling well tonight. Matt had immediately suggested for Nala to ask for Nadech to be brought in. This was another chance for Matt to get close with him and she planned on making his jaw drop when he saw her in the planned Masquerade outfits. She smirked just thinking how he would not be able to help being interested in her.

When she finally spied Nadech, her face melted into a sharp glare. Nadech was with Yaya. Matt’s eyes narrowed at the way they interacted so familiarly, and how they worked together so playfully.

“You think you can take my place?” Matt muttered poisonously. “Too bad, he’s already taken.” Her smug thoughts were overruled because it pissed her off that Nadech was smiling and paying so much attention to Yaya. Especially when the two of them had to meet so much for their oh so famous lakorn.“I’ll teach you a lesson. We will see if you even get to walk the runway for tonight’s show with dear your Apirak, Ying Aom…”

Author's note-------------


I'm really missing 4HJHKK! T-T Especially my Fai and Jeed. I must rewatch one more time before returning to school...

Finally updated!
So, here, we have introduced the true n'rai. I don't know much about Matt, so it's not that I don't like her and made her the 'bad' one. In fact, I'm looking forward to her upcoming lakorn with Grate Warintorn! ^^' Just so happens I made Grate into Nadech's manager...
The n'rai for Jao Hua Jai went from a fictional character to Gale Warunlak all of a sudden. It was an impulsive move. I don't know, the little things like the very small side characters I try to include daras that I like or have heard of. I find that more fun than fictional characters. Plus Gale is very cute, even though I doubt she will do n'rai, I still wanted to include her since I like her after watching Hua Jai Song Park.
I hope it's not too boring. I don't want to jump to big drama too soon since I doubt the media in the real world will let it slide if Yadech all of sudden starts expressing obvious feelings for each other.
Wild Masquerade. I have a...twist for this showcase, concerning Matt's plans. Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!



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I love it;)
Yadech are too cute,i miss them too!
&&i cant wait until they walk<3
please update soon,happy new years to you too;)


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Chapter 4

“Here.” Matt handed over several dollar bills to the worker named Puang. “Do whatever you can to stop her from coming. I don’t care who else you have to use. And keep your mouth shut about this, got it?” she thrust her hand out and he gave her a pair of heels. Then he nodded and pulled a cap over his head. “Make sure no one sees her for a while. I’ll give you more money after the show.”

“Darn, where can it be?”

“Are you sure you didn’t take it with you?”

Matt patted her cheeks and pouted in distress. “ I think I remember now! It must be in the bathroom when I went to try it on.”

Yaya noticed the commotion and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“Yaya,” Matt said sweetly, “Can you help me out? The show is starting but I forgot my mask in the bathroom. Can you help get it for me?”

“Dai ka.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to trouble you. I would get it myself but I’m going out there second and my makeup isn’t finished yet.”

“Don’t worry. I still have time left.”

“Khop khun mak na ka!” Matt sneered at her success at tricking Yaya. “Oh, remember to take your shoes just in case you don’t have extra time. Here.” She gave Yaya the heels that Puang had given to her.

“Ok. I’ll try to hurry.”

Smirking with satisfaction, Matt went to the rack of clothes and pulled out her mask that she had hidden earlier.

Yaya’s high heels traced a path to the bathroom. “Why is it wet our here?” she wondered and lightly stepped around the puddle. Inside the restroom, she looked around but saw no mask. There were no items aside from the normal toiletries. The clock on the wall told her it was nearly time to start the show. “Better go back and let Matt know. Maybe they have extras…”

Just as she stepped out the door, one of the heels of her shoe snapped, making her stumble into the puddle where she slipped. The impact of her fall knocked her out.

Puang peered out of the corner and after making sure she was unconscious, he sneaked over and carried Yaya to a storage room. Puang froze when he heard footsteps outside. He looked and there was a man crouched near the women’s restroom door. While the man’s back was turned, Puang quickly snuck out, worried he would be caught.

