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  • Happy birthday! Aww, you don't come on anymore :( Hope to see you back & around again soon!
    yeah the election draws closer each day, clinton really needs to just step down at this rate... *sigh*
    haha thanks and yep dallas, yeah about 4 hours; I liked houston until no more astroworld lol yeah I love amusement parks ^__^
    Hi ^_^ I just wanted to stop by and like muddie say how much I love your brain. Can I have it? LOL. I always enjoy reading your posts and I love how your die hard honest. ;]. I wish I could be more like you lol, but I'm to silly and ditz sometimes. but you rocksx! And I'm glad to see you on sarNworld ^__^.
    do howdy...so did u make ur move in the Texas primary yesterday? (hey i just noticed ur a saggi of the same year as i too, LOL, that explains a looot)
    Hey Liberty...I just wanted to say that I love your knowledge. Hehe. Thanks for joining the sarNie forum. Your posts are always interesting.
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