[GMM25/Netflix] The Charming Stepmom (GMM Studios): Vill Wannarot / Chakrit Yamnarm


sarNie Juvenile
Ohhh, I just realized from watching the trailer that this is a remake of Chompoo's drama with Louis a VERY long time ago. Then I looked at the title and realized, it is the same exact name. Lol I actually really liked it and remember it was a hit because the episodes kept getting extended during that time. I believe Dida produced it previously, very comedic.


sarNie OldFart
Chakrit look just as bad even if he’s not disguise. How old is he? He look like he’s in his mid 40s.


Jose Vladimir Austria's jockstrap sdksdksfkspf
This is already out on Netflix with the title "The Charming Stepmom".