Nadech had heard a strange sound outside of the bathroom. He washed his hands and dried them before going out to check. Looking down, he frowned seeing the wet floor. “This could be dangerous. What if someone slips?” Something caught his eye. Crouching down, he picked up a feather. There was some gold beading on it and a bit of ripped lace. His eyes followed a trail of smeared water, over his shoulder and down the hall where a door was ajar. Feeling curious and suspicious, he stood up and headed over. When he got near, a soft voice, as if someone was in pain, reached his ears, quickening his steps. Opening the door wide, he saw Yaya lying on the floor with a hand on her head, groaning. “Yaya!” Nadech leapt to her side to help her sit up. “Are you ok? Are you hurt?”


Nadech’s head whipped around. The door was shut.

“Where am I?” Yaya asked. She winced. “My head…”

Nadech gently touched the side of her head. “Do you remember what happened?” He continued to massage her scalp. His cool fingertips soothed her ache.

Yaya answered, “I…I came to find Matt’s mask…Oh my gosh!” She cried out. “The show is starting! We have to get back!”

“Hold on, are you sure you’re alright?” Nadech held her firmly as she got up, but the heel of her shoe was broken, making her balance crooked so that Yaya swayed to the side. Nadech’s hands tightened, with one arm going around her waist as he leaned with her, bringing their bodies close.

Yaya’s eyes grew round seeing Nadech so close, so close that his breath was tickling her face.

Nadech’s breath caught in his throat. Unlike the times they filmed together, this time, he didn’t have lines to focus on, nor did he have to stay in character. He could just take in Yaya’s presence. Her scent. Her soft body against his arm. With his eyes, he traced the contours of her face, starting at her arched brows, then her long lashes, those round eyes, her nose, the dent of her cupid’s bow, next her rose lips that were parted in surprise. The same lips he had kissed on set—but here, right now, he was not Rak and she was not Ying. His fingers itched to touch her lips, to see if they were as soft as they looked.

Yaya bit her lip. There it was again, that suffocating feeling, as if her drumming heart was about to jump right out of her chest. She had to do something soon. His exposed chest under the unbuttoned black and white shirt was making her feel ashamed that she was so attracted to his bare skin.


Nadech’s eyes fluttered at the sound of her voice. Returning to reality, he realized he was barely a centimeter from her.

“We have to get going.” They straightened up. Pulling himself together, Nadech looked down at her feet.

“What’s wrong with your shoe?” he kneeled and helped slip her shoe off her feet, then examined the heel that was hanging on to the shoe by a bit of material.

“I don’t know. It broke and make me slip out by the restroom.”

“Does your ankle hurt?” He pressed her ankle and rotated it.

“It just feels a little sore. I don’t think it’s sprained.”

“I don’t want you to walk just yet. What if the pressure makes it swell?”

“I’ll be fine. The important thing is we can’t miss the show.”

He sighed and tried opening the door. It was locked.

“What?! But what are we supposed to do?” She knocked on the door and called out, “Hello! Someone help us! Is anyone out there?” Yaya bit her lip in desperation. “Oh no, it should have started already. We missed it and they’re all probably too busy to come look for us.”

“It’ll be ok. There are plenty of people for Nala to replace us with if she has no choice.”

“But we’ve inconvenienced them so much.” She felt so guilty.

“Look, it’s not our fault. I don’t know how we got locked in here. And you didn’t want to get hurt either. Don’t blame yourself.”

She tried to do as he said but continued to look depressed. Nadech realized something weirder. How could Yaya end up in the storage room if she had fainted by the restroom? Not wanting to question and stress her out further, he kept his thoughts to himself.

“Hey, can you stop pacing? Your ankle might get worse.”

She shook her head, even though she had a slight limp. “I’m fine.”

“Sit down for now.”

She felt too restless to just stay still. “I hope they’re all doing ok…Whoa!” She stared with an open mouth at Nadech, who had unexpectedly swept her up in his arms. “What are you doing?”

He replied sternly, “Didn’t I tell you to sit? What’ll happen if your ankle worsens?” he walked over to the boxes and set her down comfortably. “Rest here. We can’t do anything at the moment.”

