Would you date a guy with earrings?

  • yes

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  • no

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  • maybe- depending on how many earrings he has

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chenie moo, no matter what he's still a hottie. :]

and this one too chenie -->

chinky eyes guys w/piercing and look like them. OMGOSHNESSS :wub: :drool:
lolss. chenie, so what if seungri wave at you?
daesung is giving the thumbs up and top is calling me over to him.
gd is to shy to say anything and taeyang is just to too hot. :]

Muddie Murda

I think it's hotttt...w/ the stud. Don't wear no danglings! lol I havent' seen one yet, but it'd be weird w/ a dangling. The stud is HOT!


sarNie Egg
lol i got earings on both sides and no i dont date other guys -.-" and it seems like im out of place here lol but like most of the ladies here said so far it all depends on how the guy looks with them on xP


sarNie Adult
I think that some guys looks good/hot with earrings and others don't look good with earrings at all. It depends on how it looks.

But I do love guys who wear earrings for I find it very attractive!


sarNie Hatchling
I agree with how it depends on how the guy looks; but earrings are quite sexy on most guys.


sarNie Adult
My brothers and my boyfriend has pierced ears.
I guess it's okay if the guy can pull it off.
My younger brother is too lanky to be trying to pull of big rocks, throws off the porportion of his head.
My youngest brother, well, he's go the rock/emo look going and the earrings he chose to wear don't fit his look.

My boyfriend on the other hand can pull it off because he wears guys hoops, the small (like the ones I have on the upper portion of my ears) kind and he wears small studs.


as long as the earrings aren't ugly. imagine big hoops ugh.


sarNie Adult
one simple one is cute..usually a small simple diamond really brings out the guy..i dunno how, but it does lol...oh in westernized culture, if you wear it on the "wrong ear" you could be passed off as a homosexual guys, make sure you pick the right ear


sarNie Adult
i think it just depen on ppl

i mean sum guys look hot wit it

but sum dude...doesnt

sumtime it make them look too fem

like my bf for example he looks weird wit ear pierce

he ask me how it look and i told him the just not him with his ear pierce

he look fem so i told him to take it out haha

but yea like i said it depen on ppl if they look good with it or not :]