Easy Math


His just a really short story that i wrote. I know it has been a long time since i came here and this story will br entertainment while waiting for my other fanfics. Hope you enjoy it.

Bie as Kobori
Noona as Ungsumalin/Hideko

When they were young:

Kobori sat down across from Ungsumalin as she did her math problems. When she finished, she handed it to Kobori to double check. Kobori looked it over and smiled.

"What is it P`Kobori?" Ung asked
"Ung, what is one plus one?" Koborie asked.

Ung held her fingers up, two on each hand and looked at it.

"Four." Ung replied.
"No, what is five plus five?" Kobori asked.
"Ten." Ung answered without having to count.
"Then what is one plus one?" Kobori asked again.
"Four." Ung replied again.

Kobori laughed as Ung held her fingers up again.

"No, it is two." Kobori corrected.

Twenty years later:

Kobori smiled as Ung walked down the isle toward him. Their favorite song playing on the piano. Kobori lifted the veil up and over Ung`s head. She looked up to him with brightest smile ever. They were both shaking nervously as the priest announced them as husband and wife.

"Hideko, you are my sunshine." Kobori said.

He kissed her lips and everyone cheered. And as the crowd cheered, he whispered against her lips,

"Ung, what is one plus one?" He asked.

Ung let out a giggle and whispered back,

"I know my math."

Three weeks later:

Ung laid in the hospital bed waiting for Kobori to come back. Finally Kobori opened the door and came in with worry on his face. Ung was worried something was really wrong.

"Kobori, what did the doctor say?" Ung asked.

Kobori shook his head sadly.

"What`s wrong with me?" Ung asked, scared.
"What's one plus one?" Kobori asked.
"Kobori, now`s not the time to fool around." Ung said as her tears fell.

Kobori wiped hers tears.

"Hideko, don't cry, answer me, what's one plus one?" Koborie said.
"Two." Ung answered.
"No, one plus one equals four." Kobori said with still a sad face.
"Don't make fun of that." Ung said.
"You plus me equals you and me and..." Kobori said slowing down.

He pointed to Ung`s stomach and raised up two fingers. It took awhile until Ung finally figured it out and Kobori`s smile grew big.

"I`m having twins?!" Ung exclaimed in excitement.
"Yes!" Kobori exclaimed.

He pulled her into his arms and hugged her as tight as possible as they both cried in joy.

The end.


Lol, thanks YaMaMiKi. I`m working on it. But it will be really hard to post it up because i have been using my phone only and i am really slow at it. But please do wait patiently, i will 4 sure update it.