Finally finding her voice again, she began to protest, “But…”

“Think about if someone comes find us and your ankle is not good enough to walk the runway. That will just make things worse, right?”
She reluctantly agreed. He patted her head reassuringly.

Matt was beside herself with rage. Nadech had gone missing and she had been forced to walk with Yaya’s partner instead! She whined, “Where the heck is he? This is supposed to be our night! I was going to make sure his eyes are glued only on me but he’s gone off somewhere and the show is almost over! Oi, I’m so mad!”

Breathing heavily in anger, Matt ripped her ruby encrusted hairclip out and threw it across the table so it fell to the floor.

“Matt are you alright?”

“Ugh, I’m fine. Move, I have to get my finale dress on.” She pushed people aside to get through. Suddenly, she slipped on the very same hairclip that she had thrown. Her legs gave way until she was sprawled on the floor of the dressing room and squealed in pain. “Someone help me! Hurry! Ah, my leg!”

“Get the assistant director! Does anyone now first aid?”

“What now!?” Nala cried. “I’ve lost four of my models in one day and it’s nearly the finale! What bad luck did I catch that my fashion show will be ruined!”

“Calm down,” her assistant said. “We still have others and since we’ve reached the end now, don’t lose your cool. I know just the pair to end the show with.”

“The show is almost over but Yaya hasn’t returned,” Kim said to Mint. She was even more worried because Yaya didn’t even have her cell phone with her.

“Let’s try not to imagine the worse. Maybe she had a family emergency. But, I mean, not too big of an emergency,” Mint suggested.

“I’m worried that she’s hurt.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll help the others look for her after this is over with.”

“Hey you,” Nadech pointed for the thirtieth time. “Sit down.”

Glaring at him, Yaya plopped back down with her arms crossed. “Well aren’t you getting more bossy.”

He smirked. “Someone has to take care of the other person here.”

“Don’t treat me like a child,” she said indignantly.

“You’re not a child…just clumsy…” he murmured.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

She pursed her lips and started pulling the pins out of her hair. They had been in the closet for so long now, the pins were pulling at her scalp. Besides, her hair was probably all messy from her fall.

Nadech rubbed his stomach. “I’m hungry.”

“You always think about food.”

“What else is there to think about?” he asked defensively.

“Aow, what about all the people out there who are probably having trouble because we can’t fulfill our job?”

“There’s no point fussing over that. It’s regretful to miss the show but I can’t magically get us out of here, can I? You make it seem like I’m some kind of inconsiderate Harry Potter.”

“I wish you were Harry Potter right now,” she complained.

“Why, you’re bored of sitting here with me? Hmph, you’re not grateful at all that I helped you.”

“Of course I’m grateful,” she said immediately.

The corners of his mouth lifted. “Really? Then treat me to dinner after this.”

“Dai, if we ever get out.” She hissed in pin.

“Let me help you.” He got up to stand beside her and starged pulling out her hair pins. “Heeuy, why is this so complicated? Women’s hair is like a torture device.”

“Be thankful for your guy hair then.”

“But it’s pretty anyways, even all messed up.”

“What is?”

“Your hair.”

She grinned at his compliment but made herself stop. “Too bad we won’t get to show our outfits to the audience.” She really liked her dress. It had only one sleek shoulder strap and lace that was colored and patterned like a peacock’s tail. The high hem stopped at her knee while the right side extended longer down to the ground ending in peacock feathers.

Nadech lowered his eyes to her. He thought to himself that he didn’t regret too much that they didn’t get to model for the show. In fact, he kind of liked that he was the only who gets to see Yaya in this dress. She was truly exquisite and beautiful like a peacock.

“But it’s alright, because even though no one sees our clothes, I think the person behind the clothes is more important than the clothing. Besides, it’d be a waste hiding this face behind the masks,” he teased, holding her chin with a thumb and finger.

Fighting a smug smile, she escaped his attentive eyes and said, “Flatterer, are you already done with the pins?”

“This one is hard.”

