DJ Push/Puth Puttichai Kasetsin


sarNie Egg
Thank you for replying!!!! Is it weird that I want to touch his hands???? I've been so obsessed with him, it's crazy...


Love has nothing to do with bodies.

cr as tagged
All look so handsome. Push has a nice smile. Just finish watching his drama Pur Teur. Very sad but good. Love it.


sarNie Egg
hellloooo... let me introduce my self, i'm imelda from indonesia. i'm big fans of dj push. i just find out this forum, im so glad that im not the only crazy fans of dj push. LOL.. in indonesia, thai actor not familiar as korean actor, so it's little bit hard to get information about thai actor. everybody in indonesia just know mario maurer and thai movie, just it without searching information about it.

after watching thai movie, im curious about thai actor, until im meet (lol) with Push Puttichai. first i saw him at lakorn roy leh sanae rai. he is soooo handsome!!! and watch the lakorn without eng sub, i just enjoy the scene not the story LOL... after that im searching information about him and watching his another lakorn that is ugly ducking perfect match, im really love his character. his SMILEEEEEE so CUTE!!!!! my heart already melting now!!!

after watching his lakorn, im addicted with him!!!! everyday just repead watching his lakorn, cheking his IG. yes im going crazy!! LOL

and now im watching "i wanna be superstar" thats lakorn sooo romantic!!!. yes is to late to watching that lakorn, because to hard searching eng sub and know im already find it out!.

sorry for bad english, im still learning, i hope you understand thank you. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


sarNie Hatchling
Just waiting for his lakorn with his girlfriend Jui lol. Hopefully the chemistry will be over the top since their last lakorn and the whole getting together lol.