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sarNie Hatchling
I really liked this lakorn.
I thought it was a good lakorn with a beautiful story.
Even if the end is a little sad but it's a nice lakorn.
Ken & Aff make a beautiful couple.
Even if Ken goes better with Ann.
And Aff goes better with Aum.
The soundtrack is really nice.


omg i went to reread the spoilers.. =(( it still give me goosebumps. imiss these old days. every minute theres a new reply

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
This was a very slow lakorn and i almost fell asleep with most of the scenes but i loved the bittersweet ending. I felt so bad for Ken having to suffer with a broken heart since his wife doesn't even know her own husband or daughter. *sniff* so sad. :(


sarNie Adult
The ost in this lakorn was so beautiful. I'd cry listening to it. Too bad most of the vids are deleted on YouTube. I really love the song


sarNie Oldmaid
I just went back and rewatched this lakorn. This lakorn came out when I was 17 now I’m 25 and this lakorn was very beautiful after rewatching it and understanding it better.

The ending when Vic talks about his purpose in life and hoping one day the aboves will see and bring back what he loves most. That part was so touching.

Another favorite scene that made me cry was at the island when Vic’s maids asked Aoey if Aoey was her nickname and if it is, she is the owner of the whole island. How they said he named the island “Ban Ruk Aoey” I loved that scene so much because pek truly loved nek so much, but she hurt him so bad for leaving him all those years.

I forgot how much I loved Kens acting. He is such a great actor and I felt his pain throughout this lakorn. Aff will always be one of my favorite neks and she was very pretty and angelic looking in this lakorn.

Now would I ever want this lakorn remade? Probably not. It was a sad lakorn and depressing and the end wasn’t how I wanted the lakorn to end but it was REALISTIC.

Overall, I still loved this lakorn to this day and I truly thought Ken and Aff had amazing chemistry. I was bummed out that they never had a lakorn together after with a happier ending but oh wells. I mean they could have an opportunity to have a lakorn now since she’s back but it def wouldn’t be the same like if they had it during their prime haha. Anyways, I’ve been bored and going back and rewatching lakorns I watched when I was younger haha and this happened to be one of them so I had to post this.