Din Neua Tong(PJJ)


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Btw, they kiss a whole lot in this lakorn...between Oil and Bua, I've never seen him kiss an actress on the lips before...let alone this many times...maybe it's Ch. 3 or sumthin...plus, Lift kiss Jen, I never saw him kiss anyone before either.
no Bua isnt the first one. His kisses with Aum, Mo, and Noon were confirmed real too. he brushed lips with Pancake, but it wasnt real kissing that included saliva lol. He exchanged saliva with Noon lol.....so no Bua isnt the first one, and it isnt just ch 3 or something :huh:


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i'm finally catchng up again! and i'm sick of oil & bua's kisses. ahahaha why can't they make oil kiss with noon this much their lakorns ;( grr.
i love them random stupid funny things that oil do. ahahahah <3


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I finally finished this one and I didn't like it at all !
I still don't understand this lakorn : I mean I understand the storyline but It is just the scenes
sometimes I find there is no sens to some scenes or it is like that
I had an impression of big mess when I watched this lakorn and It was hard for me to follow it
If my favorite actor (Oil) wasn't in it I wouldn't torture myself and I stopped it since a long time lol.