Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)


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It was not a good ending or a bad one. Very neutral. The bloopers were hilarious. Chatchai pant fell down when he was crawling to see Taew sing.

When Mart’s fiancée die, it felt retarded. She should have died at least an episode before but Mart’s breakdown was so sad. Although he cannot act well his crying scenes are phenomenal. Oh DONUT. I have to mention her. It was quite funny to see her at that state. When she was opening her mouth and she couldn’t talk. I felt bad for her; she was bad but not evil. She just got crazy and wanted to kill Mart’s fiancée at the end lol anyways I was laughing when she made her entrance in the wheel chair. One of the maid was like I am scared. And the classy lady says scared of what. And she replied scared of Donut lol… and then the classy lady tells them Donut cannot talk any more. Is it possible just because she fell down the stairs? It didn’t seem like a bad fall lol


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If you look closely at that scene where Donut fell down the'll see that the knife she was holding accidently got stuck in her she accidently stabbed herself in the neck which destroyed her voice therefore she can not talk.


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I started watching episode 13 and then wanted to give up but today i continued all the way through the end. There were moment that I fast forward and I suprised myself that even doing so I was still very emotional at some scene. Kom when she cries, after awhile you hear like a moan or is it a whine? I don't know how to describe it but it's this sound that you make when you cry (like a cry baby lol). Taew should win the title "Jao Ying Num Tah" cuz she sure can cry and yes I cried with her so many times in this Lakorn.

The part where Chitchai crawl to see Khom when she sang was very touching and I'm glad it only took his crawling to get Kom to accept her dad rather than a horrible accident that takes his life and then she regrets. I also feel that the end was a rush... according to the summary I read before it aired, i think they made Mart Fiance dead due to some diseases, I guess they changed it. Although Mart & Taew did not have those lovely dovely scene like other lakorns, the end is appropriate. It's a beginning to their couple relationship - nice, clean and pure.

This lakorn taught a lot of lesson - now if only all the people in this world would do/think like that...

Can't wait to watch Mart next lakorn - I miss him already :D