The music reached its climax. The lights swung through the room, pumping brightly in rhythm to the music as the female model reached the end of the runway. She wore a light silk gown that was cinched around her waist with a sparkly sash tied butterfly style at her back. The sleeveless top and skirt flowed in beige silk, the front parted near her knees to reveal smooth legs. Having followed her, the shirtless male model spun her to face him with such intensity that even though they were both masked, the audience could feel the tension between them. They circled together. She pulled away but he caught her wrist. The music boomed and he pulled her to him, placed her on his shoulder and carried her as if she were his captive and ran back up the stage. The stage lights burst open in sparklers and glittery confetti showered the roaring audience. All models returned onstage, lining the sides of the runway. Khun Nala, the head designer, came out to thunderous applause. Accompanying her were the finale couple, the last pair to remove with masks. Mark took off his and waved to the audience, then turned to clasp Mint’s hand for a bow. Their eyes met and grinned broadly at each other.
The show had ended successfully.

“Be more gentle.”

“It’s hard.”

“Ouch, that hurts!”

“Sorry, sorry, just wait, it’ll feel better soon…”


“Should I stop?”

“No, I’m ok.”

Ma turned, bug-eyed, to Kim and Mint. “What are those two doing in there?”

“Uh…th-they’re…” Kim stuttered.

Mint took a while to understand Mar’s question. “Of course they’re not doing anything weird.” She passed them to the worker that was by the door. “Can you open it?”

“Let me find the right key.”

“Yaya?” Mint called right when Yaya exclaimed, “Stop! It hurts!”


“What is Nadech doing to Yaya?” Kim hissed at Mark.

“We’ll find out.”

Finally, the worker unlocked the door. The three friends rushed to the opening and they froze in surprise. Yaya was holding her head, a painful grimace etched across her face while Nadech had his hands in her loose and messy hair.

“There!” Nadech yelled triumphantly, holding up a gold hairpin. He then realized there were others present and excitedly yelled, “Finally! They found us!”

Their three friends stared with slack jaws. Mint and Kim glanced at each other, and they knew they were both relieved for Yaya. Mark twisted his mouth and shook his head at the ridiculous thought he’d had.

“How did you two end up here?” Kim asked, while the worker used his walky talky to inform everyone that Nadech and Yaya were found.

“What?” Mark asked incredulously.

“That’s terrible! Who could it have been?”

“Save the interrogation for later. We should get back.” Nadech turned to Yaya. “You’re okay now?”

“I’ve been telling you that I’m fine for the last two hours!”

“Just checking!”

“Such a dictator…”

Mint, Mark and Kim eyed each other with amusement, observing their bickering. The girls walked beside Yaya. “What happened?”

“Were you hurt?”

“No. Wait, tell me how the show went. I feel responsible towards Nala that I wasn’t there.”

“Don’t worry about the show. It finished smoothly.”

Mark and Nadech followed behind. “What happened?”

“I found her in the storage closet.”

“For real?”

“Mm. I suspect someone intended to hide her there, because she was just gaining conscious when I came.”

“But why hide nong Yaya? It not like a rival designer will get anything out of making her absent.”

“I’m thinking it’s not related to the fashion show.”

“What? You mean someone has a personal grudge against Yaya? Hard to believe.” Mark said uneasily.

“I know. Don’t let her worry about it for now.”

“You’re right.”

Author's note-------------

Hi all!
Muahahaha, Matt's plan was thwarted.
I wish I was good at drawing out clothes like designers would. I can imagine the outfits vividly in my head but if I drew them out, they would be ruined. Oh well.
I was initially planning on having Yadech walk the finale, but decided I would give them some alone time, while also giving some 'screen' time to Mteam! As Mark would say, "Killing two birds with one stone"
I hurried to post this so sorry if there are mistakes... ^^'
Good night!



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I love it so much~
Matt's plan is making them closer..
taha,i just love how Nadech is so concerned about her;)
Is Yaya gnna treat Nadech to dinner in next chapter?!
So interesting,i cant get enough of this FF,Update soon~
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