DJ Push/Puth Puttichai Kasetsin


Mrs James Ma
Push on Student Weekly Magazine Vol. 46 No. 20


love pj

sarNie Egg
push and jui very perfect as a couple love them very much hope they'll dating in real life haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


sarNie Juvenile
Disclaimer: The message below is for Push's fans.
Hi, everyone!
As some of you are aware, Push's birthday is approaching (3rd July). So 3 fanpages of Push are planning to make a birthday fanbook for him (as a surprise) that contains birthday wishes/messages, and also a CD of fanmade videos where some fans film or take a picture of themselves and have some short messages for him in the video/picture. If you wish to participate, please do not hesitate to PM me with either your birthday wish for him or a video/picture with your name. The project is due this upcoming Saturday (27th June). The other fans and I would appreciate it if you could take some time to let Push know how much love he's receiving :) Thank you so much!