Jam Loey Rak (completed)


sarNie Hatchling
I'm so happy to have come upon this thread. I love this lakorn it's so addicting just like everyone has said. I totally stayed up to watch eventhough I may have dark circles the next day, it's too cute. I just wanna say thanks you thank you so much. I really appreciate this. The eng subbing is great.


sarNie Granny
u are awesome girl. i don't believe in internet love but i just found one in SW :wub: >>> :kiss: <<<


Thanks, Wishbone so much. You've brought some happiness and drama to my life. I really appreciate it. I've enjoyed this lakorn with all my heart! Thank you!


sarNie Granny
you're cheesy but yeah, it doesn't take much to earn my love too .. i ADORE WISHBONE on her SPEED of subbing :kiss:

cheesy make ppl smile/laugh . I got another one *ahem*

Wishy , you are on fire with the subbing ! How can u be so HOT .


sarNie Egg
I was wondering when are you going to upload the high quality version of JLR? I don't mean to rush you or anything.
Thanks. ;)


sarNie Adult
Thanx soooooooooooo... much for subbing this lakorn
it is a really good drama
no thai lakorns that I've watched my whole life can compare to this one at all


sarNie Egg
Omg I freaking love you Wishbone :wub:

Thanks so much for your time and effort by translating and subbing this :D:D

I've watched Kaew Ta Pee on your YT channel and the serie is still my favorite off al time. You sub my favorite lakorns btw hahah..

Jam Ley Ruk is my 2nd favorite hahaha :D


sarNie Hatchling
Whishbone, I really like this lakorn. I was wondering if you can upload the higher quality JLR so I can download for keeps. Thanks 4 your had work. No need to rush.